Baby Second Weekend Box Office Collections

Akshay Kumar’s Baby has shown good growth in business in its second weekend at the box office. The film, which has now collected Rs 76 crore in 10 days, will finish as Akshay’s 4th highest grosser of all time after ‘Rowdy Rathore’, ‘Housefull 2’ and ‘Holiday: A Solider Is Never Off Duty’.

Looking at the trends in the morning and noon on Monday, Baby is likely to collect around 1.5 crore today and complete its second week with total collections of 82 crore.

Baby First Week Collections

  • Friday – 9.3 cr
  • Saturday – 11.17 cr
  • Sunday – 15.6 cr
  • Monday – 14.9 cr
  • Tuesday – 5.1 cr
  • Wednesday -4.25 cr
  • Thursday -3.5 crore
  • First WeekCollections -63.82 cr

Baby Second Weekend Collections

  • 2nd Friday -2.85 cr
  • 2nd Saturday – 3.99 cr
  • 2nd Sunday – 5.81 cr
  • Total in 10days -76.47 cr

Verdict – Average



  • They shud hav includd an item song calld baby ki jawani featuring akki,deepika and king srk showing his ten packs then verdict superhit

  • Lifetime – 90 cr which is not bad….
    verdict – average …yes agree with u indicine…
    Entertainment was average movie or some people calling it flop but on tv premiere entertainment was huge hit…
    @indicine if some movie not works on boxoffice then movie works on tv…what u will called that movie hit or flop…
    same thing happen with entertainment…

  • Looking at d way some films without songs have performed in d past like madras cafe n D day(both good movies)..these r good dont question akshay kumar stardom

  • Too sad Baby was expected to make it to the 100 crore club but couldn’t make it.100 crore club-less January, 1st time since 2010 this has happened, Akshay kumar disappoints. February and March like to go the same way.

  • There is good news for ajay fans n hrithik fans shivay shoot postponed due to this drishyam remake will release in 2nd half of 2015 n badshahoo will release in 22nd Jan 2016…. Well Mohanjodharo will release solo….
    Waiting for badshahoo n drishyam remake…

  • Disappointing! but good to see it got average verdict..

    Now waiting for Roy(will wait for reviews) and Badlapur!

  • this movie deserves an all time block buster status, but unfortunately nothing happened like this. but i am still happy for average status. for me this is the finest movie of Indian cinema. well done akki and team.

  • I really wanted Baby to do great at the box office since its such a good movie but the marketing was really poor its not Akki’s fault it was the marketing.
    btw @indicine,please post that Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay postponed, he will start Drishyam remake later this month and it will release Octc this year, also Baadshaho preponed to republic day of 2016.

  • @Indicine, please don’t be hurry for verdict.
    Baby will be attain HIT status.
    Go BABY Go……………

  • Being a Akshay Kumar i am very happy for Akshay sir, now Akki have good line of movies, Baby was awesome thriller movie, Baby deserves to be a Hit.

    Wait 1st May for “mAin gAbbAr”

  • @ rao why u jealous on baby film tell me if any other actor can do film like baby . It has no song , zero promotions .

  • IT deserved 100 crores for the effort these guys put into and in making Baby one of the Best Drama-Thrillers of Bollywood. Should finish around 85-87cr. I somewhere believe, a proper promotional strategy would have helped the film more. People, hardly knew that a film called ‘Baby’ was releasing on 23rd Jan. Akshay himself is to be blamed for the movie’s collection, since audiences still remember his previous craps or probably he could have sacrificed a part of his fee inorder to make the movie less costlier. It could have made great difference to the end total. Nevertheless, this is Akki’s one of the few good roles he picked and where he excelled!

  • @indicine: Can you guys make an article regarding the films that deserved to be in the 100 crore club? Or the ones which could have gotten into this elite club due to certain circumstances.
    Probably after a period from 2008, when the screen revolution/multiplex culture started booming in India.

    IMO, Rabe ne.. , ZNMD, Baby, Special 26 etc. deserved to be in this club.

  • Akki should be banished from bollywood to a lonely island. He has cost more losses to the industry than piracy. On the island he will give no flop.

  • when i am seeing people like @floppy commenting negatively on movie like baby feel very sad. actually audience like floppy doesn’t have taste of cinema.

  • floppy.actually u shd b thrown out of the world bcoz u r one use floppy is the age of CD

  • Someone said dont question on akkis stardom…fact is that he lost his stardom due to his past crap movies….thatwhy his movies like baby, s26 suffered……
    personally I think baby is one of best movie in last decade… deserve lot more tha. This 100 cr is also less for this movie….
    when people rushed to see pk reason behind it only credibility of aamir n hirani….though movie was nowhere near 3i or any. Of munnabhai it collected ton of money…….
    same applies with baby but in negative sence akki given lot of crap in past like KI, km, AR, CCTC, TMK, some of them open really huge at that time but now that ghost is hunting him so people are not coming in such number for his movies…like baby or s26 which brilliant movies….
    n one more thing ia clear indian audiance taste is getting worst day by day. ..dont knw why they pay for craps movies but not for movie like baby ….even pk dont deserves that much sucess

  • akshay is a superstar no doubt….
    swades bhi flop thi….
    but i liked swades…
    baby is a masterpiece……
    koi chutiya hi bolega ki baby bekar movie thi….
    baby jaisi movie india m jyada ni kana pati aur ye akshay ki galti nahi chutiya public ki galti hai jo aisi movie na dekhke bang bang,d3,kick aur hny jaisi movie dekhe….

  • @critic nipun aka sambuddha no need to create fake IDs in my names!
    @indicine: wasn’t the total cost of Baby was less than 74-76 crores? ? I feel the lifetime should be around 85-90 crores. Won’t it be an above average?

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