Baar Baar Dekho First Week Collections

Baar Baar Dekho is one of the biggest disappoints of 2016, as the film has collected less than 30 crore in its first week at the box office. The film has seen a massive reduction in the number of shows this week and business should be down to very low levels today (2nd Friday).

Sidharth’s second film of the year (after the success of Kapoor & Sons) has failed, while Katrina Kaif has delivered her second big failure this year after Fitoor.

A solid music album, followed by an extremely aggressive marketing campaign hasn’t helped the film. In fact, the hit song ‘Kala Chashma’ has been viewed 85 million times (8.5 crore) on Youtube, but not even 5% of those have watched the film in theatre.

DayBaar Baar DekhoGrowth / Drop Percentage
Day 1 (Friday)6.81-
Day 2 (Saturday)7.65+ 12%
Day 3 (Sunday)6.70- 12%
Day 4 (Monday)2.37- 65%
Day 5 (Tuesday)2.75+ 16%
Day 6 (Wednesday)1.70- 38%
Day 7 (Thursday)1.42- 16%
India Total Collections29.40 crore


  • Adhm is joining this bandwagon very soon.
    Indians are no more fools and mind you I can’t come with my family too watch this type of movie. Kjo lacks dignity despite knowing how angry Amitabh camp is with him and that old aunty accepting to do such scenes make Adhm a complete abandoned furniture for me.

  • General audience don’t spend their hard earned money just to watch video songs on theatre.
    Nowadays,music only doesn’t matter. It might be sometimes before that music helps the film tremendously,but not now.
    Audience are smart enough to decide on which film they will spend their hard earned money for entertainment.

  • Why Salman Why.. Why u allowed Katrina in Tiger Zinda hai… it was so good to see this katrina flop like this…

  • @romance hai mushkil
    Yeah, TZH will be a flop like 300 crore grosser Sultan, otherwise it would have been an ATBB like the 85 crore FAN.

  • @Indicine
    Its doesn’t make any sense
    Its my wish and freedom whether to comment on your each article everyday or to fight or bash with some intellectual fans everyday!!!

    @ Intellectual Hr Fan
    Im always silent here and watching and reading all comments for each post on this site !!!

    Sometimes i comment in this site as a regular viewer for a particular post but i also express my views on popular posts here by very rarely when some intellectual fans breaks there barrier for advantage over other Actors by Being An Funny and Arrogant and Ridiculous and Stupid and Senselessness !!!

    Proud being of Hr Fan !!!

    Im Sorry if Im wrong but Its my personal belief to post here while what i felt to read and follow your website INDICINE !!!

  • I don’t understand why media always say that music can make movie hit, it’s seriously bullshit……I think those who go theater just to watch 5 min songs are the biggest stupid’s….I mean today in Internet era anyone can easily download all those video songs, then why waste 200 or 300 on movie…..LOL

  • 3rd Back to Back disaster from Katrina, and JJ will also FLOP at box office……Now she run back to Salman to save her career….

    My excitement is sky high when I heard the news of Tiger Zinda Hai, but at the same time disappointed when I see Katrina also the part of the movie…..It’s only Salman who has a golden heart, otherwise if there is any other person beside Salman then he will not help Katrina….

    Anywise Salman Fans don’t care about heroine in his movie, we need only Salman……So let Katrina enjoy this Biggest success of her career……

  • one more flop from sid
    i think he have to do masala action comedy family film
    rather than rom com
    this time only hatke film r doing good buisness
    hatke means not like baar baar dekho confusing how ss audience can understand
    time traveling
    film like
    bajrangi bhai jaan
    jungle book
    fast and furious 7
    Jurassic worod
    im full confidence that shivaay will definitely do good buiseness
    because it is not same love triangle wife swapping
    if content will click than shivaay 180 paar
    i request to karan johar try different in bollywood if some one r trying than appreciate not degrade his film
    in recent times if film have chrtbuster song that doesnt mean film will do good buiseness
    bbd is already flop
    i appreciate to ajay devgn for trying something new in bollywood
    and all salman fans r with u

  • Seriously!!!!.If today’s young brigade of Bollywood r doing these kinda movies then in future even God couldn’t stop HOLLYWOOD to take over BOLLYWOOD who is struggling to give a hit per movie.
    Even Indicine has mentioned many a times that the success ratio of Bollywood is less than 5% and that can be seen this year where not only small budget movies but even big budget movies staring big superstars have failed to earn a hit tag and this is all true because if today’s filmmakers are investing some huge amount of money in making some crap movies like this I can see the near future of our industry.And I will not tolerate The HOLLYWOOD Industry to take over our industry(This year is a clear proof that Hollywood has taken a root connect to the hearts of we indians) in which leaving a few movies all were big hits esp.TJB which clearly overshadowed a big superstar like SRK who is in this industry for nearly 25 yrs.Where r we indians,where is the interest of us in watching INDIAN movies.Its a sincere request from my side please save our industry from HOLLYWOOD takeover.Please
    #Love Bollywood
    #Boycott English Films
    #Boycott Hollywood

  • Indian audience don’t deserve a movie of this genre. It is indian version of my all time favorite The Butterfly Effect. Trailer was misleading so people are disappointed. People wanted to see romance but this movie has better story.

  • a bhenans film from all aspects…it deserves to flop.. completely disappointed by the makers. actors are not to be blamed

  • @deadpool more than the star cast producer and director should be blamed.. lets talk about Kjo I mean he is in the industry for more than 20 years and Dharma production is a well known brands and what he gives Rom com.. Rom com and more rom not that am against rom com but why do you repeat.. Why can’t you produce more movies like My Name is Khan or a Agneepath…Its high time that bollywood make all types of movies not only rom coms…

  • I hate kat…I don’t know y she always shows her attitude lol kat….she don’t deserve to act with salman and other big stars only because of her too attitude…

  • @Deadpool2.0-We gotta win by making better movies not by boycotting Hollywood. That’s what looser would do. #makebettermovie.

  • It deserves whatever it’s getting ? Movie was boring as f**k ? Just ridiculous ? I can tolerate bad films but here literally nothing happened ? People ran away from theaters ? Time travel concept my a** ?

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