Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge Movie Review

When actors like Paresh Rawal, Ajay Devgan and Konkana Sen Sharma come together under the director (Ashwini Dheer) of the hit-television series Office Office, it does create enough curiosity around the film to catch it first day first show. Also, we loved the poster and the pre-release trailers.

The plot of Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge is simple and something most of us can easily identify with. The movie revolves around three characters – Puneet (Ajay Devgan) who is a script writer, his wife Munmun (Konkona Sen Sharma) who is a interior designer and the athiti Chachaji (Paresh Rawal). Although their life was a routine, Puneet and Munmum didn’t seem to have any issues until a relative comes along. From the time Chachaji enters the scene, he begins to spread his gyan and creates mayhem. He becomes an annoyance to most in and around him and so Puneet and Munmun begin to plot ways to get rid of him. But all their efforts go into vain since no hint seems to be enough for the old man to understand and get himself out of the house.

Director Ashwani Dheer’s Athiti Tum Kab Jaoge boasts of the old age charm of family love and sentiments with a comical touch to it. It is a simple and subtle film that conveys a much needed message for the generation today – “Love thy elders” and “Athiti devo bhava” With a good dose of devotional quotient attached too, the film is a balance of comedy and sentiments with subtle dialogues, everyday situations and clever amusing satires that convey the message without being too preachy. The characters are easy to relate to and the familiar quirkiness in situations is heart-warming making Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge a wonderful watch.

However the film has its share of flaws too. The repeated ‘farting’ tends to get disgusting over time. The movie tends to get mundane and few scenes could easily have been edited off to make it a better watch. Like the couple with their child getting caught in a hotel raid and the scene at the police station after that.

The first half is spent in introducing the characters and the fast track life that the couples of today lead. It then divulges into how the prolonged stay of a guest turns from bliss to pain. Especially when the guest is older by age and comes from a village completely unaware of the walks of modern life. The second half, with a bit of cinematic liberty, has some far-fetched scenes that hints down the charm of the film. However, the climax comes as a surprise.

The film has more songs with a devotional angle, however, the devi song spoof of Beedi Jalaile (Bipasha Basu’s Hit item number) is hilarious. Dialogues by Ashwni Dheer are excellent and cinematography is good.

Paresh Rawal is a scene-stealer here and is just about perfect for the chacha’s role. He is at his natural best and so amiable as an old man. After his role in Hera Pheri, this would be yet another role he would be most remembered for. Ajay Devgan seems to be liking the comical side of him. He is just getting better with each comic role and also, his expressions have improved considerably from the Golmaal 1 days. Konkona Sen Sharma looks absolutely lovely and is very good as a modern working wife.

Overall, Athiti Tum Kab Jaoge does not promise hardcore comedy but is a light-hearted warm family – entertainer. A good one time watch.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 2.75 stars



  • @Nauman…Can you remember when I wrote the review of Veer..I was the first one on this site..and everybody just trashed me..called me all sorts of names for having an honest I would rather not reveal my name on this site. Heres a hint MNIK. Check your email I did write to you a while ago.. do I unsubscribe to the thread MNIK review as theres too much swearing going on by the readers in that thread.

  • Oooh, I enjoyed the movie with my friends and it is one way an excellent movie from ashwini dheer, and no doubt it is going to be remembered by comedy lovers or family runners.

    While watching I somewhat remembered those 70’s – 80’s family comedies like those of Basu Chatterjee, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Amol Palekar and some more other directors who even entertain today’s audiences.

    As a citizen of a democratic country every citizen has its rights to like or dislike a movie, n in this way I, frankly saying, liked the movie. And I didn’t regret of ticket price. After a long long time seeing such a family entertainer is awesome. To tell u the truth, I didn’t notice any irritating audience throughout the cinema hall – either outside or inside.

    Paresh Rawal performed his duty as best as he could, and I’ll say – he succeeded. Ajay’s improvement over comedy is also a reason to watch this ATKJ. His facial expressions, body languages is worth casting him in this kind of comedy.

    @ only nauman or who dislike this ATKJ – plz keep ur dislikes in ur own review site, n stop jumping in others’ forum. This is their, Indicine Team, forum n they have the authority to express their own reviews – which is mostly positive. I also admire the way review is arranged in this page. So THUMBS UP to Indicine Team for favourable reviews which it deserves, after watching I understood.

    Debate is debate but openly criticising one’s view is not debate, it is interference. It must be avoided n only opinion is welcomed in this kind of fresh forum where everyone remain within his own opinion zone.

    Thanks Indicine Team for ur reviews.

  • Indicine Team,
    Nice reply for me. So again I have to ask some questions according to your reply..

    1. Ok I know that he is not same reviewer and it is very hard for anyone to put 2 reviews in a same day. Because last week when KCK n Teen Patti released I faced same problem.

    2. Because both (Atithi and All The Best) has same main hero and both movies has same genre.

    3. I have the same opinion that it was situational comedy not slapstick which I mentioned in my review’s starting.

    4. Twist is beneficial and advantage for movie it is not compulsory. But if story is running in a same track, audience get bore just like Billu. So, for magnetism something should happen.

    5. Ok romance is also not important. But why it was important in DDD’s review? When you mentioned that no romance no chemistry between Akki n Katz.

    7. It is also not important that movie should out – an – out comedy. But when promos show that movie is comedy and in promotion there is mentioned that genre is comedy then movies should comedy 75 % at least.

    8. This is a most bullshit reply ever from you. When Akshay’s movie has any unwanted scene it is issue for you. Why cinematic liberties can’t apply for Akshay’s movies? Why you can’t too critical for any other heroes’ movie and why you can critical only for Akshay’s movies? And if audience don’t like only loud and non-stop entertaining why Atithi is struggling for 8 cr weekend and why this kind of movies like Golmaal Returns , APKGK, Partner, No Entry, lots of Akki’s movies created history on box office?

    I don’t know what is wrong with you guys. Sometimes you guys are perfect everything perfect and neutral but after 2,3 months you have to do this and you started with MNIK Box office verdict. Let see when you guys will end this and you will be fine and unbiased such as you were in December and January.

  • this is not a comedy film and gets boring after awhile because u already know by the title as to what is gonna happene so the mystery isnt there .. the joke at punits film s mahurat was stretched too much ..overall not so good film doesnt get more than 2/5 from me.. paresh rawls act is nothing new he is a good actor ..konkana as ever is effortless

  • indicine where is reply of my questions which i asked again. It has been 3 days none of any new comment on this page. did u see BOx office collections ? atithi gonna wrap up inbetween 19-20 cr. life time.

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