Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge Movie Review

When actors like Paresh Rawal, Ajay Devgan and Konkana Sen Sharma come together under the director (Ashwini Dheer) of the hit-television series Office Office, it does create enough curiosity around the film to catch it first day first show. Also, we loved the poster and the pre-release trailers.

The plot of Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge is simple and something most of us can easily identify with. The movie revolves around three characters – Puneet (Ajay Devgan) who is a script writer, his wife Munmun (Konkona Sen Sharma) who is a interior designer and the athiti Chachaji (Paresh Rawal). Although their life was a routine, Puneet and Munmum didn’t seem to have any issues until a relative comes along. From the time Chachaji enters the scene, he begins to spread his gyan and creates mayhem. He becomes an annoyance to most in and around him and so Puneet and Munmun begin to plot ways to get rid of him. But all their efforts go into vain since no hint seems to be enough for the old man to understand and get himself out of the house.

Director Ashwani Dheer’s Athiti Tum Kab Jaoge boasts of the old age charm of family love and sentiments with a comical touch to it. It is a simple and subtle film that conveys a much needed message for the generation today – “Love thy elders” and “Athiti devo bhava” With a good dose of devotional quotient attached too, the film is a balance of comedy and sentiments with subtle dialogues, everyday situations and clever amusing satires that convey the message without being too preachy. The characters are easy to relate to and the familiar quirkiness in situations is heart-warming making Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge a wonderful watch.

However the film has its share of flaws too. The repeated ‘farting’ tends to get disgusting over time. The movie tends to get mundane and few scenes could easily have been edited off to make it a better watch. Like the couple with their child getting caught in a hotel raid and the scene at the police station after that.

The first half is spent in introducing the characters and the fast track life that the couples of today lead. It then divulges into how the prolonged stay of a guest turns from bliss to pain. Especially when the guest is older by age and comes from a village completely unaware of the walks of modern life. The second half, with a bit of cinematic liberty, has some far-fetched scenes that hints down the charm of the film. However, the climax comes as a surprise.

The film has more songs with a devotional angle, however, the devi song spoof of Beedi Jalaile (Bipasha Basu’s Hit item number) is hilarious. Dialogues by Ashwni Dheer are excellent and cinematography is good.

Paresh Rawal is a scene-stealer here and is just about perfect for the chacha’s role. He is at his natural best and so amiable as an old man. After his role in Hera Pheri, this would be yet another role he would be most remembered for. Ajay Devgan seems to be liking the comical side of him. He is just getting better with each comic role and also, his expressions have improved considerably from the Golmaal 1 days. Konkona Sen Sharma looks absolutely lovely and is very good as a modern working wife.

Overall, Athiti Tum Kab Jaoge does not promise hardcore comedy but is a light-hearted warm family – entertainer. A good one time watch.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 2.75 stars



  • so indicine u liked atithi …
    i need to ask some question and please reply me honestly

    1. This is not indicine review style . So let me know that is he same reviewer who is giving all reviews since you guys started indicine?
    2. So Mr. Reviewer you liked atithi and your rating is near to 3 star because you mentioned 2.75. Your rating for All The Best was also same. Please answer me honestly that didn’t you find any difference between ATB and Atithi ?
    3. If you are same reviewer then, you didn’t find any story, script in DDD, KI , Golmaal Returns, SIK, Welcome and so many more. Then how did you find story line in this movie ?
    4. where was twist in this movie?
    5. where was romance in this movie?
    6. where was any romantic number in this movie?
    7. where was comedy in 2nd half?
    8. why lots of unwanted and unnecessary scenes? ( I know u already mentioned about it )
    9. How Ajay kept Paresh without any verification? Even Paresh was taking wrong name of his father even His nick name wasn’t papu (Konkana shocked when Paresh called him Papu and His father’s pet name. DO you think Ajay didn’t know his father’s nick names ?
    10. When Ajay and Konkana knows that they don’t have any relative in that place which Paresh mentioned ( I think it was gurakhpur or some other city, i n not indian so don’t know small cities name )
    11. I don’t want to talk about last scene other wise suspense will finish for those who didn’t watch yet.

    Please reply me all these questions.
    This movie can’t deserve more than 2 stars. and 2 stars belongs to only 1st half.

  • Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge Movie Review
    Posted by: BollyPlus Team, 04-Mar-2010, 02:30 IST

    Director: Ashwani Dhir
    Star Cast: Ajay Devgan, Konkona Sen Sharma, Paresh Rawal, Satish Kaushik
    Genre: Comedy, Social
    Running Time: 120 mins

    Comedy masala movies have been always the first choice of Hindi movie lovers. There are two types of comedy movies.

    1) First one is the loud slapstick type, which lacks proper storyline just time pass –
    David Dhawan or Priyadarshan type of movies.

    2) Second type is light-hearted one, which comprises of good music, decent and witty
    humour like some movies of Aziz Mirza.

    This weekend another movie hot with Comic Flare has released lets see Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge belongs to category 1 or 2 of comedy movies.

    Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge is the story of Puneet (Ajay Devgan) and Munmun (Konkana Sen Sharma), a happily married couple with a 6 years old son living in Mumbai their lives take an interesting turn when a distant relative, Chachaji (Paresh Rawal), turns up unannounced at their doorstep from a far off village. He starts troubling Puneet and Munmun.From there onwards how this couple tries to get rid of Chachaji and what problems they have to cater in this process movie is all about that.

    Strong Points of the movie:

    · Paresh Rawal ones again has proved himself that he is one of the finest comedy actors of Bollywood at present.

    · Few well executed comic scenes.

    · Ajay and Konkana’s performances especially Konkana is superb.

    · Ajay and Konkana’s husband wife chemistry is brilliant.

    · Two songs, Parody of bedi jalae le (Omkara) is mind blowing and lyrics are
    very funny. Second song Atithi tum kab jao ge is another well made song which
    is good to hear in Cinema.

    Hilarious Scenes:

    · First scene of the movie when Ajay narrates the story to Satish Kaushik.

    · Entry of Paresh is hilarious.

    · All scenes between Paresh Rawal and Kaam wali bai.

    · At Mahurat when Paresh asks to Kalia “Kitne Aadmi The” is the most funniest scene
    of the movie.

    Negative Points:

    · Basic problem of the movie is its screenplay. It has decent and gripping initial half
    an hour. But later on movie drags and and becomes predictable.

    · Post interval half has nothing great to offer. Comic sequences and good music
    is missing in the second half. Writer has mainly focused on the character of
    Paresh Rawal.

    · Needless show of religious activity sequences.

    · Director fails to explore the positive side of Paresh’s character, especially in the
    last scene.

    · Lack of romance between the lead pair and predictability of the story.

    · Ajay’s arrestment sequence wasn’t required in the movie. Director has just tried to complete the running time of the movie.

    Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge is funny in some parts especially the first half is entertaining but in the second half it drags. It can open well at box office due to success of Ajay’s last two comedies (Golmaal Returns and All The Best) but it will be difficult to sustain the business during the weekdays.


    Atithi has to go from cinema halls without any impact

    2 / 5 XX

  • Thx Indicine, This is a spirit that you will get reviewer and he will give me reply instead of any one of your team member. I liked it.
    but one thing i am 100 % sure that this is not your regular reviewer. Typing style , review style every thing is different. May be your regular reviewer went to watch Road , Movie and other one when to watch Atithi. Because Road Movie ,Review is same typical indicine style. which i love. One more thing why u didn’t include my review in critics review list? I think you should include it because I have proper website , my website is legal nothing illegal and my grammar, spelling and wording all are perfect now ( Thx to Hina who edited for me) . I think now i deserve it and you can include my reviews in critics reviews.

  • B.O. update: ‘Atithi’ starts best, ‘Road, Movie’ dull
    – By Taran Adarsh, March 5, 2010 – 18:20 IST

    Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? The Friday witnessed the release of multiple films – ATITHI TUM KAB JAOGE?, ROAD, MOVIE, ROKKK and THANKS MAA – and it was ATITHI which garnered the best opening of the lot. The film opened to a 40% to 50% response, as per initial indications. Films targeted at family audiences generally start slow, but pick up if the word of mouth is good. In this case, the reports are extremely positive and the film should show an increase on Friday evening/night, Saturday and Sunday.

    ROAD, MOVIE had a dull start of 15% to 20% at select plexes, while the horror film ROKKK was slightly better at single screens, but plexes were poor.

  • I just came back from the movie and really really liked it.. After a long time a movie which is clean and the comedy was situational more than slapstick.. :)

    Ajay Devgan was good.. Paresh Rawal was best.. Konkana sharma i always love her

    Too much of farting was not nice.. otherwise i have no complaints

    3.5 / 5

  • @ Indicine & Nauman…

    Nice reviews…although giving diverse picture of the film…yet they have increased the curiosity. by the way its interesting to see the two of you on different opinions :) otherwise from last few months…your reviews have been quite similar in ratings.

    @ Suneil

    Thanks alot brother for your anticipation for my review. its really an honor. In fact I haven’t been able to to write any reviews for KCK, TP or Road movie as these films haven’t released in the theaters in Pakistan and the quality of DVDs are extremely poor. Athiti was supposed to release today but got postponed. Anyhow the DVD quality is better and I have already purchased it. Will watch it tonight and upload my review before going to sleep Insha Allah.

    Thanks for the love.

  • @srk_fan..agree with you..I gave it 3.5 and am sticking to it..Audience numbers should increase through word of mouth..Good family entertainer..

  • @indicine..just a bit confused about how the ratings work. I gave it 3.5 and it says 80 next to mine. Taran gave it 3.5 and it says 70 next to his..

  • ATKJG – is the guest welcome ?

    We…the bollywood movie fans are just like a family…scattered around the globe, coming together only in the cinemae Houses. During last few years a lot of Guests (atithi’s) have come to visit these houses and have tired to make us laugh. Some of these guests slapped each other on unexpected moments just to make us laugh; a few fell all over the place; a few tried to make us laugh through dual meaning gay / toilet jokes. Few of these guests have really been successful in making us laugh liek crazy as long as they stayed with us in the house. But there have been very few guests who focused more on making us SMILE rather than laughing like crazy. And even a lesser number of them have succeeded in leaving such a mark in our minds that this SMILE stays on our lips and souls even after they leave.

    Such guests are always looked forwarded to and this Friday, we have had exactly one of such guests visit us in the cinema houses. This sutle yet humorus; mellow yet funny; crazy yet intelligent Atithi doesn’t only make us enjoy his stay, but also leaves a lasting smiles much deeper than our lips.

    Well, as they say, even the precious of metals have some weak points, same is the case with this atithi as well. This guest farts a bit more than tolerable, becomes a little annoying at times and gets off the track here and there. But thankfully it soon gets back on track everytime. (Though one wishes that the second half of his stay was a bit more composed).

    The best thing though about this atithi is that he doesn’t only make us feel pleasent through his innocent yet intelligent humor, but also reaches a bit deep and tries to re-ignite a few dying flames in our social life-style. Without being preachy, he tries to touch our emotions in just the right proportions. There are no attempts to jolt out heart, but there are deffinitley a few reminders that the fast pace of our lives is making us miss something very importnat. Although mildly, but one does feel the importnace of being rooted to his soil while observing this guest.

    This guest has a hihgly competent soul in the form of Paresh Rawal (without a doubt this is his best work after Hera Pheri) and two very dependable shoulders with the names of Ajay Devgan and Konkona Sen. Whereas the soul gives the positive substance to us, the shoulders ably support the weight of this substance.

    The Atithi has some excellent dialogues to speak and is well composed by one who has sent him to us (the director).

    Final word. This atithi might not throw you in rounds of crazy laughter but will decorate your lips with a continuous smile; he might not cause you to finsh the tissue box but will deffinitely moist your eyes a couple of times; and he might not jolt your soul but will help you to realize how beautiful your original soul is.

    I would recommend you to welcome this Atithi in your house and better enjoy his stay as he has literally no plans to leave you.

    My Rating: 3.5/5

  • Akhlaq,
    Nice discussion about Atithi and Guest factors. But, still I am wondering where is your review?
    Is that Review of Atithi ? are you sure ?
    Were you talking about movie ?
    where did you mentioned about movie? i couldnt find any single line . where did you mentioned that what was worth and what was weekness ?
    where did you mentioned about direction? where did you mentioned about Music ?
    it was just an essay not review
    Sorry for that this time i didn’t like ur review even i couldn’t understand that is it review or school essay ?

  • And Indicine Team, Where are answer of my questions ? didn’t you get Mr. reviewer yet ? may be you just borrowed him only for one day for this review.

  • Nauman yaar.. you shoudl seriously stop having problems with every review that doesnt agree with you..

    Everyone has different opinions man.. from all my friends who have watched it.. everyone has liked it.. almost all critic reviews are positive.. yours is the only review which is negative still your saying the film is bad..

    i really liked akhlaqs review and found it very different from others.. and he couldnt have put it better.. amazing choice of words like GZP said and very skillfully written..

    not every review needs to include direction.. music everything.. we are not professional writers.. just a part of the audience..

  • @ Suniel…thank you so much brother for appreciating and saying such good things about my review. May Allah bless you.

    @ Nauman…bhayee its perfectly ok if you didn’t like my review. This si just the way I felt like expressing my thoughts about the film. The “atithi” in my review is the film itself and within the words i’ve tried to describe the different aspects of the movie. I understand the point you are trying to make and I hope you will like the reviews which i write in future :) I will try to take your points as positively as i can :)

    It is also perfectly ok if you didn’t like the movie it self. There is nothing wrong in people having different opinions about something; whether it is a film or a review of the film.

    aal izz well brother :)

  • suniel you are also right. But i don’t know why i didn’t like it and why all others are liking. But Akhlaq’s review was different but not up to the mark. he didn’t discuss about movie he was discussing about guests and atithies.

  • Akhlaq, its up to you that what you want to write. but your material was good even perfect. discussion and all points were superb. But, still i will say it wasn’t movie review. I like your style and thoughts and i always appreciated. But tell me when will you post your precious and worth full comments on my site? i am waiting your comments and reviews over there.

  • Nauman, actually i didn’t know the name of the website…but then i remembered that you had written it at the end of one of your reviews.

    just posted my first comment in the poll :)

  • @akhlaq…. thank u for your kind blessing…just one point…dau baara bhai mat bolna…bhahen hu aap ki…keep up the good work and looking forward to your future reviews…thanks

  • Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? First Day Business

    Saturday 6th March 2010 20.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? collected 2.25-2.50 crore nett in day one. The collections were on the lower side due to most multiplexes not performing well. The film has done well at singles screens of UP, CP Berar and CI.

    The multiplexes of CP Berar and CI are also a bit better but its performance in Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab, Bengal and South multiplexes is well below the mark. The film will need to pick up well on Saturday and Sunday to have good first week collections.

    The film outperformed in CI circuit with 13.5 lakhs nett collections. Mumbai was 80 lakhs while Delhi/UP/East Punjab added 75 lakhs.

  • Guys i told you in my review that atithi has to go from cinema halls without any impact.
    now my prediction is
    Friday 2.5 cr
    Saturday 3.5 cr
    Sunday 3.5 cr
    Weekend Total 10 cr.
    1st week 14 cr
    life time less than 20 cr.
    Verdict Flop.

    Audience doesn’t like this kind of comedy. they like only loud and non stop comedy. This movie is only for critics not for audience.

  • @ gzp … LOL .. sorry sis for the gender confusion … :)

    ab kabhi bhayee nahi kahun ga apni behan ko :)

  • oh my God
    GZP you are girl ? none of any one here knows about it. every one was thinking that you r male.
    could u plz tell me ur real name ??

  • Review: Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?
    By Aditya Mehta
    Categories: Movie Reviews
    Tags: 2010, ajay devgn, bollywood, film reviews, konkona sen, movie, paresh rawal

    Let’s get one thing out of the way: if you’re going to compare this to a Hrishikesh Mukherjee or Basu Chatterjee film make sure you’ve seen a Hrishikesh Mukherjee or Basu Chatterjee film. Next thing I know you’ll be saying Sanjay Gupta is in the league of Satyajit Ray.

    From writer/director Ashvini Dhir comes Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?, a film pretentious for most part. In exaggerated versions of characters they’re supposed to be playing, Paresh Rawal, Ajay Devgn and Konkona Sen somehow manage to keep the film lightly engaging. Perhaps only because they’re all established actors. Paresh Rawal is Ajay Devgn’s relative who shows up one fine day and makes a mess of things, much to Ajay and Konkona’s chagrin. Slaps the watchman, makes Konkona cook, harasses the maid and is an overbearing lout in general.

    Trying too hard and falling flat in the first half, Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? doesn’t evoke much laughter except during the first song, which is a religious tune sung in the manner of Beedi from Omkara. And the not-that-funny scene in which Paresh Rawal (Lambodhar Chacha) accompanies Devgn (Puneet, a writer) to the muhurat of a film where he meets Sholay’s Kalia (Viju Khote) and wrecks Satish Kaushik’s Rs 50 lakh film set. That is the last scene before the interval, and that is when Ashvini Dhir’s Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? attempts to redeem itself.

    While the script doesn’t improve too much throughout the course of the movie, the actors start getting into their respective characters from the second half onwards. And the story takes its predictable turns. Chachaji winning everyone over, warming hearts all around, but the damage has been done. Paresh Rawal’s nonstop farting gets to you after a point, as does his burping, but I’ve never found such gags funny anyway. The religious angle is the worst, as is the half-baked stampede scare. Most of the dialogues are stale, but it hardly matters when you’ve lost interest in the film.

    Chachaji is a nice guy but he could’ve been shown better. Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? is a wrong move for Konkona Sen, and Ajay Devgn, though earnest, doesn’t seem too bothered by the way the movie shapes up. Neither the presence of good actors nor the two references to Amitabh Bachchan’s greatness do anything to save Ashvini Dhir’s film. Movies cease to be fun when they start getting preachy.

    Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? is a complete letdown despite having three bankable actors on board. Turn this guest away.

    RATING: 1.5/5
    Link :

  • @ Nauman.

    Brother…for the first time since i came to indicine…I am feeling a bad taste…and for that I would request you something. Bhayee as i said earlier, it is perfect if you didn’t like the movie…you have a right to express yourself which you did in our review. but what is the point in posting reviews from other websites where the film has been reviewed as a bad one.

    I mean you have never posted an external review for any other movie in past. But now as you know that all the others over here are liking and praising the film, you are posting negative reviews of the film from other sites.

    you are moist welcome to differ with us and say as many times as you want that you dont like the movie…but please dont try to negate our liking through external sources. Other members used to do do in the past and i never pointed it out…but it was a bit unexpected from you bhayee.

    I am extremely sorry for saying this but I am sincerely suggesting you that this practice does not reflect sportsman spirit. I really hope that you didnt mind what i just said but please try to understand what i’m trying to suggest here.

  • looks like a gud movie, will watch it wen i get time..
    Indicine wat u feel bout d new song from housefull.. Oh Girl ur mine.. i just loved it….:)

  • i am sorry Akhlaq that u didnt like my attitude. But still wondering to get the reply from reviewer of my questions about atithi…
    indicine where is your reviewer ?

    • Nauman,

      1) No, when there are more than two releases, its difficult for one to review both or multiple films
      2) Why compare All the Best and Atithi? Both are different films from different directors.
      3) There was a story and the comedy was more situational than slapstick.
      4) Does every movie need to have a twist to be good?
      5) Why romance? Infact romance would have ruined the film.
      6) Read above..
      7) It was never meant to be an out-an-out comedy
      8 and all others questions.. A couple of unwanted scenes, but all movies have them. We haven’t rated the film 4 anyway. Cinematic liberties are always taken.. We cannot be too critical as films are meant for entertainment. Also there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to making a film. Not every film needs to stick on to the formula of romance – song dances – item numbers to work. Films can be different, with no masala and yet work :)

      Lastly, certainly don’t agree that audience prefer “only” loud and non-stop entertainment movies..

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