Arjun Kapoor decides not to do a film with ‘Talaash’ director

Actor Arjun Kapoor has opted out of ‘Talaash’ director Reema Kagti’s next, due to his dates clashing with his upcoming film with Yash Raj Films.

Reema, who had previously approached Saif Ali Khan for the same role, met Arjun for a narration at Excel Entertainment’s office in Santa Cruz. Co-writer Zoya Akhtar and producer Ritesh Sidhwani were also present.

While Arjun liked the script of the film, Reema wanted to start shooting in May, which is also the time when his film with YRF goes on floors.

Only Kangana Ranaut has been signed for the film so far.

Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor



  • Excel films are more often good films but anyway since arjun kapoor is out this film will look even great..
    Arjun would have chosen a tevar like script i know..
    Talentless fannyless actor..

  • Wise decision. Talaash sucked. Terribly worse movie. At the end turned out to be a horror flick.

    ARJUN KAPOOR, an awesome decision.


  • @Pokemon:Talaash was a gem of a film but not many in india would acknowledge such kind of film..If the same film would have released in hollywood,it would have been a huge grosser there…

    I don’t think arjun would suit in any well written script,he will fade away soon.

  • This is just ridicolous . . How does an actor as flop as arjun kapoor get film with biggest banner yrf ??? ..

    Must say … Boney kapoor influnce looms …. Yrf is already flop banner wid likes of Kill dil , dawat-e-ishq .. But , how does this flop disgrace arjun kapoor is getting films with YRF ?? …

  • Thank God that Reema Kagti now safe for give another flop after Talaash.
    She need to cast Varun or Sid on front of Arjun Kapoor they are better than him.

  • can’t say whether the decision was good or bad bcz I don’t know wat the yrf film is about and who is directing it.anyways good luck

  • Who is arjun Kapoor ???? ..
    I know alia bhatt in 2 states..
    Ranvir singh in gunday ..priyanka in gunday ..
    Also deepika in disaster fanny ..

    Arjun kapoor is supporting actor may be .. As actor as flop and as terrible as arjun kappor don’t deserve even supportin role ..

  • Whenever i hear the word Arjun Kapoor n ranvver singh ……… One word that comes in my mind n mouth is ……”’ qtiya ” …….!! …….. Hahah …..

    And whenever i hear word ‘ ARJUN KAPOOR FAN ”’ ……. This term is non-existent in real life …. As there is no arjun kapoor fan in real …….
    But on indicine there is one …… And he is the real ”Bastardo ” here….!! ………

    Indicine users ….. These r 2 actors … Who said to India 125cr ppl in AIB show ……..!! …….

    Arjun kapoor is the biggest flop actor of india……..!! We r xtremely unlucky to have him ……….

  • @babaji you forget how many craps Akki has signed Joker, Tees maar khan, Action replayy, Chandni chowk to china, blue, khiladi 786, kambakht isqh, boss, rowdy rathore… list goes on and on. No wonder he is giving flops and his career is sinking

  • @pokemon
    Bhai tu pokemon hi dekh, shayad aata bhi h hungama par.
    Don’t indulge in the world of movies where you aren’t aware what you are saying.
    Talaash was a brilliant thriller. Tujhe Gone Girl movie samjh aayi thi ya sara din pokemon, digimon dekhta rehta h?

  • Tell me one film of arjun kapoor….. Which we must say …… It is hit due to arjun kapoor……?? …….

    Yrf must be paid n tortured by boney to cast his 3rd class son fatarjun kapoor for movie ……….

    CASTING COUCH by yrf….

  • The biggest flopactor of bollywood is Akshay Kumar. With a great film like Baby he cannot cross 100 cr. If Ranbir starred in Baby it would do 180 cr or if Arjun had signed Baby it would have done 125 cr easily.

  • Tired of seeing Arjun Kapoor bashing. Too much negativity.


    Don’t know about others, but I have decided not to bash your youngistaan anymore. I genuinely like Sushant, and I will mostly comment on his articles.


    Talaash is one of the best suspense drama. Agreed the ending wasn’t quite good but Reema and Zoya are 2 of the most spectacular screenplay writers-cum directors. In spite being a thriller, it has terrific repeat value.

    Farhan and Anurag’s dialogues are pure gem. Watch it with one mind again on youtube. You’ll love it!

  • Talaash was a good film but it seemed to me that I was watching a Mahesh Bhatt production film (I mean only the storyline) the suspense drama which turned out to be a part of horror-drama genre.
    Anyways, I loved Aamir’s and Rani’s performance. Only the end faltered for me. Her new film looks interesting, I think it was titled MR and Mrs. Chalu with Saif and Kangana. I hope a good potential male lead is signed!

  • Arjun Kappor in Reema’s next?? that would be too much actual acting that he would mess up. :)

    so why not give a talented young actor like Sid the role?

  • @gaurav I like ur changed side.keep it up and I m also tired of getting into arguments so u cn see how I hv stopped getting into stupid debate with fools like ajinkya,thullu,element,navin

  • @Vignesh

    The big difference between Talaash and any other Bhatt film is the beautifully understated emotions and sharp dialogues of Farhan and Anurag. All the characters were beautifully written.

    The story line was terribly weak and silly but I felt like the characters spoke volumes. And combined with spectacularly restrained performances of the 3 actors it really was an engaging film. Love the emotional moments of he film, but I agree, the suspense angle was flat. Still the emotional moments really separate Talaash from typical Bhatt thrillers.

  • @gj007
    It was just the retaliation idiot somebuddha needed after he posted crap comments on fan page becoming a kabab mein haddi..

    Yes u don’t argue with us anymore..but u used “ranbir rocks” to argue with us..right..
    Nice way of gathering more
    Keep it up dirty chameleon.

  • Talaash was a very good thriller! I loved that movie! Genuine thrills! Good performances! Perfect Music and BGM! Well-written screenplay! What do u want more from a thriller?
    Great to know that Reema Kagti is making a film and Zoya is the co-writter here!

  • @Babaji

    Sometimes I feel, these superstars are way too big to be even ‘defended.’ Yes, I get annoyed when people bash Akshay and Ajay and call them 60 crore actor or whatever or bash Aamir for his height, but do they themselves bother about it?

    Akshay sportingly spoofed himself in Shaukeens, Aamir made fun of his big ears in PK. SRK sportingly appeared on TVf’s Barely speaking, spoofing himself. I am sure I missed some event where Hrithik and Salman had made fun of themselves.

    The point is these guys are way too big to fight for. And me or you or anyone calling Arjun flop or whatever wont affect his career by even a fraction. Its his own decisions which are gonna take him there. What are we fighting for? Doesn’t matter who started it, this never ending fight sucks our energy. That’s the reason I have decided not to post hate remarks on anyone here. Be it Bhagat, Bhansali, Johar or Arjun.

    I don’t like a thing, I’ll ignore it. Sorry for such a long preaching comment but I have realised that I have unintentionally thrashed Ranveer and Arjun way too much while fighting with Sambuddha. If I am thrashing his star in such a crude manner, I have no right to complain. It is his call whether or not to bash other superstars but I have decided not to waste my energy!

  • Hahha where is dat arjun kapur fan . sun ek baat bolu tere es arjun kapur ka real name itna popular nhi jitna Akshay Kumar k nicknames h Khiladi & Akki . Aagge se Akshay se compare krne ki sochna b mt . pehle akshay k 10% toh bn jane do inhe . ek 100 cr krne se koi ghnta star bntaa h . findng fanny tever 40 cr star . not even star…an actor .

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