Apne, Awaarapan and Aap Ka Surroor

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Much as the trade circles were going gaga over collections of 3 releases last week, none of them actually did the kind of opening business even many of the acclaimed flop films this past year have done. Aap Ka Surror was surprising to the extent it opened well in some C centers. Apne and Awaarapan on the other hand, despite being big budget starrers fetched very poor opening collections. The 21 crore Apne for example netted only 1.49 crores in Mumbai on 67 prints where big films open typically in the vicinity of 4 crores; and 17 lakhs in Gurgaon, East Punjab up north; which is again well below average; and tellingly a 1.7 lakh fare in Allahabad, UP which is again subpar for the Hindi belt center. The film is a washout in the south. It should be mentioned the 2nd weekend is relatively steadier in some centers; but it is steadier on the lower side.

Awarapan is a complete washout all over. Aap Ka Suroor too has come down after its surprising weekend. However as it is only a 4 crore budgeted film, it’s an earner commercially.

My friend Ganesha and Bombay to Goa have had modest openings in limited releases

Sivaji continues a phenomenal run even in limited release in the northern centers. In Bombay, it is drawing 60% despite being in 4th weekend. It had collected over Rs. 25 lakhs on nearly full houses opening week there. It has done very well in Delhi and Calcutta also, first for a south Indian film. It has been released in Baroda this week.

From Box Office India

Journey Bombay To Goa and My Friend Ganesha – Both films opened to a poor response of 20% and will find it tough to score at the box office.

Aap Kaa Surroor – Did very well in first week. Extraordinary at places. The film started giving overflow all over after just 3 days. It did start to drop midweek but should emerge Hit/Semi Hit in most circuits. Prints have been added in week two. First week business is approx 10 crore. (Note – Could possibly be a typo here, IBOS has reported the first weeb of Aap Kaa Surroor as 23 crores)

Apne – The film did well in the North India. Record breaking in East Punjab, good in Delhi/UP and Rajasthan. But other circuits saw just fair business but it has chances in these circuits as 8th day is rock steady all over. First week business is approx 13 crore.

Awarapan – The first week business was not encouraging. It did approx 5 crore in week one.

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom – Crashes further all over. FLOP

So there you go. Aap Ka Surroor is a big hit while Apne has worked big time in the north and is steady all over. Awaarapan is below average. Jhoom Barabar Jhoom is the biggest disaster and disappointment of the year.


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