Apna Bombay Talkies Video: Song featuring superstars!

The title song video from ‘Bombay Talkies’, which features Madhuri Dixit, Akshay Kumar, Sridevi, Rani Mukerji, Priyanka Chopra, Ranbir Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar, Vidya Balan, Anil Kapoor and several others stars.  The song opens with Aamir Khan and ends with Shahrukh Khan dancing to the tunes of DDLJ. We also get to see Shahid and Kareena Kapoor sharing screen space.

The Bombay Talkies Song has been composed by Amit Trivedi. Watch below!

Video: Apna Bombay Talkies
Music Director: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire
Singer: Various Singers



  • 100th anniversary and todays ‘so called superior and advanced’ Bollywood had served us this nonsense…….

    Man now Im glad Salman and Hrithik stayed away- seriously couldn’t the organisers or choreographer give us a classic ‘song and dance’ song than this half baked potato? Not impressed and for once Im gonna make this psycho ‘soroop’ and dangerous ‘deepu’ happy by saying I cant believe Aamir was coaxed into doing this. Really bad effort ‘Bollywood’ and may you all hang your head in shame because you failed to pay a real homage to our proud history. :-(

  • At the end srk caught whole attention & among all the actresses madhuri mashalla but only srk catching everyone’s eyes

  • They are celebreting 100 years of cinema but they have forget the Father of Indian Cinema Late. Dadasaheb Falke……as far as this song is concern i think OSO song ‘Deewangi Hai’ is much better this song doesn’t justice the occasion…

  • Aamir khan is standing in the centre bcoz the biggest grosser of bollywood(3 idiots) is under his belt and also his movie(Lagaan) has made it in the top 5 of Oscars and his has maximum 3 ATBB among the above stars in this song.

  • Amir is standing in centre but king khan looking far far better among all actors thats why h is ”global superstar”

  • Ha ha ha…
    I knw navin y u r sayin dis…
    Cozz ur lallu bhai izz not dere.
    It waz his choice to stay away.he waz invited.but he waznt bothered coz he kept his hatred first rather dan contributing to indian cinema.
    Dat reflects wat kind of person he izz.
    D inutry which provides him his living.he cant even took out time for it by canceling mantle’s shoot.shahrukh made it by cancelling his shoots. Bloody money hungry rat.

  • Very Nice and fabulously choregraphed song. All salman fans are mindless. They cannot afford SRK in any video. Even it is an excellent product.

  • I Didn’t Like The Song.. ‘Deewangi’ Song from ‘Om Shanti Om’ was Much Better Than This. I Really Missed Hritik.

  • SRK the one name to watch this song and other’s actress good luck to watch everyone bcoz of SRK presence in this song.

  • 1 by 1

    aamir was fine but why did he wear jeans while all the others wear superb suits he looks so odd

    Akshih is so funny and cute
    Anel also so cute
    SAK my naughty man superb as usual
    shahid so handsome
    ranver is amazing
    farhan and imran were fine

    RK the rock star he is the 2nd best in this song

    all the girls are so beautiful
    especially PC , DP , SD , MD , KK but i miss kajol , anushka , ash and Hrithik alot here

    and they always keep the best part till the end with
    THE KING SRK, what a marvelous entry, what a stunning look and cutest smile
    plus the fact that he had the king size in this song with the longest part, after all the king is the king

    BTW aamir and akshi both are in the mid not aamir alone

  • Missing mah fav hrithik n sallu bhai. . . . . .srk’s time is nice wid his smiling face and sonu nigam’s voice

  • @Damnnnnn…..!…… Thank god you kept the one solitary exclamation mark in your crappy name…!
    Yeah I think the jist of your farcical comment was that you wished Salman bhai or Hrithik had lend their support to this pile of crap too so they could also be ridiculed for making Bombay Talkies a Flop. However Bhai jaan and Hrithik were not coaxed into this evil ploy of your srk. Srk suxXxXx and he made other actors join him in sucking too but Salman bhai and Hrithik are to suave to be misled by Srks evil intentions. Stick Apna Bombay Talkies on loop and listen to it too your hearts content with ‘remotecontrol’ and ‘ruler’ all together on your warm bed…! ;-)

  • @navin I think u r very much inspired by aparichit movie.u knw d truth actually u r suffering from MPD….multiple personality disorder.
    N ruler izz jst one of ur charactets whoz a die hard srk fan.datzzz y ruler izz all over ur mind n soul.

  • @G@y1 you rat face- for once you made a sensible remark…! :-) pat yourself on your back, well done but dont go OTT now will you you sicko.
    Srk did have the longest part in Apna Bombay Talkies- so if you think about it logically, the song should be credited to him. So if the song sucked, then the man responsible for it sucking so much has to be your king of queers Srk…! Srk sucked the life out of the song…!
    Aamir is exonerated as he made a great intro. Phheeww Aamir I love your part and everyone elses but as ‘G@y1 wetpants’ pointed out that Srks part was the longest most boring bit so he should take the credit for making the song suck so much. We all know if the roles were vice versa then he would proclaim the song was a Huge Success because of his 45 sec rendition so own up to your mistake Srk.
    @G@y1 well spotted you freak work of nature…! :-P

  • @Damnnnn…..!…. (I hope I spelt your name correctly now with the right # of ‘n’s and ‘.’s because I dont want to offend ‘remotecontrol’ or ‘ruler’ who devised such a remarkable name personifying their viewpoint of the world. You guys may not give a Damnnnn about your names but I like to spell peoples name correctly before proceeding to rip to shreds their miserable comments…! :-P)
    So Mr Ruler- I gave you that task to do the other day, I just want to know if you succeeded in getting down the measurements of your foot or not?
    If you have then let me know coz your next task will be to shine that foot real nice and polish it up so you can see the reflection of your face or ‘Damnnnn….!….’s face or ‘remotecontrol’s face and proceed to stick that foot…. (for this part- go to youtube and watch ‘The Rocks’ funny joke videos and he will give you a perfect instruction of what to do with your foot than Im allowed to say because of Indicines excellent moderation rules…!)
    Good luck and if you need help then you got those 2 jerks nearby to help you…! ;-)

  • @navin, sometimes u really crack me up man. At first you thrashed Aamir for his presence in the song and then after a little while u say loved aamir’s part. ROFLMAOL
    Really can’t stop laughing.

  • @navin, sometimes u really crack me up man. At first you thrashed Aamir for his presence in the song and then after a little while u say loved aamir’s part. ROFLMAOL
    Really can’t stop laughing!!!!

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