Anushka Sharma watches India – Australia match in Sydney: Photo

Anushka Sharma is in Sydney to cheer for her boyfriend Virat Kohli at the India vs Australia World Cup cricket match. The actress, who was recently seen in the Bollywood film ‘NH10’, arrived in Sydney on Monday to spend time with Kohli before the big match.

Anushka was also at the Sydney Cricket Ground an hour before the match.

Check out the photo!

Anushka Sharma watches India vs Australia match

Anushka Sharma watches India vs Australia match



  • india need to chase 329 to win the semis which is exactly wat sourav’s india had successfully chased 13yrs back to win natwest trophy final.

    so all the best team india..
    v cn surely do it again

  • Now v want our king to watch Aus-nz final
    v king fans support australia becoz our king has got more fans there than in india

  • @msn except football every other world cup of team sports hv 12-16 teams participating in them.
    hockey,rugby,handball,volleyball etc all hv similar participation

    so don’t india insult the great game of cricket meaninglessly,understand u dumb fan of bhojpuri bhaijaan

  • @Arjun kapoor

    if I am not wrong it was 324 runs which India had to chase. And the big difference is, here we have to take on Aussies not England!!

    Difficult task , not impossible though. Big question is, “Can the “helicopter” launch rocket launcher today??”

  • shame on the so called Indians who instead of supporting our team are saying that india hv already lost the match!!!

    @shaggy I knew u were a dumb psycho but today u hv fallen Down to new low bcz of ur cheap comment

  • @sambuddha If it was not Salman’s encouragement then Arjun Kapoor would be a fat clerk or spotboy instead of an actor. Salman told a fat monkey ‘You can become an actor’ and the monkey became Arjun we know today.

  • Kohli failed on the most important occasion!! Dhawan shouldn’t have thrown his wicket away. We were in a very good position. :(

  • Kohli should watch the Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and learn something, sportsman can not afford affairs and romance otherwise his career may become dark, example Kohli expect Pakistan he did not performed against any team.
    Kohli is my favorite but Jab Anushka se romance kare ga toh kya ghanta khele ga

  • we lost
    virat is solely responsible for that n it is because we have had the highest of expectations from him
    seriously this Australian team is really very strong. now i will support NZ… i just cant tolerate the aussies winning for the 5th time

  • sourav,sachin all were married around the current age of kohli bht nobody blamed their wives when they failed in matches but just bxz anushka is a big film star and his gf thats y she is being blamed by morons

  • @msn

    Says who? Toss doesn’t decide anything. Last World Cup, India won against Srilanka even after losing toss. How can you blame the game if one Side fails to perform?

  • @bulli fan
    You have right to write Bongian in this comment section but these bongian do not suit in every article….Go out in your street ,gather some children and amuse them by your not amusing BONGIS….

  • ok..fine we r indians n we all have cheap mentality of not accepting defeat n blame women for anything…plus we can abuse her for our anger management issues … n if we get bored we can joke on it…. now lets start abusing virat n anuska…

  • Dhoni asked Kohli to spend some time with Sharma.
    Kohli thought it is Anushka Sharma and not Rohit Sharma !!!!!!

    Anushka traveled all the way to Sydney to watch kohli bowl 1 over, drop 1 catch and score 1 run. Pyaar defiitely andhaa hota hai !!!!!! :-p

    Kohli is in to bat.
    Audience : Kohli !!!! kohli !!!!! India …. India !!!!!!
    Anushka : Virtat, I want you back in 5 minutes.
    Kohli : Le jaaneman … I am back !!!!!!

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