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The Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Gal, Shahrukh Khan’s Heroine, debut in a movie directed by Aditya Chopra! Can it possibly get better than this for the 19 year old teenager Anushka Sharma? A dream debut indeed!

Anushka is a model turned into a actress now, with no previous experience in acting. According to the Chopra’s they found a unique spark in her which bagged Anushka the dream role.

Check out these random pictures of Anushka Sharma from all over the web. Enjoy and dont forget to drop in your comments on the Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Girl.

Update on 9th November 2008: With Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi all set to release on 12th December we have added more pictures of Anushka Sharma. Check them out.



  • you r absolutely right Anshul, I doubt about her…how come she is chosen by Aditya Chopra? she is beautiful not as an actress, but should be for item girl.

  • Jazzliz I agree with you.well yash Raj can see what we can’t.I am sure she will surprise everyone when times come.Mark my words she will sweep the Hollywood and take away Best debutant cum best actor award female category.’ Mark my words”

  • No doubt,
    Every one has right to start with new venture.
    she is model now she is becoming actress.
    so best wishes to her.
    time will say what is good for her model or acting.

  • poor srk,i really feel sorry for him,with “tashan bomb” by Mr Aditya,i hope its not SrK ka TASHAN…good luck King Khan

  • srk is known for makeing the heroines hit!
    no doubt she is also going to shake the bollywood like deepika did!

  • Haa ha, Aditya is making worst movie in his life by casting this gal (not girl), its sumthing like self-destruction. I bet this will be flop, who cares SRK?

  • she is sexy,she will rock with SRK
    i liked her very much
    can someone tell me from where i could get her wallpapers………….

  • Ooops, she surely will destroy yash raj films banner as a sexy item girl…Instead she shld be replaced with malaika in bollywood item songs.

  • she is not pretty i dunt know how he picked her for his film…there are so many other beautiful actresses buh he chose anushka like eww she looks like shyt

  • listen all my dear frnds she is not too bad she will b really beautifull in the movie as far her success is concerned it clear tht srk is world biggest star she will definetly be a huge star in coming days and good luck king khan may this film work as good as ddlj God bless u and ur spikes hairstyle in the movie

  • Suck her…a lion is the king of the jungle or Elizabeth is only queen in England..same here Anushka is only fit for modeling n nothing beyond that…she shld join private tuition from Kajol for acting in YRFilms/with SRK. Who is king khan? I dnt knw him…

  • adi was looking for a punjabi girl………… but she doesnt look punjabi, lacks the punjabi feel.
    i think sonam kapoor or preity would have been a bettter choice for a punjabi girl.
    best wishes to her though, wish her success

  • reply to reagan’s comment on anushka…u must be kidding about her, how can u point out all bollywood actresses r pros?…plz, mind ur language in future, n dnt try to spoil all her respects n fames…OK

  • I have some HOT news for all you guys wanting to know more about Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi …my friend works as an assitant at yash raj films and he tells me Aditya chopra is going to launch NOT 1, but 2 NEWCOMERS in Rab Ne…!!! and the 2nd newcmer is a 21 year old boy from delhi. the film is actually not a love story between 2 ppl but a love triangle … this guy will be the third lead in the film but aditya chopra doesn’t want this secret to come out. He didnt want people to know about anushka also, but it so happened that everyone came to know …
    …more on the guy, my friend told me he is a journalist in delhi by the name of anant narayan who is now entering films. I googled him but did not find any pic of the guy on the net but i found his site but there are no pics there also…maybe aditya chopra doesn’t want people to know what he looks like before the promo of the film come out
    ………and on anushka, i agree with you guys, she doesn’t impress at the very first go …maybe she’l be groomed differently for the film sure yash raj will do a great job

  • Hey u all, dont ever comment negatively on her. She’s my cousin sis, n m reading here all silly comments for a long time. U all r mindless n just posting meaningless comments on her, plz stop now.

  • Hi Anushka
    God Bless U
    And Best Of Luck In Bollywood Industries

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