Anurag Basu on Hrithik Roshan’s Kites!

Anurag Basu is currently directing his biggest movie yet! Kites, the movie starring superstar Hrithik Roshan who is on a high after a hat-trick of blockbusters in Krrish, Dhoom 2 and Jodha Akbar. The movie produced by Rakesh Roshan’s Filmkraft is one of the biggest releases of 2009. For the first time, Anurag Basu talks about Kites, on working with Hrithik Roshan – Barbara Mori and what to expect from Kites.

Question: Woody Allenís Matchpoint is said to have inspired Kites. Is that true?
Anurag Basu : You can first see the film and then decide. Earlier, people also said Gangster (2006) was inspired by Donnie Brasco (1997). Kites is an intensely romantic film.

Question: How is it working with Hrithik Roshan?
Anurag Basu : Hrithik and I really enjoyed working together. I always respected him as an actor but now I respect him as a human being too. Hrithik and I made the film honestly, just like we wanted to.

Question: We have heard that there was trouble with Hrithikís knee while shooting, true?
Anurag Basu : Yes. Before every shot I would be worried about Hrithikís knee. If anything happened to him, then our entire outdoor shooting schedule wouldíve gone for a toss. But Hrithik asked me not to compromise the shots under any circumstance. Iím awed by the way he managed, without ever letting the shoot halt. He even did the few action scenes we have in the film himself.

Question: And how was it directing Barbara Mori?
Anurag Basu : The day I narrated Kites to her I knew I had chosen the right actress. Iíve this bad habit of narrating very fast. Barbara is a Mexican actress, so she knows no Hindi and little English. But the way she understood my story, hats off to her. Her expressions changed while I was narrating the story. Iíve never seen any actor respond this way. Even though she comes from a different culture, the emotions of love and relationships are the same. Her approach was definitely different, but yes, the result delivered by both, Barbara and Kangana (Ranaut) is the same – brilliant.

Question: So when will Kites be complete?
Anurag Basu : In January 2009. And I must say Iím scared by the expectationsÖ I hope the film delivers. Thereís a lot being written about the steamy scenes. But Kites is not about sex. Itís about romance.

Question: How much would you say you have evolved since Gangster?
Anurag Basu : Thatís for the critics to judge. I am too close to Kites to evaluate myself.


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