Ankit Tiwari arrested for rape: Aashiqui 2, Ek Villain singer

Ankit TiwariRenowned playback singer Ankit Tiwari, the voice behind songs like ‘Sunn Raha Hai Na Tu’ (Aashiqui 2) and ‘Galliyan’ (Ek Villain), has been arrested by the Versova police on allegedly raping a 28 year old girl.

According to reports on news channels, Ankit’s brother Ankur Tiwari has also been arrested for raping the same girl.

The victim, sources say, met Ankit through a common friend, who was visiting her sister in Mumbai. Both Ankit and Ankur were supposedly at the victim’s house on Wednesday (May 6 2014) and raped her on knife point.

Coincidentally, one of Ankit’s best songs ‘Galliyan’ from Ek Villain, was released on the internet today.

More info soon.



  • It’s a SHAME. .sunn raha hai na tu was one of my fav songs of last year and i even loved it more than tum hi ho.
    Why cann’t people control themselves! What a shame it was.!

    @indicine:gaaliyan song has already been released? ? I haven’t found it anywhere ri8 nw.

  • This is some terrible news…
    You are a renowned artist now and still doing such shameless act…
    Ankit is now the villain…his singing career over!!!
    Poor cheap guy.

  • i don,t like his voice anymore sun raha hai was the weakest song of aashiqui2 he has not any depth in his voice like arijit can,t believe it how cheap this guy is now what bakra fans i think this is not a crime by these bakras.

  • He should have watched ‘Satyamev jayate’.We dont even think such things even in our dreams and learn good things told by Ace khan

  • @Indicine you missed the biggest news today and it was The sequel of Rohit Shetty’s Singham is now titled Singham Returns instead of Snghham 2. thnx

  • Look at the morons condemning the accused like they are judge, jury n executioner…!

    Hes been ‘accused’ of something- not proven yet nor has he been found guilty. Rape is serious n all allegations must be taken SERIOUSLY but announcing the verdict before the investigation has even been concluded is pure spiteful n plainly ridiculous.

    @nipin senior + @babaji ki lungi I will condemn you two geniuses to a Mental Asylum if I could but under law you deserve the right to proper testing n psychiatric analysis/ observation so consider yourselves extremely lucky n give the same benefit of doubt here to Ankit too…!

  • @navin yupp I too agree wid ur thoughts.. It isnt proven yet.. Might possible the gal is lying.
    Anyways hope the truth comes into picture asap..!! Hoping foh s fair trial

  • He is innocent.Its just a rape.
    Just like our Sallu Bhai who had just drank and killed a few.

  • The actual case was that Ankit was in relationship with that girl for 1 year and now the girl accused him that he promised her for marry but now he don’t want to do and he sexually harrased her throughout their relationship. So its not direct rape it was mutual relation but now turned as sexual assault. But if the Ankit is guilty than he should punish by court. So from Sun raha h na tu to Gaaliyan, so if he found guilty than people will abuse him and say “Sun raha h na tu Gaaliya”.

  • @True fan SRK never had an affair with PC let alone any other girls,on which assumption are you basing that he had? He respects women not like some mood swinging woman beater that I know of

  • @navin11 uncle
    You salman fans always think that nothing has happened,and the accuse is surely guilty free,like your lallu who ran his car over innocent people,but according to you nothing happened.
    1 got died and other 3 were injured but according to you they are all right!!!!
    Bcoz of the loopholes in our system,the case is still going on for 12yrs,and now you want ankit to be the next salman…and are there no quality mental asylums in UK??…plz go and admit urself there.

  • agree with @kingshuk,it’s just a rape just like a murder that bhai did,so chill.

    @false fan,it’s still not asked by anyone in smj why amir divorced and how will you feel when your parents get divorced just like it’s just a divorce lol.

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