Ankit Keshri Dead: Shahrukh Khan condoles death of 20 year old cricketer

Monday proved to be a very sad day for Indian cricket as a young and talented cricketer, Ankit Keshri, died an untimely death in Kolkata. Ankit was just 20 year old and sustained internal injuries in an unfortunate bang-on collision with a fellow cricketer during a club match between local giants East Bengal and Bhowanipore club.

The youngster was a right-handed batsman and a spin bowler. Tragically, Ankit wasn’t even in the playing eleven when the incident took place. He was fielding as the 12th man.


Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who is an ardent lover of sports and also owns the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders, was one of the first people to offer condolences for the loss.

The actor took to social networking site Twitter to condole and mourn the death of the cricketer. ”Too young to go… extremely unfortunate & sad. Condolences & prayers for Ankit Keshri & his family. May Allah bless his soul. R.I.P.”

When the officials were contacted they said, “It’s so unfortunate. He was such a promising cricketer and for him to pass away in such a manner is difficult to swallow. There was no external injury but Keshri fainted as fellow mates Anustup Majumder and Shiv Sagar Singh resuscitated him. He gained some consciousness and was rushed to nearby AMRI. From there he was admitted to Nightingale Hospital.”

Media reports suggest that Ankit suffered a massive cardiac arrest Sunday night which led to his untimely death.

Update: Hrithik Roshan too has condoled the death of the cricketer “Saddened by d tragic death of such young sportsman. Ankit Keshri. My deepest condolences 2his family. Life is unpredictable. life is now.”



  • The whole Kolkata is shocked with the young Ankit Keshri’s death.. KKR should wear a black armband & win today’s match as a tribute to him…

  • SRK is always the first person to appreciate the people who are making India proud like Sania Mirza & Saina Nehwal and also as Indicine said he is always the first one to to offer condolences for the loss as today.. Ankit was too young he had not to die as this young age… R.I.P

  • if srk didnt tweet about this …indicine would not have cared to post this…very unfortunate day in cricket history…indicine plz grow up..dont post something just to gather some fight between srk and salman fans…give respect to young boy..

  • @Js Yeah like you Use SRK’s name on every article to get some likes right na?
    After reading your comment our Bhaijan will disown you
    Proud of you keep it up
    RIP :'(

  • fuck of all bloody haters. SRK is condolence with his heart and u said he is promoting film, his film not even releasing soon.

  • @js you such moron ..why should SRK use his name to promote himself? you such a loosser get a life dude…let me tell you SRK need no body his name is enough to create history just shut the fuck up ????

  • such a sad news as niki said 2015 is really a bad year, specially for me and family lost lots of money as they robbed me and lots of other problems which still continuous.

    even if you look at Bollywood releases , its a bad year for the film industries as most of them are flop

  • @Truth and JS
    You both deserve a big “F..K”..
    Please keep away from such articles as they are not related directly to films…..Continue your BAKWAS on other articles but this is not the right article for your SHIT

  • Some people are just so stupid, coz he was the first person to show condolence means his trying to get attention or publicize his goodside, u guys are just brainless, your shitty star Salmon,ammir(we havnt heard anything frm dem) only hrithik showed concern

  • Salman n aamir are not involved in cricket like srk .u morons show some respect for ankit. He doesn’t do much movies in ipl season. He genuinely likes sports.

  • Deepest condolences frm my side also…sm fools r saying dt srk is promoting his own film by dis tweet..wch film of srk is coming within 1-2 months…even fan n dilwale will also release in 2nd n 3rd quarter…really such ppl r true morons

  • Sad news for Indian cricket.

    Lol at salmir fans. Chamir was using sachin tendulkar’s retirement, sulaiman khan was using modi’s election campaign to promot jai ho
    Proud to be srk fan for not using iconic figure of country to promot his movie to attract their fans. Srk does promotion for his movie on his own way. No polishing of big people.

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