Andaz Apna Apna writer discusses his idea for the sequel

Dileep Shukla, the dialogue writer of yesteryear classic Andaz Apna Apna, has several ideas on how to take the iconic characters forward in the sequel to the film.

Here is what he had to say when asked about his plans for the sequel.

Since Amar (Aamir Khan) and Prem (Salman Khan) have gotten married in the first film, in the sequel, we can reveal that both have two younger brothers. Aamir’s brother can be played by Ranbir Kapoor and Salman’s brother can be Imran Khan. Ranbir’s character can be named Imran and Imran can be named Ranbir (just the way the characters of Karishma and Raveena were named in the 1994 classic), so that it creates another quasi-realistic sense of humour and in turn, confusion. Raveena and Karisma should also have sisters who are friends. Shakti Kapoor’s Crime Master Gogo should be bedridden and a new comic villain can be unearthed. And Paresh Rawal has to be seen in the film or else it won’t look like a fun and worthy sequel.

Sounds interesting? What do you think?



  • The characters of Aamir as Amar and Salman as Prem should be continued in its sequel while for the character of Crime master Gogo Srk should be considered bcoz Shakti kapoor did good overacting in AAA which will be again required in its sequel and by doing so Leap year blockbuster star will get readymade blockbuster which he struggles to get

  • In sequel of AAA if Aamir as Amar,Salman as Prem and Srk as Crime master Gogo happens then the climax will be the most entertaining in the history of bollywood when Amar and Prem will beat Gogo together and Gogo will as usual search for roadside objects for throwing at

  • No plz no imran khan for god’s sake!!!!

    Ranbir is a perfect choice,he was terrific with his comic timing in APKGK,and the other one should be either Shahid kapoor (who was good in PPNH) or Varun Dhawan(showed his good comic timing in MTH)

  • @sachin11 4:20pm comment


    Yeah I think it will be a milestone moment in hindi cinema where the BIG 2 Khans, Aamir and Salman beat up the lesser khan known as Teesra Khan (SRK)…….. It will be a classic scene and no doubt audiences will be rejoicing for months at this visual treat….!

  • if at all AAA has to happen, it has to happen with aamir n salman.. AAA is a classic n cult film becoz of these two.. there can be no AAA without aamir n salman.. they are the ultimate amar n prem.. all the other cast has to be the same again but the heroines may be changed though i would love to see karishma n raveena again

  • Main hoon mark Idhar hai. Ye teja teja kya hai yeh teja teja
    Yeh namaste namaste kya laga rakha hai dawat pe aye ho kya
    Crime master gogo, kaha hai Tera boss teja, aya hoon kuch to leke jaunga.
    Phirouti k paise laye ho ya mayyet ka Chanda, tumlogon ko kya Chindi chor lagta hoon

    Best iconic action movie- sholey
    Best iconic romantic movie- DDLJ
    Best iconic comedy movie- AAA

  • We AAA fans not require any sequal or remake of this super classic movie. No Ranbir,varun,sid,imran or Hashmi can even do 1% of what performance Amar-prem had given While Aamir is too clever with idiocy and Salman was totaly idiot but still lovable and iconic. So no sequal please.

  • @sht “best iconic romantic movie- DDLJ”…?

    You must be senile to think that. MPK all the way or QSQT but going further back in time then Bobby would be in contention. Saw Bobby on dvd afew yrs back and it really was a trendsetter in the romantic genre and inspired MPK to name just one movie….!

  • @sht cult movies should not be remade- indeed that is correct.

    Such a shame Srk remade Don, Devdas, Raavan to name afew and ruined their predecessors legacy…!

  • @sachin11 and @navin Keep dreaming u losers! SRK had tough life, while lallu and chote khan were spoonfed in life, so SRK will easily bash the brains out of those spoonfed backstabbers! Kiran and Katrina will see the true Alpha male(SRK) beating the other two scared beta males to a pulp and wonder why they fell for those two fools!

    Hope they dont remake this movie now as Salman cant act and tingu has only one expression on his face!

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