Amitabh Bachchan vs Hrithik fans!

A simple tweet from Amitabh Bachchan that read “ZNMD is a triumph of spirit and male bonding… and Farhan and Abhay are just so impressive… natural, composed and effortless” resulted in an absolute furore on social networking website Twitter.

Seconds after the tweet, Hrithik fans started bashing the legendary actor. One of the harshest tweets read “Y u ignoring Hrithik? Is it cuz Karan’s Agneepath went 2 him n not 2 ur good 4 nothing son Abhishek? Hrithik rocked in ZNMD” to which Bachchan replied “I messaged him (Hrithik) personally and he acknowledged too .. not all goes on twitter ..”

Even Javed Akhtar, who has credited for the lyrics and poems in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, said “@SrBachchan, Great that you liked Abhay & Farhan but I am sure that Hritik’s omission was just a slip. Who can deny that he was outstanding”

Bachchan replied saying “HR (Hrithik Roshan) ko personally message kiya tha Javed sahab .. HR, Honey (Irani), aur Zoya (Akhtar) ko .. Hrithik ka jawab aaya .. Honey aur Zoya ka nahin”

After several angry tweets from Hrithik fans, the actor himself had to tweet to calm his fans down “Shocked to see some lovable souls trying to show love by misunderstanding n disrespecting another. Whatever the situation, we need to go towards peace! Not war. Received this last nite right after d show from amit uncle – Hrithik !!Well done!!Saw ZNMD You looked godly and were so composed and natural.. Love.”

Later Bachchan too posted Hrithik’s response to his SMS “THANK YOU amit uncle !! Was my toughest role … but learning !! Thank u so so much !!! Love and respect always !!! – HRITHIK”

To Bachchan’s credit he did credit the actor on his blog “Farhan and Abhay Deol were a delight to watch and of course Hritik moved like a dream .. ”

Anyway, we guess all’s well that ends well.



  • Old grudge Mr. Bachchan? The passionate kiss that Hrthik shared in Dhoom with your then to be Bahu, Ash…didnt go down too well, did it? And ofcourse how can you forget that inspite of repeated recommendations to Karan Johar, Hrithik was still picked over Abhishek in K3G. And the final nail…..your beloved role of Vijay Dinanath Chavan in Agneepath is being recreated by Hrithik. Knowing how good an actor Hrithik is, you sure must be having sleepless nights. SRK couldn’t get anywhere close to you with Don but this guy Hrithik sure has the potential to outshine as an actor. Take it easy Sir, just let go!

  • The truth is that srk made a fool of that don,amitabh beats him hand down in that don but hritick is a very good actor and does not overact,he will rock in agneepath or whatever.but still amitabb is a fool,if he is angry that hritick kiss aish,i wonder what he will do to salman who fuck aish for more than 2 years and probably beat the shit out of her like a whore.

  • why u all always try to target AB JUNIOR & AISH

    u all are jealous

    & PLEASE DONt make any nonsense


  • @kool,the answer is none,but aish calculate the how many days in that 2yrs and you get ur answer and i am not jelous of them,give me one reason why i should be?

  • salman:sorry i am impotent. ashwariya leaves her. salman is sad. he moves on to katrina. again salman says salman:sorry i am impotent . now katrina leaves her. who is next??????????? anyone knows

  • i hope u get ur ans mohit. u morons.first i used to doubt but now am absolutely sure that salman is impotent that is why he is not able to get married.mow i know why fans of salman like mohit are angry

  • @cosyrohit,you see how stupid u sound even if salman is impotent that cant have been the reason for him not to marry bcos they are so many girls in india that will marry him without blinking an eye.

  • WTF!
    To tell the truth i don’t think Hrithik was all that great in ZNMD, though the movie was really good, Farhan was clealy the standout performance in the film and Abhay looked so natural as usual, Hrithik looked a bit uncomfortable and non-natural, that does not mean he was bad but i just enjoyed Farhan and Abhay’s performances more than him. Also as a film ZNMD pales in comparison to DCH. I know many insecure HR fans will jump on me, i might me biased but really i don’t find Hrithik as great as he was made out to be, he is not even close to the likes of SRK, Aamir, Ajay…forget about Big.B it’s an insult to him to be compared with Hrithik, Hrithik is a limited actor who has an exellent style in action and dance and limited acting skills(he sucks at comdey).
    For me an actor can NEVER be called good or versatile unless he does a comic role and make people laugh, even average actors like Akshay and Sallu are good at comdey, but Hrithik sorry i find his comic timing disgusting(watch MPKDH).
    Hope no fanatic comments, it was my honest opinion about Hrithik.

  • Shalu.. I totally disagree with your comment. Why does a actor need to be good at comedy to be called a good actor?

    And with regards to Hrithik’s performance in ZNMD. I thought it was outstanding. His transformation from a geek/workaholic to someone who just wants to enjoy life was smooth and fabulous.

    It was as smooth as his act in Koi Mil Gaya when he transforms from mentally challenged Rohit to a mature Rohit.. in just one song (Its Magic). Pure brilliance.

    And you talk about Aamir.. I frankly feel Aamir is way too overrated as an actor.. Just that the scripts that he chooses are good.. When did he actually perform well?

    I dont even want to put Hritihik in Salman Khan or Akshay Kumar’s league.. Those are woodem.. non-actors.. They would fall flat with even a role as simple as the one in Lakshya..

    Why bring up MPKDH? Its what the director wanted.. not his fault there..

  • “And you talk about Aamir.. I frankly feel Aamir is way too overrated as an actor.. Just that the scripts that he chooses are good… When did he actually perform well?”
    Wohoo…hold on there What are you talking about, when did i mention Aamir here???
    And Aamir is overrated…have you gone nuts? How the hell can he be called an over-rated actor? An actor can be said to be over rated only if he is not delivering but is getting undue praises and credit… I agree Aamir gets a bit more credit because he takes part in the entire film making process unlike other actors…
    Just because his last three performances (TZP, Ghajini and 3 Idiots) were not exceptional doesn’t mean he is over-rated. He has given some wonderful performances in his career. He is pretty consistent in delivering good+ performances. His last performance in 3 Idiots was pretty good.And you asked when he performed good, i think you missed Rangeela, AAA, Sarfarosh, Ghulam; AHAT, Earth, Lagaan, DCH, RDB…if you think he didn’t perform well then it’s more biased on your hatred towards him. I believe Aamir is AS good as his script. Why should the film be pathethic so that the performance get apprecitaed, how silly!
    Aamir is a very underrated actor in BW……people initially(in the 90’s) ridiculed and put down him saying that he is a fine actor but does not have big grosser or boxoffice hit…Suddenly when he gave to monster all time great hits, his detractors feel that he is a lesser actor, no superstar but just selects the good scripts and it works…
    So your argument is laughable…I don’t see anyone mentionning Aamir here…
    And you seem like when the movie and performance is medicore it’s not Hrithik’s fault but when it works he should be credited.
    Don’t make fun of yourself go and do a better job dear, you’re too illeterate to judge acting…
    Good luck with your Hrithik.

  • @Meera: Wow last time you told me you’re an Aamir and Hrithik fan and now you’re saying Aamir is overrated!!! What can one say here…
    To rate hrithik high you don’t need to humilate Aamir or any particular actor, also your comment is ridiculous.
    You’re a double faced person, you showed your true colors…kudos!

  • Wow for the first time i come across someone saying that Aamir Khan is an overrated actor and that too to rate an average actor like HR higher than him. Get a life people…Where do you live?
    Aamir is one of the best current actors we have today.

    When it has come to Hrithik vs Aamir in Acting wise, Aamir wins hands down. Some of Aamir’s recent work hasnt been top notch when it comes to acting (becoz he concentrates too much on script), his earlier performances have been great and natural. SRK has played a lot of different characters and so has Aamir. But my Question is – Can Hrithik play the characters which Aamir performed? Its a big NO. And I am not being biased. Just think about it for a second. Can Hrithik play the character of Akash in DCH? Bhuvan in Lagaan? DJ in RDB? Even, in Ghajini and 3I? But given a chance, Aamir could have easily played the roles in JA or Guzaarish.
    Anyone who says Hrithik is a “better” and more varied actor than Aamir, needs to watch AAA, Sarfarosh, Rangeela, Earth, Lagaan, DCH, 3I, Mangal Pandey, RDB for the variety of roles he has done and how he has performed each and every act. Even in some average masala movies like Fanaa and Ghajini, he gave really, really good performance. The best thing about Aamir’s performance is that you probably forget its AAMIR who is acting. You start thinking of him as the character.
    So haters just go and get a life…And don’t ever dare to insult Aamir again coz comparing him with HR is a big joke.

  • @Shalu: I totally agree with you dear, HR fans are insecure and can’t accept the truth. As you said they would jump on you because they are immature and that’s what happened.

  • @Shalu: Exactly my thoughts…
    @Meera: You’re a big jerk you need to get a life! do you even know what overrated means??? Dictionnary plz!
    You idiot, An actor having Lagaan on one hand, on 2nd hand RDB, on 1st leg Earth and on 2nd leg Sarfarosh, plus Rangeela, Ghulam, DCH, AHAT. Doesn’t need any certificate from any one regarding acting.

  • OMG now hrithik fans are stooping so low that they are putting down an actor like aamir khan. they need to say aamir is overrated, srk is overactor, akshay and sallu are wooden and non-actor…only to rate hrithik as the greatest actor which is a sad situation if u guys want to rate hrithik higher than just praise him don’t bash other actors!
    what i don’t understand is why people cannot accept opinions, why do fans get offended when someone gives his honest POV abt their fav star.
    Meera, why do you have to agree to shalu’s comment, she expressed her opinion, she does not like hrithik she doesn’t find him a great actor nothing wrong in it, u cannot expect everyone to love hrithik right?
    every body who finds hrithik not brilliant is not a hrithik hater. wish hrithik fans understand that.

  • @Aditya: exactly. @Meera: get a life, do u even know the definetion of talent and acting? I feel pity on you…you look so illeterate!

  • Who on earth in his true state of mind dared to say that aamir is overrated and sallu is wooden, and look at who he is talking Mr.Joker homo want dance Gay Roshan who is NOTHING without papa roshan, Duggu needs to learn few more moves and stop the ones that he’s been practising since his 5th standard’s parents day function and now compared with the great Khans aamir n sallu who ruled Bollywood since the 80’s!!
    Fuck all those who are insulting the great khans the true superstars!!

  • Hritick better than aimir,sallu is wooden and average actor,this guy is totally on drugs,to me the best actor in bollywood is aimir khan,even srk cant play the role of 3idiot and fit well,ghajani,lagaan.people just comment any how not knowing they make them look foolish,those 3khans have been in this industry for more than 20yrs and are still super strong,this shows they know what they are doing.

  • Meera has lost it i can assure u, she’s having an orgasam becoz of Duggu, i won’t be surprised if one of Hrithik’s fans come sout n say that baby Hrithik is better than Big.B and Nasser D S, u guys are really funny keep it on:!

  • 3 Khans are the biggest superstars we have in Bollywood after Big B and Dilip Kumar, Baby roshan is still a kid infront of them, he is still far behind the Khans, let’s see if he can keep his position in Bollywood after the age of 45, AK, SRK and SK are +45yrs old still tehy are giving BB, let’s see Dabangg n Ready were BB, Ghajini n 3 Iidots were ATBB, Ra.One n Don.2 will become BB, Bodyguard no doubt, and Reema Kagti’s film and Dhoom 3 will also become BB, i mean guys it’s really impressive for these guys to still rule Bollywood at this age more than anyone.
    Someone said Aamir is not good actor and HR is better, ar u nuts dude????Where are you from?? NARNIA….. maybe there HR is better actor
    because in this world … Aamir is miles ahead as actor than HR …..infact HR is barely a good actor….. who can do nthg without his Papa …..LOL this guy is even trying to copy Aamir so the same can be said about him right??
    Aamir, SRK and Salman are the biggest superstars now they rocked, are still rocking and will always rock the industry everyone else sucks….end of the story!

  • I hate Hrithik…bcoz he looks ugly n more like a beggar with his beard n life-less eyes. He thinks he acts great…but in real he acts sick. he cant entertain Bollywood.
    Hrithik’s beggar-like looks (which he feels is cool and a Hollywood trend etc etc…shit). He has dirty looks now (dont have a clean face like how we saw him in the 1st part of ‘Kaho Na Pyar Hein’). His Dull acting which cant lit up the spark in the movies. He is too old to dress like a Teeny Bopper( see Dhoom 2….how he dresses like a punk obessessed American Teeny bopper). Hrithik…better u change the way u act..dont try to experiment with ur looks n acting. We know u r trying to emulate some Hollywood super stars by acting/imitating n dressing the way they day.. Get a life man !

    P.S: Khans ROCK anyday

  • tictik :my advice is to u perform dance on d road,,,better u’ll make some money….tictik u really sucx.

  • Oh c’mon tictick fans stop behaving like jokers! Hrithik is better than Aamir Khan???? what next better than Amitabh? Than Naseerdin Shah? Irrfan Khan!!!!!
    Plz stop telling jokes!

  • Loool i totally agree with Shut up meera
    Meera u seriouly need help, have u gone mad? Hrithik is now god! u’re ridiculing Sallu becoz he’s not that good as an actor, but u think Hrithik is god of acting! Hrithik was horrible in Koi Mil Gaya! he overacted to the core! he can’t handle comedy roles or college kid roles so how can he be good atcor! he is not even versatile he is LIMITED. A good actor should be cometant in all areas comdey it may not be important only for u, but for everyone else, an actor should be able to make people laugh with his histrionics to be called a good actor, u might not agree but this is fact! I’m not saying he should become a great comdian but seriously all top actors are decent in comdey, Sallu n Aamir were good in AAA, SRK was good in Baadshah, Akki was good in Hera Pheri, Big.B did a good job in KANK, Saif in DCH was good, Ajay too was good in Ishq….are they now great comdeians??? no but they can make people laugh!!!all those are good in serious roles as well as comdey roles but Hrithik(????!!!!), don’t talk about Rajpal Yadav or Tusshar Kapoor coz these guys are only limited to comdey they suck at anything else.
    And Aamir is anyday better actor than HR no doubt agree or not, u need to watch Earth n Sarfarosh to see what acting means did Hrithik ever acted in a cop role???? or can he act in a villianous role?? plz don’t talk about Dhoom coz there i felt abhishek was the villian and Hrithik is the lead Lolz, u need to watch Earth to understand what real Villian means, his portray of Dilnawaz was incredible, one remains speechless after watching it it’s fro me the best performance in a negative role i have seen till date!!!!, watch AAA or even 3 Idiots to undertsand what comdey means! watch QSQT or DHKMN to see the meaing of romance! An actor who can play a role of villager and a rich dude in the same year with convince what else one needs to prove who is better?
    If u want to criticize someone do it on s solid basis Don’t make comments in this thin air…

  • Yeah u guys rock; Sallu is non-actor, Aamir is overrated, Akki is wooden…they don’t know a shit about acting they all are loosers who worked 2 decades in Bollywood but still they are nothing compared to our great HRITHIK ROSHAN!!!!
    Hrithik is GOD…can we have some paduka(water from his feet) please ???

  • Let me see how much fun I can have with this one:

    “And you talk about Aamir.. I frankly feel Aamir is way too overrated as an actor.. Just that the scripts that he chooses are good.. When did he actually perform well?
    I dont even want to put Hritihik in Salman Khan or Akshay Kumar’s league.. Those are woodem.. non-actors.. They would fall flat with even a role as simple as the one in Lakshya..
    Why bring up MPKDH? Its what the director wanted.. not his fault there..”

    Yes Hrithik is GOD, the greatest actor ever on this earth, Al Pacino n johnny depp pale in comparison to him. Forget about Big.B he doesn’t know a shit about acting and that wooden non-actor Naseer Dinshah!!! omg they are just OVERRTAED as actors they can’t even perform pooor fellows i feel pity on them. They should ALL go to our GREAT GOD hrithik for acting classes!!! and what to say about KK menoon, he is just a kid infront of GOD hrithik what all these are thinking of themselves. Can they even act the way Duugu made people speechless in MPKDH????? can they overact the way God hrithik did in Guzaarish!!! yeah Aamir Khan is a poor non-actor too people are just overrating him he cannot actually act to save his life, just his films are good but did he even perform well!!! oh that non-performance in Earth it was laughable that scene in 1947 when Aamir enters the train to discover dead bodies all over the place and his sisters raped had me in splits!!! and now compared to Hrithik’s terrific inredicle great immatchable act in Dhoom 2!!! n what about his silly Sarfarosh act! wht was that??? n in Rangeela it was a great movie the best movie ever but he didn’t act well it’s just that the script was good that’s all! not to forget Lagaan as well, even Rajpal Yadav could have played Bhuvan better than non-actor Aamir, actually Tusshar Kapoor, Fardeen Khan, KRK are much better atcors! aren’t they?
    And now coming to the wooden Sallu!! oh i’m sure u guys heard about Tere Naam where sallu didn’t even act! he was horrible and sooo wooden in the role of Radheyy! harman baweja or even zayed khan could have done much better than him. poor son of a gun!!!!
    Poor guys they can’t act ALL are NON-ACTORS and WOODEN they are just OVERRATED, when did they actually perform well???? They just got lucky they have no talent to rely on, unlike GOD Hrithik!!

    Dude…do you purposely make your post funny or is it a natural talent? I am sure other Hrithik fans on this forum cringe when they see your post….but keep em coming.

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