‘Amitabh Bachchan deserves a Bharat Ratna’ says West Bengal CM

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee has said that acting legend Amitabh Bachchan, who was awarded the Padma Vibhushan, deserves the Bharat Ratna.

“Amitabh Bachchan is a legend in his lifetime. Padma Vibhushan is not enough. Somebody of his stature deserves a Bharat Ratna” Mamta told reporters.

Two of India’s greatest actors, Amitabh Bachchan and Dilip Kumar, were selected for the Padma Vibhushan. Directors Jahnu Barua and Sanjay Leela Bhansali , along with lyricist Prasoon Joshi also received Padma awards.

Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan



  • SRK deserves the most, SRK should be awarded before Amitabh and Dilip who has changed the name of bollywood totally.

    • Dilip Kumar never got a national award and later he gave up for the same by himself realizing that He is not capable for getting national award. So forget about even thinking for awarding Bharat Ratna to him.

  • Won’t say anything on whether he deserves it or not, but he is one of the most humble megastars of Bollywood. More than his films his roller coaster journey in real life is more inspiring, from a side hero to mega star to bankruptcy to a remarkable comeback in Bollywood, he has seen it all.

    To be honest he has lived like 100 lives. So much of turbulence, so much of optimism and fighting spirit, really a very inspiring personality. :)

  • Actor Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan will get Padma Vibushan.. As usual India Govt. again ignores the Third & Biggest Pillar and the face of bollywood Mr. Shah Rukh Khan…

    many other countries have given their highest civilian awards to SRK which is more valuable, big than Bahrat Ratna , Padma Shri etc but Indian Governent ignores SRK every Damn time while no other indian have these awards…

    take the example of Malaysia… Malaysia awarded SRK #Datuk award which is their country biggest award, honour [ Many other countries have awarded him their biggest , Highest Civilian awards while he didn’t get Bharat Ratna and other Padma’s till now…. while he deserves more than any body in Bollywood/India for obivous reasons… SRK has changed the name of Bollywood Globally, internationally…. Hindi Languages ko World ka Corner tak le kar gaya hai SRK…. India ka Tiranga ko Firangion par Lahraya hain… Jaha Indian ka Naam kisi ko nahi Pata tha waha SRK ki movies Released hui SUb se pehle… he took the bollywood to the next level, to the totally difference stage….. Hope The Biggest Mega, international, proud star of Bollywood will get all Padma’s award Soon and hope Indian Govt will not be biased as usual….

  • if any one deserves Bharat Ratna in bollywood that is Bollywood’s King SHAH RUKH KHAN , have strong feeling he will get it. HE MUST as he deserves it.

  • none deserve bharat ratna
    its a noble award…ab film me acting kar kar ke bharat ratna milega to phir uski kya value

    both are among the greatest actors of Hindi Film Industry

  • for what??? has he done something good for the country?
    i know he is very good in acting and behavior also.He achieved many things in his life and heart of the millions of indians but BHARAT RATNA is highest civial awards and if you give it every year to anyone then it will have no value.
    The person who does good work for others,for country not for himself deserves BHARAT RATNA.

  • SRK deserves the Bharat Ratna more than any other actor.. even Amitabh Bachchan because SRK has taken Indian cinema to international audience. SRK has received highest civilian award of many countries, but Indian government doesn’t give it to him.. not even Padma Vibhushan yet.

    Compare the international awards won by SRK and Big B then you’ll know he difference. India should recognise stars who have made it big and recognised the world over.

    • SRK had bought most of the awards. He never got any national award. For actors, National award requires real contribution through meritorious works and not merely by box office collections from unrealistic roles.

  • srk shouldn’t get BHARAT RATNA PURASKAR because he is in among the bad actors of Hindi Film Industry.
    It is a worst talk and talk should be avoid.
    srk got all award because he promote himself in very fields because he knows that jo dikhta hai wahi bikta hai aur usiko tarif bhi milti hai aur awards bhi

  • i feel bharat ratna should goes to that person who did something very good for the country bharat and for me Manoj kumar (upkaar, purab aur paschim, shaheed, roti, kapda aur makaan) deserves it most.

  • how can a bad actor like srk get BHARAT RATNA PURASKAR ?
    jo Amitabh Bachhan ji aur Dilip Kumar ji ki acting ki nakal karata ho wo kaise best actor ho sakta hai.
    yes srk can be but when he will be most popular actor by promotion or promoting himself as greatest actor of Hindi Film Industry.

  • No way he deserves Bharat Ratna it’s not a joke first sachin and now amitabh wth,none of these celebrity deserves Bharat Ratna.it should be given to someone who has cotributed alot to the society & has done alot for our country for that matter i think anna hazzare deserves Bharat Ratna.

  • Oh wait, but according to SSS khan, Saif has already won Bharat Ratna for Hum Tum ahead of all other actors :-D :-D

  • I guess, Dilip Kumar deserve a Bharat Ratna more than any actor in Bollywood. Although none actor from bollywood till now get a Bharat Ratna. Only MGR from tamil film industry get a Bharat Ratna. But that mostly for his political contibution. I think, Amitabh Bacchan eventually get Bharat Ratna as first Bollywood actor. SRK/Aamir both have huge chance to get Bharat Ratna, but not in next 20 years. Salman is not getting anything cause he has criminal offense.

  • Lol hahahaha charlie’s fan boys are shouting on top of their voices that Bharat Ratna should be given to our lungi khan! seriously?????? Please no more jokes with the prestigious award, we all love his fans silly stupid jokes but please don’t insult the prestigious Bharat Ratna with such absurd jokes, and one more thing, he cannot buy Bharat Ratna like how he buys some silly film awards.

    @IamAKN, really not sure why the Malaysian Govt & other Govts conferred their their awards to him but remember this, the value of 1 Bharat Ratna >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3.7 billion malayasian govt awards+ 3.7 billion other govt awards + 3.7 billion film fake awards + 3.7 billion blah blah blah awards, ur speaking as if without srk bollywood movies wouldn’t have spread their wings outside of india, yes we all agree that to an extent srk was responsible for bollywood’s popularity overseas but more than srk it was YRFs, the chopras, the johars that made bollywood movies popular by their NRI based stories, more than him these guys were responsible for creating bollywood’s overseas market . And just because of his NRI friendly movies if he deserves Bharat Ratna, then yash chopra, aditya chopra & karan should also win Bharat ratna, because they made the srk the star that he is today. srk was till few years back the most popular bollywood star overseas but presently aamir has completely over taken him, srk didnt do any special favor for which he deserves Bharat Ratna, as far as the legendary Dilip saab & Big b are concerned they deserve the prestigious awards and in future aamir may win one but excuse me, srk??????? u must be really kidding :D

  • Why not.Big B deserves definitely.
    Big B is undoubtly biggest superstar of Bollywood and if any one in acting department deserves than it should be Big B.
    Those who are saying what he did for country seriously,His work is to do cinema and entertain audience,he is not a social worker.If lata ji and Satyajit Ray got for contribution for Indian Cinema than why not Big B.He got Padam Vibhushan and soon will get Bharat Ratna.
    ROFL to srk fan who think srk deserves ahead than big b.Lol. yes of course in planet exist outside of earth where 3.7 billion fans living.

  • @gj007 lol . now our SSS Su…su…su…. charlie khan comments will be something like this : ” who cares about theses bharat ratna, film fare awards are the mother, father, brother sister of all awards including The noble & oscar. THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD & THE ONE & ONLY KING KHAN and his MOVIES are the real bharat ratnas, oscars & noble prizes for his fans who cares about bharat ratna, saif ali khan won it for hum tum & sachin tendulkar who doesn’t even know how to held cricket bat proprly win it, so we KING KHAN fans dont cared about bharat ratnas, we care about only FILMFARE awards & BOLLYWOOD BADSHA has win it more than everyone”

    P.S : i wrote this comment in SSS’s style, so grammatical, punctuation & spelling errors are all intentional & bear no resemblance to any one other than SSS :D

  • All lungiwaleee, Bharat Ratna is not the fakefare or zee china or star dumb or wife ok screen award which ur king can manage so easily. Ur king can’t get even Padma bhushan(3rd highest award of india) and u r dreaming about Bharat Ratna……LOL. Tommorow u will not hesitate to say govt should give the Tajmahal to king, he deserves it….

  • @NVS nice way to troll @sss khan.. :D

    Dilip Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Big B and Aamir Khan are the true Bharat Ratna’s IMHO..

  • For those who thinks any of current generation stars deserves Bharat Ratna, I recommend them to see the Shufh deshi ending spoofs of kick,hny,pk,bang bang,2states,Ragini Mms2.They were brilliant laugh riot though some are vulger too but better laughable than some idiotic comments

  • @NVS, loolz.
    Somehow you r remembering me @anand-original, you writing almost same,both you r Sallu fan and you hate our king n his stupid fans. :)
    @sambudha. huhuhuhuhuhuh

  • @tiger & @sid , thanks & Lol :D

    @trust me, I too like reading Anand’s comments :)

    @sambudha , are you competing with SSS, iamAKN & few other srk fans for ‘the best over-the-top , nonsensical & ridiculous jokes on indicine’ ? u are doing a good job but I don’t think u or me or anyone on indicine can beat the legendary SSS in this category :D :D :D

  • @tiger & @sid , thanks & Lol :D

    @trust me, I too like reading Anand’s comments :)

    @sambudha , are you competing with SSS, iamAKN & few other srk fans for ‘the best over-the-top , nonsensical & ridiculous jokes on indicine’ ? u are doing a good job but I don’t think u or me or anyone on indicine can beat the legendary SSS in this category :D :D

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