Alone Movie Review : Horror Film starring Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu has established herself as the “Scream Queen” of Bollywood by now, having appeared in a spate of horror films in recent years. She is pining her hopes on ‘Alone’ which can give her career an extra push. Other than Bipasha, ‘Alone’ sees the Bollywood debut of TV heartthrob Karan Singh Grover. The promos and trailers of ‘Alone’ have promised a horror film filled with dollops of sex and skin show with extra doses of melodic music. We expect to be spooked by ‘Alone’. Does it fulfil those expectations?

Story: Sanjana (Bipasha 1) and Anjana (Bipasha 2) are Siamese twins who are literally joined at the hip. They promise each other that they will always be there for each other through thick and thin. But unfortunately, both of them fall in love with the same man Kabir (Karan). They go through a surgery to separate their bodies and unfortunately, Anjana meets her death in the process. Years later, when Sanjana and Kabir are happily married and they visit their erstwhile home Anjana comes back to haunt the both of them in spirit form. Alone, after that takes the form of a clichéd horror film and goes through familiar twists and turns.

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover's hot chemistry in Alone

Alone Movie Review

Bhushan Patel who directed the sleeper hit ‘Ragini MMS’ is back with the genre that he is familiar with. Whilst ‘Ragini MMS’ was a classier take on the horror genre, ‘Alone’ is sexier and more commercial. Bhushan does a better job at directing a horror flick than most of his contemporaries. Alone is a tolerable film and can even be enjoyed by the horror aficianados. What can confuse a general casual viewer is the confusion that comes across about which aspect the director chose to highlight – the sexy erotic angle or the horror angle. Bhushan tries to take the middle route but it is more of a miss than a hit.

The technical aspects of ‘Alone’ are very good. The production values are good and the film has been shot well with the scenic backwaters of Kerala looking beautiful.

‘Alone’ has the usual horror film soundtrack with a few romantic songs, one thrilling song with fast beats and even sneaks in an item number. Overall, it is a decent soundtrack.

Bipasha Basu is the highlight of ‘Alone’ because she plays both the villain and the heroine. That could have turned out to be a difficult job for her but she is a seasoned actress and is used to the tropes of horror by now. She does a fine job with both her roles. She is pleasing to look at as the sexy lead Sanjana and she scares us enough with her terrific transformation to Anjana the evil spirit twin! Karan Singh Grover is alright as the lead hero Kabir but he doesn’t really have a lot of material to work with since his only job seems to be to look good and show off his sculpted abs.

Overall, ‘Alone’ is a decent horror film and can be enjoyed by people who like the genre. It has all the usual clichéd tropes that we expect from an erotic horror thriller.


  • Bipasha Basu is in stellar form
  • The cinematography and visual effects are fairly good
  • The director uses the clichéd horror trappings to tell a well-rounded scary film
  • The music is melodious but not unforgettable.


  • It tries to rise above the genre but fails
  • The story lacks a different edge and is solely dependent on the original film’s storyline (‘Alone’ is a remake of a Thai film of the same title)
  • It fails in trying to merge both the erotic and horror genres
Rating: ★★½☆☆


  • @trust me my next review will come for baby.I m not going to waste my precious time to review trash films anymore.btw my rating for alone is 2.5/10

  • @Arjun Kapoor Fan Good …. Keep It Up. U Have Kept The Promise Of not Reviewing Trash films by Not reviewing Tevar. Heard Arjun Kapoor is Not Playing A Cameo In it Like previous Films as Reviwed by Nipun Kumar aka resident Critique.

  • Bhushan Patel gets a phone call from Arjun Kapoor- heres what transpires….

    Arjun:- “Hello Sir, what a superb job you have done with Alone…”
    Bhushan:- “Thanks but whos this…?”
    Arjun:- “Its me Arjun Kapoor…”
    Bhushan:- “Arjun Kapoor…? I didnt know Shakti Kapoor had a son named Arjun…!”
    Arjun:- “No Sir- its me SuperMan Arjun Kapoor…”
    Bhushan:- “Oh you must be Tusshar Kapoors younger sibling right…!”
    Arjun:- slightly agitated “no no Sir, Im not related to those superstars but Im related to Boney Kapoor.
    Bhushan:- “really coz I thought Boney only had one useless brother Sanjay n one Mr India Superstar Anil Kapoor- so tum kaun ho…?”
    Arjun:- really frustratedly says “look Sir I am Boney Kapoors useless sorry superman son Arjun Kapoor of Tevar fame or Fanny fame… Remember me…?”
    Bhushan:- “Oh I see- you that ugly looking kid who showed a poor attitude (tevar) when you couldnt find Fanny… Yeah yeah I know you now- so what can I do for you- recommend a good make up artist or plastic surgeon…?”
    Arjun:- perplexed “no Sir I dont need any of that crap- Im very popular as a matter of fact- infact I get hundreds of letters daily from a female fan of mine from Bengal- I think her name is Some Buddhi Mukherjee- shes always sending me love letters- anyway what I really want to ask you is if you could cast me in your sequel to Alone as I really feel ALONE right now after papa kicked me out of his house….
    Bhushan:- phone line drops…..,..
    Arjun:- helloooooooo is anybody there……. Hellooooooooooo

  • @babaji: Did you really watch Raagini MMS2?? Surprising. You had guts to see that film? What transpired you to see it really. I have it in my laptop since almost an year. Haven’t dared to watch it yet.

  • @indicine

    Why did you delay in posting my ‘conversation between arjun n bhushan’ until right after ‘ajay rocks aka trust me 2’ copied it from the tevar article n pasted it here…?

    Look at the timeline- I posted the conversation on 2 articles at 2 min interval but for some bizarre reason you published it so late here….

    For the record I am not ‘trust me’…. I bashed some buddha with that comment on the tevar first week collections article n posted the same comment here.

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  • Enjoyed watching it..a romantic horror film, a good direction, loved the story, Bipasha did her best in this film, her co star is charming and as a debutant he was fine.. he did some good difficult scenes specially in the end when he weeps, he just needs to work harder and do always good films, am sure he’ll be a star one day

  • Oh.. forgot to mention about the 2 best songs of the film.. loved the song Chand Aasemano se lapata.. very nice, could be considered as one of the best songs of this year. about Katra Katra song.. who’s the lady singer? She’s really good!! loved her voice and the way she sings!! never heard her voice before.. is she a new singer? anyone could answer please?

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