Karan Arjun Trivia: The most watched film on television turns 20

Rakesh Roshan’s iconic action-reincarnation film completed 20 years recently. The film will be special to a lot of people for several reasons. Below we have a compiled some trivia on the film that released in theatres on January 13 1995.

  • Karan Arjun featured Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan together for the first time. Both the Khans are the biggest superstars of this generation and have been ruling the roost for the last 25 years.
  • Possibly the best on-screen couple in the history of Indian Cinema, Shah Rukh and Kajol starred in this blockbuster movie. Apart from this they have also starred in films like Baazigar, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham and My Name Is Khan.
  • Salman had the choice of playing either of the roles out of the two. On consultation with his dad Salim Khan, he opted for Karan as Salim Khan relates Salman to ‘Karna’ of Mahabharatha.
  • Karan Arjun established Rakesh Roshan as one of the best masala directors of Bollywood. He continued the trend with blockbusters like Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish.
Karan Arjun

Karan Arjun


  • A 20 year old man named Hrithik Roshan worked as an assistant director on the film and it is during the making of Karan Arjun that Hrithik found the inspiration form the two Khans to go on to be a superstar himself. Karan Arjun was his first major contribution to Bollywood.
  • Ajay Devgan was the original choice to play the role of Karan eventually played by Salman Khan. The casting would have been interesting as Ajay’s future wife Kajol was paired opposite SRK. Also, Ajay-SRK have differences and hence have never been paired together in a film
  • Karan Arjun released  months after ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’ and 9 months before ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge’. Coincidentally, HAHK had Salman and DDLJ had SRK in the lead role and both these movies were the highest grossers of the 90s decade.
  • Karan Arjun is arguably the most loved movie on television as it has been aired almost every week for more than 15 years now.
  • One of the biggest highlights of the movie was its killer dialogues which are still fresh in the mind of viewers. The most common ones which are frequently used are – ‘mere Karan Arjun aayenge’ and ‘thakur to giyo’
  • Karan-Arjun had a super-hit music album comprising of chartbuster songs like Jaati Hoon Main, Bhagra paale, Rana Ji and Ye Bandhan to. All songs were composed by Rakesh Roshan’s brother Rajesh Roshan.
  • Rakesh Roshan had initially decided to title the film as ‘Kaynaat’. However, the chemistry that Shahrukh-Salman shared in the film, impressed him so much, that he decided to name the film after their on-screen characters
  • Nagma was the first choice to play the role of Bindiya, which eventually went to Mamta Kulkarni.
  • Interestingly, Rakesh Roshan had also thought of casting Bobby Deol or Sunny Deol for the role that eventually went to Shahrukh Khan.

Article by Abhishek Sharma



  • Shooting OF Karan Arjun Sequel Starring Arjun Kapoor err… Supporting role Arjun Kapoor ….. Was stalled because Bhushan Patel wanted to cast a Pintoo but on seeing Arjun Kapoor unable to Find Poor Fanny and seeing his Head-ache attitude aka Tevar he went to Coma.
    Industry is Hoping that Chetan Bhagat writes a Karan Arjun Related novel with alia bhatt as Lead actress so that KA Sequel Progresses…. Arjun Kapoor is reported To find fanny in KA Sequel Owing he has Only a Supporting Side Role in it.

    Dialogue : Mere fanny AAYENGE,, AAYENGE MERE FANNY ……!!

  • Nice article!!
    Karan-Arjun is one of the most loved films of the 90s…

    Still can’t imagine Hrithik was this thin and went on to be a absolute hunk..

  • So Abhishek Sharma is a reader! I thought he was one of the admins of the site.

    Karan Arjun was a very good masala film considering the time during which the movie released! I didn’t like the picturization of “bhangda pale” song though.

  • The Only Stigma To an Otherwise Historic film Karan Arjun Because there is Arjun in it. And on Indicine We only Know of Arjun Kapoor Fan Err…..Zayed Khan Fan….. Err….. Something Something …..

  • great article indicine!never get bored while watching this classic i don,t know how many times i watched this movie this movie was perfect masala movie bollywood had ever produced all thing like casting,acting,dialogue,music,action etc almost everything was classic my favourite masala movie of 90s are karan arjun.both khans had given great performance i like bhaijaan performance most as he was most natural also srk was very good.but amrish puri had nailed that role his performance was best in the movie.how can i forget maa of karan arjun pakhi ji act was classic.

  • ya Karan arjun was outstanding movie…
    Salman – srk both r great in that
    I watched many times this movie…
    don’t want to see remake of this movie..
    sallu n srk acted really well in that..
    love u salman..

  • Nice read.. Karan Arjun wasn’t what you call a great movie, but it was arguably the best masala movie of its time. Rakesh Roshan knows the pulse of the Indian audience and he ensured that the emotional scenes connected with the audience.

    Even when I watch it now sometimes on television.. you feel for the characters in the film whether it is Rakhee, Karan or Arjun. You want them to take revenge. The negative characters too were perfectly cast.

    I would love to see Rakesh Roshan directing a different film after 2 Krrish films.. He should do a love story or cast Hrithik in a good masala film.

    The word ‘Masala’ is cursed these days.. but most Bollywood films are still masala.. Even Kick, PK are masala films with all ingredients to entertain the audience.

  • @jaggu good joke srk is legend…tomorrow u will say srk is god..lol
    more jokes plZ..
    @nipun agree sallu is absolutely lovely in that..

  • Yup, that is true.
    Ajay Devgan was supposed to play role of Karan (Salman Khan) but some how he opted out and Salman was in.. Many say that he walked out of the film following creative differences with director Rakesh Roshan .
    Anyway, Actors turn down or opt out movies everyday so we Ajay fans don’t have any regret because Salman khan is like older brother of Ajay . we are glad for him.

  • @Nipun:I don’t think Abishek sharma is just a reader,he has been writing articles for indicine for quite sometime..He also give music reviews!

  • Wow but still it can’t beat the record of Sooryavansham.
    Jokes apart it is truly the most memorable movie for all cinema lovers since it was the first time two reigning superstars worked in a movie.I hope a sequel is made to this movie

  • @ajay rocks who think about past… Karan arjun was made for these two only..may be ajay can do that role better too..
    lets move on. I’m waiting for ajay next badshaho..bcoz outim was one of favourite ajay movie…sultan rocks man..

  • Would you like to see Karan Arjun 2 in near future. if yes then we have some great choices the cast of the our new movie.

    Babaji Ka Thullu and Nipun will play the lead role of the film and Megha and shaki might play the female leads while Sambuddha will play Johny Lover’s role.
    Navin is the leading choice to direct the film and Gj007, we think, he is the only person who can give a justice to Amrish Puri.

    Can’t tell you more about the movie because we are currently working on the script but I can assure you it’s not a remake, it’s a sequel to the original.

    Hit like if you liked the cast and hit dislike if you don’t.
    We welcome any suggestions :)

  • Karan Arjun was one of the biggest success in 90s, though I get bored with this film now a days because I have seen this film many time.Salman Srk pair was great in film but I loved Salman more. Supporting cast also was top notch specially Johnny,amrish ji,Rakhi mam.
    My fav song of film are Ye bandhan to,Jaati hoon main etc.
    Thakur to giyo…

  • I loved andaz apna apna more than karan arjun. in fact andaz apna apna is way more memorable than karan arjun. just the Fact.

  • @Indicine you better say that they are two of the biggest superstars rather than just biggest superstars. because aamir is much bigger star than both. aamir rules domestic list, overseas list and worldwide list. that’s enough to prove that aamir is much bigger star than srk and salman. also aamir has been ruling Bollywood along with salman since 25 years. while srk was a small television actor working in some serial called fauji. LOL.

  • @AB positive the article is related to Karan Arjun why to bring Aamir here.
    If you wanna talk about KA than welcome but why to go off topic.
    Just Chill.

  • @Babaji, yes I heard about it but I think that was a good chioce by Ajay as Krish 3 was all about Hrithik and Vivek didn’t has much to do.
    @Shagy thanx dude.

  • who cares about 1990s? present is way more important than past. and at present aamir is baap of srk and salman in stardom and box office power.

    PK- 638 crore worldwide
    dhoom 3- 542 crore worldwide
    3 idiots- 395 crore worldwide.

    founder of 100 crore club, 200 crore club, 300 crore club, 500 crore club (WW), 600 crore club (WW). this is enough to say that aamir is much bigger star than srk and salman and also biggest megastar of Bollywood.

  • @A sanchez rightly said. indicine is biased site. they keep going ga ga over srk and salman. but fact is in front of everyone, they are nowhere close to aamir in stardom and popularity. aamir is far bigger star by distance. and if morons give excuses about brand or raju hirani, then I remind them that salman and srk gave highest grossers with YRF and Rajashri with DDLJ and HAHK. but guess what the third highest grosser in 1990s was RH which wasn’t produced by YRF or Rajashri nor was it directed by aditya chopra or sooraj barjatya, and nor it had A lister actress like madhuri or kajok. still it was third highest grosser of 1990s. this is enough to prove that aamir has been ruling Bollywood since 26 years.

  • @trust me 2


    Thanks buddy

    Yeah if I direct the movie then to give it more credibility I will insist in giving both our leads a glorious death and for this task I will give the responsibility to SSS Khan and Romu Kaka… How they go about it will be entirely upto them- I will just let the camera roll n insist on authenticity so real baseball bats, hockey sticks, knives are a MUST… Mere SSS and Romu will do a real number on kshitij n nipun…! Rest of the movie will take care of itself but this scene I will dedicate 100 days of rehearsals to n insist on no body doubles….!

  • rakesh roshan ne karan arjun se jo kamaya sab koyla movie mein jalakar rakh kar diya.i remember during the shoot of knph he came to me for financial help.n whole world knows how big is my heart.

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