Almost like Sanjay Dutt? Ranbir Kapoor’s ripped look for Biopic

Ranbir Kapoor has already dedicated almost a year of his life to transform himself to play the role of Sanjay Dutt on the big screen. The actor has been talking like Dutt, behaving like him and there are reports that he will also spend a week in jail to get his mindset right for those jail sequences.

Considered by many to be the best actor of his generation, Ranbir under Rajkumar Hirani’s direction could get his career-defining film. Hirani, the most successful director in the industry today, has promised to make the film his most entertaining.

Ranbir has also been working out hard in the gym. He has gained nearly 15 kgs of muscle and also reduced the fat level in his body. A recent picture of the actor has him almost look like the Sanjay Dutt.

Paresh Rawal will be playing the role of Sanjay’s father Sunil Dutt, Anushka Sharma plays the character of a journalist, while Sonam Kapoor also has a important role to play.

Ranbir Kapoor after a gym session

Ranbir Kapoor after a gym session



  • he is amazing actor.
    he proved that he is one of the best actor.
    now he should concentrate on best scripts then nobody can stop him to become Megastar in next decade

  • Bhai haters made SLB their BAAP and begged him to clash his Padmavati with TZH. But SLB preponed Padmavati.

    Now, Ranbir Kapur beome their BAAP, cz the makers hinted Sanju biopic to release on Christmas.

    ###Too much funnn!!!

  • From last couple of months some morons are chanting that Sanju biopic will crush TZH/Destroy Bhai’s career and blah blah blah….But the big question is when our galaxy ka sabse bada gigastar runs away in fear of a Bhai then dusre kis khet ki mooli hai to clash with a Bhai film???

  • Ranbir has bcm the Baap of some fanbases cz there is a rumor that Sanju biopic is clashing with TZH. Not at all surprised seeing it, cz their tinystars can’t dare to take on Bhai, even some of them runs away in fear of Bhai movies. Ab toh unlogo ko bas Ranbir ka hi sahara hai…!!!

  • Desparetly waiting for this onee.. No daubt ranbir is brilliant actor of this genration.. He is my fav among the young actors..either ranbir or ranveer will swip the all award next year..

  • Yup now he is looking very like Sanjay Dutt.
    No worry about script & execution as it’s The Raju Hirani film.

    Finally a good come back film Ranbir Kapoor.

    They should target Early November 2017 or Republic Day 2018 for release.

  • This will better than tzh , director is Rajkumar Hirani . Ranbir is best young generation actor what a dedication by him .

  • Lookin good..
    Hope Ranbir career bounces back with this and jagga jassoos

    I also hope Ranveer stops limiting himself by doing same film by bhansali over and over again..I enjoy his more cool boy looks and characters like in befikre or dil dhakne do or ladies vs riki bahl

  • Sanjay was very slim trim in his days..why so much weight gain. I think They r not showing his earlier days of His life .

    Ranbir was very similar when he started his carrer to sanjay’s Young age look , but nobody noticed much .

  • I m sure duty biopic will be another gem of a movie from hirani sir .all the best to ranbir and whole team …

  • He looks older than his age ! The khans looked much younger during their mid 40s, even Ranveer and Varun look young…

  • He has built good muscles but still looking a kid in front of the personality of Sanju Baba
    Hope he will justify the role

  • I really hope tat dutt biopic release on Christmas and become a blockbuster .ranbir is one actor today we have plus hirani sir is directing plus Christmas story telling sanjay dutt spectacular real life journey …a sure shot blockbuster..

  • Kjo ‘s ADHM
    Hirani ‘s Dutt Biopic lol
    Ranbir is nothing without Big Directors
    Will watch it coz of Gr8 Director Rajkumar Hirani

  • Love from a Salman fan Ranbir Kapoor is best actor and very good human being, and Salman fabs why are you Bashing Ranbir, he never said anything bad about salman. I love this man

  • This movie will be a average hit if come solo.

    if clashes with TZH, bhai will crush the sinking career of crap kapoor.

    Raju chacha knows the megastardom of bhai and he will most probably release this first week dec or may Jan26th 2018…

    After giving 5 flops in a row his career is now litte stable beacuse of Karan, although the movie was utter crap.

    Now lets see how sensibly Raju will annouce the date.

    Anyways its clashes with TZH or not who cares…

    Crap kapoor days are gone.

  • Box office collection of this movie will be less than tzh but this movie will absolutely be better than tzh….

  • FLOP written allover if clashes with TZH.

    All bhai haters are chanting this will cross 200 crs, let Crap kapoor first cross 60 crs with Jagga then think about 200 crs for this.

    Raju chacha is smart Business man he will never ever think of clashing with TZH, worst case this might cross 150 crs if released solo…

    With Clash it will be Second Bombay velvet…

    Raju’s first flop guarantee and Crap kapoors 6th in a row.

    LOL too much fun!!!!!!

  • Neutral audiences are keenly waiting for Rks Dutt Biopic
    It will threat for all cinema lovers
    This movie will change RANBIR’S career
    A sure shot BLOCKBUSTER or ATB

  • Great dedication !!!!! But it won’t clash with TZH as it will harm both the movies and will eat into each other collections.

  • Seems more like 60 yr old srk khan… Look at his face same oldly expression…. Hahahahahahaha

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