All Is Well Box Office Collections: First Weekend

Abhishek Bachchan’s All Is Well has fared poorly in its first weekend at the box office, collecting Rs 11.91 crore in 3 days. More than the low collections, the percentage of growth in business is what has sealed the fate of the film.

Usually, when a good film opens to such low numbers on Friday, the growth in business is usually 50-60% on both Saturday and Sunday. All Is Well did pick up on Saturday, but since the opening day was so poor, the growth simply wasn’t good enough.

Will this be the last solo film of Abhishek Bachchan’s career? It could be, because All Is Well, even with good music, was lower than off-beat films like Shamitabh and NH10. It was also lower than other disasters like Detective Byomkesh Bakshi and Ek Paheli Leela.

All Is Well will be yet another poor grosser for T-Series.

  • Friday – 2.90 crore
  • Saturday – 3.98 crore (37% growth)
  • Sunday – 5.03 crore (26% growth)
  • Weekend Total Collections - 11.91 crore


  • Still with all the negativity around it has done well compared to Manjhi,which surprisingly failed to show much growth at all.

  • i feel ab should act in low budget but strong movies continuesly because he had a movie like guru in past. he is doing second lead so it is good for him.

  • Don’t worry abhi it’s nt a bad thing to become a successful 2nd lead or supporting role actor.u hv already achieved that status.
    Best of luck for hera pheri3 and hf3

  • I am very happy today .
    The Undertaker finally defeated Brock Lesnar !!!
    The King rules B’wood , and The Phenom rules WWE !!!

  • Surprised how it did this much also.. Being pathetic showed growth is unexplicable

  • Abhishek’s need to do movies with big stars like SRK AJAY AAMIR and now he is coming with AKSHAY.

  • last night i have watched it and believe me its very bad and weak movie.story is very weak.the tried show some comic sceans but failed big deserves to be flop.

    story weak
    music bellow average
    acting very bad
    but zeeshan ayub impress me a little

  • @Phenom Undertaker Abhishek vs Lesner Shah rukh = wwe Bollywood. Remove Abhisjek and Deepika fro. Hny you are getting only 90 crores! @akshay lunatic. Aamir Ajay Srk are not akshay kumar. So don’t mention his name here. There is a varun article @indicine just posted on varun pls go and comment there. @gobar fan. Stop bringing jokers movie topic here. Abhi has 200 crores movie . If you need an answer desperately yes Singh is Gone will be akshay last solo. Though still a multicast!

  • I think here the Director & Writer Goofed up the movie.. There was lot’s of scene which was not required Mama & Mami…. I think Umesh Shukla got it wrong…. For Abhi i want to tell he has to choose his scripts more wisely… Don’t go by directors…. Just choose your scripts… Everyone knows you can act but be serious in whatever you do….

  • Do Some action movie Man… Don’t do these type of crap movies… Which comes alive only in last 20 mins…

  • @ Phenom: yes I m also very happy that the Undertaker defeated Brock lesnar.
    Suplex foot!! Cheers
    Moving on to All is well I think the collections are not bad because of so much competition at box office right now and negativity around the movie.

  • Aamir+Flop avisek=500 crores
    Salmam+Nawaz bhai=600crores
    It means Nawaz bhai is far better than flop man of bollywood abisek
    And salman bhai is far better than aamir

  • This week both movies outcome is fitting reply to Salman haters :

    * Kick & BB due to Nawaz = Manjhi collects just 10 + crs on weekend. Where’s Nawaz stardom & power ??

    * Salman is in industry due to his father = Look Btown Legend Big B’s son is struggling to give a solo Hit hence proved Family name is nothing you need stardom n talent to survive in industry.

    Note : I am neither Nawaz nor Small B hater. Both are good in their way but they can’t match up to someone like Salman Khan. Hope blind haters got their mouths shut !!!!!!!!!!

  • @James dhoom 3 was released back in 2013. Salman’s kick was similar to dhoom 3 in action. Still it couldn’t come anywhere close to dhoom 3. That proves who is bigger and who is smaller. Case closed. Aamir>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Salman. Now shut your mouth you slum dog.

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