Alisha Chinai to sing for Priyanka Chopra in Krrish 3

Alisha ChinaiPriyanka Chopra has always idolised Alisha Chinai, who has been roped in to sing for the actress in “Krrish 3”.

Alisha had sang for Priyanka in 2005 film “Karam” and the song “Tinka tinka” became synonymous with the actress’ sizzling femme fatale image.

Eight years after the “Tinka tinka” song, Alisha has been persuaded out of self-exile by composer Rajesh Roshan to croon for Priyanka for his brother Rakesh Roshan’s “Krissh 3”.

It’s a song that Priyanka was meant to sing in her own voice. However, the music deal for her international album prevents Priyanka from singing in any other form, medium or capacity.

Alisha, we believe, was roped in on Priyanka’s recommendation.

“I’ve been keeping away from playback singing. There is nothing that enthuses me at the moment. I am happy to be away from playback singing in my little paradise in Alibaug where I stay,” said Alisha who has been occupied with looking after her ailing father.

Rajesh Roshan met Alisha in Alibaug and offered her the number in “Krissh 3”.

Said Alisha, “I couldn’t say no to Rajesh. I have a very high regard for his melodies. And the song was for Priyanka. I enjoy singing for her. I remember her telling me after I sang ‘Tinka tinka’ that she had once come backstage with her father to meet me in her home-town Rae Bareilly where I had gone to perform.

“Priyanka told me she had to wait for hours to meet me. That was sweet of her. And I loved the way she put forward the ‘Tinka tinka’ song on the screen.”

Priyanka made her singing debut with international single “In My City”.

About the actress’ own singing career that took off recently, Alisha said: “I really like her music video. But I wish she would choose her songs a little better.”

The singer feels the future of the music industry lies in the revival of non-film albums.

“Even today I am recognised for the ‘Made In India’ album. I’m looking at doing an album of my own,” she said.



  • Wow..good news..i like the voice of alisha..her voice is unique,modern and stylish which will suit priyanka..

  • dont post such news…its nothing new. she has sung for piggy 2 times before!!plzzz..find something new.

  • @shekhar suman,.why u r targeting Hrithik? There is a reason why people dont like Salman or SRK.. But why jealousy with Hrithik?

  • because he does dumbo superhero roles…other than kids, who’s interested??we have enough of hollywood superhero movies every year. tell him to do movies like ZNMD..otherwise just hibernate or retire. he doesnt have any range like other A-listers.

  • now just because she is singing people gona say movie is blockbuster give me a break please. krissh will be kids movie with so so script. people talk about hr success but let me recall after his first movie sucess he three cosecutive flops i.e fiza, mission kashmir, yadein. than came K3G in which he was support actor and srk was lead. after that he got four cosecutive flops Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage,Na Tum Jaano Na Hum, Mujhse Dosti Karoge!, Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon. when is flopping his came back to feed him success with koi mil gaya. after that he had another flop with Lakshya. the next would probaly be his best year in his entire lifetime and i believe it will never come again for him. he had two bb in krish and dhoom, his dad again and big banner yrf fed him success again. Jodhaa Akbar was only a hit. aferwards landmark year for him and he had biggest disaster of his career. kites and guzaarish were his landmark movies. he got lucky to be apart of znmd because farhan abhey outclassed him in acting department. agneepath was only good movie for which he deserves credit for. in total of 18 movies he had 10 flop and 8 successful and if we remove k3g because he was supporting actor, than he only he has 7 hits movie people talk about his sucess which less than 50% ratio

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