Ali Abbas Zafar praises Anushka Sharma’s dedication towards Sultan

Soon after Anushka Sharma was signed by Yash Raj Films’ to play the lead in Ali Abbas Zafar’s Sultan, the actress was asked to train for no less than 6 weeks as part of her wrestling programme. Anushka’s dedication and commitment has earned her high praise from the director of the film.

“Anushka’s dedicated six weeks’ wrestling programme has drastically changed her body language and has also transformed her body into a very authentic looking wrestler”

Anushka’s wrestling trainer, Jagdish Kaliraman (seen in the picture below), also praised her.

“Wrestling is a very tough game but inspite of it being so tough she is very confident and always wants to be the best at it. She observes every move that we show her very carefully and after showing her maximum two times she exactly knows what to do. She is such a big superstar but she is so humble, down to earth and extremely sincere towards learning the art form of wrestling.”

“When people will watch the film they will know that Anushka has put in so much hard work and has moulded into the character so well” Kaliraman added.

Starring megastar Salman Khan in the lead, Sultan releases in theatres on 6th July 2016.

Anushka Sharma preps up for her role as a wrestler in Sultan

Anushka Sharma preps up for her role as a wrestler in Sultan

Anushka Sharma with wrestler team practiced for Sultan

Anushka Sharma with wrestler team practiced for Sultan



  • Wow!!! Can’t wait to see Haryana ki Shaan romancing Haryana Ka Sher the majestic Sultan Ali Khan!!

  • Haryana Ka Sher is on its way to Eid!! All chotey mote Rice-Seller Meow Bhais with Rupa Baniyan Ki Daring, make way for him!! Or do bigger damages to yourselves by your own hands than you did during last Xmas..

  • First sultan then dangal going to Rock the nation. ( I’m telling as a release date) aamir is first for me then salman.

  • Why is legendary Ali Abbas Zafar not praising our Bhai ? How can he do this to Bhai ? He has no idea about filmmaking. Zero knowledge, crap director. What’s his next movie ? Sultan … Ooops !!

  • My warm wishes to Mr. Perfectionist the global mega-star Aamir khan.
    Highest grosser will be Dangal and second highest grosser will be Sultan.

  • I Dont know but parineeti may b a better option for Sultan…..after seeing her hard work in d recent photoshoot

  • Reporter-Wht about Salman’s dedication??
    Abbas-He too is very dedicated and passionate about movies(mostly south movies so that he could remake them).But he’s so drained after launching and parenting useless talents that we need to ensure we hire a body-double even for non-risky stunts.

  • She is beautiful

    SRK FANS vs so called HATERS::
    FANS ::
    150 Cr
    175 Cr
    180 Cr
    190 Cr
    200 Cr
    220 Cr
    240 Cr
    250 Cr?
    300 Cr
    Average as of now :: 250 Cr (Impossible)

    HATERS (other star Fans) ::
    <100 Cr (my & some others)
    105 Cr
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    120 Cr?
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    Average of Averages :: 184 Cr (Impossible)

    Which is itself impossible for the film like Fan where is nothing new to catch it for. Since film is not releasing in any EDX holidays, so remain down before you predict it. Remember Srk’s last solo EDX release HNY ( 2014) earn 204 Cr then how can Fan earn above 200 Cr? . Simply Impossible. Here the film is releasing non holiday. Even with YRF tag & above 4000 screens & overdose promotions & excellent Wom, Fan will not cross even 120 Cr.

    Still my predictions is
    Fan :: less than 100 Cr

  • blockbuster on its way….
    just cant wait btw ali abhas jafar was only who broke feburary previous record mnik and still the highest grosser now , so haters stop barking and dreaming as salman even with debut director collects more than your stars highest one so just imagine

  • Implying Bhai’s fans’ logic:

    Anushka’s Higest overseas Grosser without Bhai-42 Million $
    Bhai’s Highest overseas Grosser without Anushka-27 Million $
    So clearly Anushka needs to be credited for whatever business it does in overseas(even though the chances are slim considering the clash with an Srk film)

  • I ,too, praise the dedication and commitment of Anushka. But more than that, I appreciate her for her daring. After all, it’s not so easy for a top actor to sign a movie against non-actor bhabhijan, because in a dual shot, heroine first has to deal with her dialogues and then she will have to teach the acting steps to bhabhijan as well. So yes, indeed Anushka has taken a bold move and we should appreciate her efforts on this regard.

  • They signed her on such a short notice only to accelerate the project in hurry burry so that it should get released on Eid. Greedy bhabhijan and her cheap tactics.
    The crappiest movie of all time is in making. Don’t waste your time and money in this crapfest. Better go for Raees. Miyan Bhai is on the way :D

  • Both Raees and loltan will release on 1st week of July not 6th ….!!!!!
    I think both will get 3000+ screens each
    And the better movie will run for longer time. Raees is deadly awaited .
    Srk’s voice in Raees gives me goosebumps whenever I watch the teaser !!!!
    Raees all set to Rock and rule in Pakistan, Gulf, UAE UK,USA, Australia, Germany, etc in overseas…!!
    It will perform better in West Bengal, Gujarat, mysore, Mumbai, karela etc … in domistic ….!!!!
    If the content of Raees clicks, then Raees will be the top contentor of biggest hit of 2016 even with clash !!!!!

  • No matters what…all dedication and hardwork will go into vain when #SULTAN will fail at box office
    This EID only #RAEES

  • This is sad.

    Photos clearly looks like Anushka just joined crew 1 month ago.

    Desperate attempt by SULTAN team to match RAEES now completed shooting schedule and well in post-production.

    Neither it looks like Anushka is ready from photos, nor SULTAN is shot atleast 50% with only 4 months to release date.

    A.A.Zafar should be honest and acknowledge SULTAN is running way behind schedule. Not enough time for post-production sfx vfx work. Forget soundtrack, sound mixing sound effects editing.

  • “SOME” so called Aamir fans have again proved that they are biggest hypocrites out here in Indicine.When Srk does masala movies they criticise him by saying Why doesn’t he utilise his acting and be part of meaningful cinema.When salman does it they are like waiting for this Eid to be entertained.Lol..They are basically srk haters.

  • Chutzpaaaa

    Revealing pics and things evry alternate day and create buzzz but our #Raees is ahead without any promotion and pics

  • Band b barat and jthj is so far her best performance….she was flawless….

    Bbb… she did an awesome job….
    Jthj…. her scene with Katrina last part of d movie was dominant!!! She stole d show from Kat despite being supporting…

    Without any doubt amongst the top multiplex actresses in d country.

  • Nh10 I committed mistakenly… her other movie I admired.

    Sultan will definitely hit the 200+crs Mark easily.

    She has 100 and 300 crs with the 2 Khans in her kitty… she shd be d 1st female lead to attain the 100 200 and 300 crs club category.

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