Akshay Kumar Selfie: How can anyone be so fit at 47?

Akshay Kumar posted his first selfie on popular image-sharing website Instagram. Holding an Apple iPhone 6, Akshay is seen flaunting his incredibly fit physique.

The actor doesn’t attend parties, doesn’t smoke or drink and avoids caffeine. He has also been following a routine of waking up early, working from morning to evening and he doesn’t even workout in the gym.

When asked about his secret, Akshay had said “I don’t pick up weights at all. At the same time, picking up weights is not bad. It is good, but I have always believed in picking up my own body weight. I believe in picking up myself, in swinging and climbing trees, just as we did when we were children. However, people who believe in body building, it is not bad, but don’t eat powders and shakes. Also, be careful of what kind of weight and how much weight you are picking up, so that it does not harm your back. You need a proper instructor to guide you. Don’t mess with God’s created body.”

Before posting the selfie, Akshay had tweeted “Itís been a while friends, wishing u all a happy #Sunday. Enjoy my very first Selfish #Selfie ;) #Brothers #FitTheHealthyWay #IfICanDoItSoCanYou.”

Check out Akshay Kumar’s selfie below!

Akshay Kumar?'s first selfie

Akshay Kumar?’s first selfie



  • I have huge crush on akki. after seeing this pic. kuch kuch hota hai. he is fittest actor in bollywood even at the age of 48 and he is doing fantastic movies as well. King kumar Akki rocks

  • Wow.. Fittest actor.. This is how u can be fit without gym…

    Other actors make body for films.
    He is always fit in his way without suppliments..??

  • Akshay Kumar the best actor I have seen ever in the world… Salute to him…
    perfect human….
    proud to be an Akkian..

  • Living the cmnts .
    not a single bad cmNt.
    luks like Akki ko buddha bolne walo ki bolti band hogyi nd now They R Pareshan ki Kse taunt maare , pic itni solid hai ! :P

  • Incredible man.Unbelievable look.
    Waiting his next movie.
    welcome in the world of selfie.

  • Cmnts Kii Barish Hogyi !
    tahalka macha diya selfie ne .
    Akki RoxxXx
    Dats y Ppl often say-> 1 Akshay Kumar hee toh asli hero haii bollywood mein ..

  • Akshay Kumar is fittest actor among the superstars, he is very disciplined and fitness freek.
    Other name which comes in my mind for fitness is Anil kappor he is 55+ but still looking white young and he is not even very health conscious. remarkable.

  • @sss even in akshay’s article your comments mention aamir and salman’s name. wow. that’s the power of aamir and salman. you just can’t ignore them in any article. so sad sarook fan.

  • Age is just number for Akki sir

    He can do anything without body double …

    In common opinion Akki is fittest actor of Bollywood …

    He is a inspiration for new generation …

    Anybody be khans
    But Akki is Akki… No one can take place of Mr. Khiladi

  • Its upto indicine they post the comments this time i see they have passd all similiar type of comments
    just to say wow! Luk at comments but comments and hits can’t make a movie a hit

  • @indicine thanx for this
    But u should also publish
    “we can make better films than Hollywood if big actors have unity”-Akshay kumar

  • Haters Just Go Away… Akshay Kumar Is 1 Of The Hardworking Actor in Bollywood..
    We Always Support Him

  • Fans of superstars are always busy in fighting but me believe that each nd evry superstar has their own charisma nd fanbase so it is does not matter to me if anyone barking against akshay cause he can never accept the success that akki have in industry

  • There is only 4 real superstar in bollywood i.e three khans and akki coz their popularity never goes down. This article is d real proof.

    Killer physique Hats of sir. As Akshay sir said there is no shortcut to success.. Age is just a number for this legend… Releasing 4 movies per year. He is mini-industry himself. Never worries for holiday, never hiking ticket price. One should follow his lifestyle… Kind-hearted person. Organising karate camps for women safety…

    @indicine publish an article about akshay kumar as Mini-industry

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