Akshay Kumar Selfie: How can anyone be so fit at 47?

Akshay Kumar posted his first selfie on popular image-sharing website Instagram. Holding an Apple iPhone 6, Akshay is seen flaunting his incredibly fit physique.

The actor doesn’t attend parties, doesn’t smoke or drink and avoids caffeine. He has also been following a routine of waking up early, working from morning to evening and he doesn’t even workout in the gym.

When asked about his secret, Akshay had said “I don’t pick up weights at all. At the same time, picking up weights is not bad. It is good, but I have always believed in picking up my own body weight. I believe in picking up myself, in swinging and climbing trees, just as we did when we were children. However, people who believe in body building, it is not bad, but don’t eat powders and shakes. Also, be careful of what kind of weight and how much weight you are picking up, so that it does not harm your back. You need a proper instructor to guide you. Don’t mess with God’s created body.”

Before posting the selfie, Akshay had tweeted “Its been a while friends, wishing u all a happy #Sunday. Enjoy my very first Selfish #Selfie ;) #Brothers #FitTheHealthyWay #IfICanDoItSoCanYou.”

Check out Akshay Kumar’s selfie below!

Akshay Kumar?'s first selfie

Akshay Kumar?’s first selfie



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