Akshay Kumarís packed schedule in 2015 – 2016

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, one of the busiest and most professional actors in the industry, has a packed schedule in 2015 – 2016.

Soon after completing the ongoing schedule of ‘Housefull 3’, Akshay will begin the final shooting schedule of ‘Airlift’ directed by Raja Krishna Menon.

After wrapping up ‘Airlift’, which is scheduled to release during the extended Republic Day weekend in 2016, Akshay will begin shooting for Rustom directed by Tinu Suresh Desai. Rustom is scheduled to release with ‘Mohenjo Daro’ during the Independence Day weekend next year.

The other keenly awaited Akshay Kumar film is ‘Namastey England’ which will go on floors in the 2nd or 3rd week of April 2016. The film is expected to release late 2016 or early 2017.

Akshay’s schedule in 2015- 2016

  • September 2015: Housefull 3 shoot
  • Late September: Singh Is Bling promotion
  • October 2 2015: Singh Is Bling release
  • October – November 2015: Airlift shoot
  • December 2015: January 2016: Rustom shoot
  • Mid January 2016: Airlift promotion
  • January 22 2016: Airlift release
  • February – March 2016: Housefull 3 shoot
  • April 2016: Namastey England goes on floors
  • Late May†2016: Housefull 3 promotion
  • June 3 2016: Housefull 3 release
  • Independence Day weekend: Rustom release


  • He needed sm big hits despratly..
    People Think he is succesfull and in top 5 but being an Akki Fan
    I m telling the truth.. He is going very bad at the moment . Selection of too many in a year never works for u.
    Just 1 100Crore Movie in his Last 12.!

    Akki… Plzzz do less but good work

  • WTF
    These khiladi, daredevil Nd bhgwan Akshay r not my IDs. .
    Nd to all these IDs …pls. Change ur name to real names …!

  • akshay is good star but he should do less movies now and select some good scripts his movies like rowdy rathore gabbar is back brothrs boss entertainmnt khiladi 786 were all too bakwas
    instead of doing all movies he has been offered he shud do less
    sing is king was a very good movie i enjoyed but dnt know y after seeing trailer of sing is bling i feel it will be boring

    and in comparison to hrithik and ajay
    sorry to akshay fans

    ajay and hrithik both are better actors than akshay

  • Hum Saab ko patha hai @sunny. It’s you so shut the f up and don’t pretend! Stop dreaming comparing joker with the khans. Just stay off ??? . Brag about stunts? Fight Ajay first. This time no barring of AJ. Fight him then think of fighting hritik. Full stop there no more movements. Forget the khans You murga??

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  • @Chain smoker
    Have u ever seen any other Akki fan or these ids which u mention talking bad about Ajay Nd Hrithik too ??? No, I haven’t because most of d Akki fans like both of them ..if these would hve been my ids then I would hve bash Ajay Hrithik with these ids too …now don’t use ur brain in a stupid way …!

  • Look who is talking most of Akki fans like Ajay and Hritik. Hritik pardoned but Ajay? @ chechi you were the 1st to always come to an article despite not AJ article you start bashing him for no reason calling Racist name,somebody I forgot the name made a honest fact on both Ajay and Akki ,praising akki because may be he grew taking him or ajay or both as source of inspiration but you come and call the guy idiot? katrina acting fees higher than ajay. why? Because someone is making sense ,respecting Akki ,saying how they too must be complimented? Knowing very well Ajay name is called with all the A list actors who respect him so much just like me. Had akshay personally read that comment he would have denied you. So tell me if you abuse him always why won’t other akki fans think it’s ajay fans that started the mocking not knowing it’s the opposite. You know why I am writing all these despite knowing it’s of no use to you. It’s bcos Ajay is a very nice guy and humble apart being one of the best actors in modern day cinema. And he is a very close friend of Akki now since pre release of sos. I know it’s not you using other ids but just delete the place you typed Akki fans like both of them. Just say 1 of them. Even you too will be happy I know??

  • i’m not a hrithik fan just find him good actor but I highly respect ajay devgan, he’s the only actor who can do intense and serious action packed dialogue baazi better than any actors.

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