Akshay Kumar’s packed schedule in 2015 – 2016

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, one of the busiest and most professional actors in the industry, has a packed schedule in 2015 – 2016.

Soon after completing the ongoing schedule of ‘Housefull 3’, Akshay will begin the final shooting schedule of ‘Airlift’ directed by Raja Krishna Menon.

After wrapping up ‘Airlift’, which is scheduled to release during the extended Republic Day weekend in 2016, Akshay will begin shooting for Rustom directed by Tinu Suresh Desai. Rustom is scheduled to release with ‘Mohenjo Daro’ during the Independence Day weekend next year.

The other keenly awaited Akshay Kumar film is ‘Namastey England’ which will go on floors in the 2nd or 3rd week of April 2016. The film is expected to release late 2016 or early 2017.

Akshay’s schedule in 2015- 2016

  • September 2015: Housefull 3 shoot
  • Late September: Singh Is Bling promotion
  • October 2 2015: Singh Is Bling release
  • October – November 2015: Airlift shoot
  • December 2015: January 2016: Rustom shoot
  • Mid January 2016: Airlift promotion
  • January 22 2016: Airlift release
  • February – March 2016: Housefull 3 shoot
  • April 2016: Namastey England goes on floors
  • Late May 2016: Housefull 3 promotion
  • June 3 2016: Housefull 3 release
  • Independence Day weekend: Rustom release


  • “Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, one of the busiest and most professional actors in the industry, has a packed schedule in 2015 – 2016.”

    joke of d day.akki aur Bollywood superstar.ha ha ha ha lol rofl……..

  • All movies will be 60——-80——-90 crs max grossers !!!!!!!!!!!
    Akshay is a good man but his fans have killed his stardom or value by missing his movies when released in theaters and wait for TV premiere to brag about TRP ratings.

    Later they will abuse all other stars and complain about Akki not getting any holiday release !!!!!!!!!
    Hail Khiladi Kumar but
    Shame on Akki fans (specially like @Babaji @Funny chachi) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • since when akshay kumar is a superstar? am i missing something?
    oh i get it, he is superstar in 60cr+ departement.

  • wasted my 2 minutes by reading this article.
    sorry i am not interested at all in knowing the amount of disasters he is doing and gonna release this and next year.

  • @5:14pm

    Yes as you say collections dont matter n you rightly point out Marigold which is ten times better than any crap joker boy has done since Marigold…!

  • His dumb fans live in the age of Marigold n the joker boy himself refuses to move on from 2007 where 60cr hits were classed as BBs…!

    Salman has moved on from marigold n even katrina herself has moved onto the 200cr club- heck even Paresh Rawal has moved onto John in WB n next hera pheri movie but this greedy gobar is still stuck in the doldums of the last decade…!

  • His best films of recent times have been multi starrers- FACT…! His solo films like Greedy Gobbar, Bhojpori Boss, Joker786, Paglapur ka Joker Boy n his next Singh is Bandarr have been pure crapfests…!

  • Too many ‘k’hameleon IDs on this article- lack of fans both on indicine n out there in the public to watch his crapfests…!

  • @Yo Yo akki STFU. Akshay doesn’t have any fan following. If he really does than why is he struggling to cross even 100 crores. Which is now considered a very tiny figure for any superstar who has fan following over the world. The biggest megastar aamir khan has largest fan following in the world. Akshay is nowhere close to aamir, Salman and hrithik in fan following.

  • @Rew0 !! As I said 10000 times before that Akki is bigger. Better .fitter.brove. Powerful. Popular. And most importantly looking like a real geltnman than your 2ft scared khan. So please stop making fool of your self.

  • @Naven sister!!! I feel sorry for you,because if I hate som one that much and believe that he is crap and flop. I would never read about him. We can smell difrent things from your comments. Actually you are scared of Akki you feel jealous. And you are aware of akshay’s power and stardom

  • Some few akki fans sorry I was a bit harsh on him just that one of your fans made some vulgar statements that I ddnt even expect him as an Akshay fan to make on Ajay. Reason because a reader said both of them need praises at the same time the khans do. That’s all!
    I keep no mallice with akshay neither will @sunny will make me change my respect for akshay. I dint care with his lies that he has nothing against Ajay or he knows ajay to is a superstar or call naserdeen Shah name forgetting Raj kapoor Amitji kamal hassan mohanlal too are award winners as @indicine said “AMONG THE CURRENT POPPULAR STARS ONLY AJAY AND AMITJI HAS BOTH FILM FARE AND NATIONAL AWARD SUMMED IT UP!”.
    Akshay has good releases am a fan of his khiladhi esp hera pheri series. Definitely yes the most busiest actor in bollywood. Other actors sitting at home is nobody business. Many of them are business men,ambassador, producers and selective actors so nobody should point fingers on that. Waiting for house full 3 and Airlift. Still have a feeling Baby will give him an award which one I don’t know but surely one of the best movies of 2015. Good luck Akki

  • @flopstar askaya kumar
    dnt forget marigold
    its like a balotelli fan sayin to a messi fan Dnt forget those goal less matches

  • @navin 9.23 exactly ! Too much chameleons always on his articles. Most 70% are all @sunny chechi. Believe it if not almost all are @chechi. Just too fill space. Audiences don’t come to watch his movies in cinema but @chechi represents them with different ids. Try to be smart. Foolish boy! It’s time for akki to pack his bags. No one is interested beside @sunny and balaji. Though @balaji is not responsible for this @khiladi daredevil some female names etc. It’s @sunny grow up!! @indicine if you call akshay superstar what will you call varun?

  • Navin or I must say “Na Win” – NEVER WIN or the best name, SHIT…
    Your identity is just like your name, Mr. Shit… Movie ke saath Tera Ye new naam bhi blockbuster hone wala hai Dhakkan…
    Chal shuruaat Tujhhse hi karta hu, Sun Dhakkan (Shit), Real ki baat karta hai to, Akki se bada real hera hai teri iss cheap thinking mein to bata…
    Ab Fir apni sick knowledge ka proof mat dena collections ko bata kar, Reality ki baat hai karta to yaad rakh Akki is the only real hero, Jaa and give urself a bit shit of time, Chaman…
    Jo real life mein stunts bhai ne kiye hai uska 10 percent hi karke dikha de tera whatever hero to ye page chhod dunga…
    And, Please revert, Mujhhe tera wait rahega, Kaafi time baad tujhh jaisa $@!#&* mila hai and I have just also started debating over Khiladi Bhai almost 5 years… Be ready…

  • Pls someone tell me which actor rejected special26 because he wasn’t comfortable with the scripts before gobar rushed and 1st thing without discussing the movie content with neeraj he straight went to ask of the actors fees? Joker was looking like humpty dumpty in front of srk in hey baby. Very dirty actor without space for his stupid fans comparing him with the khans forgetting that before them he has to cross Hritik and Ajay.

  • @ hrithik u salman fans abusing akki sir & srk sir u have started u should stop rubbish comment . I have proud on akki sir they never abuse anybody thats why he is really good man . Sir i am biggest fan of u .

  • Idiots having Problem with attaching superstar tag to Akshay ?? Lol
    I feel indicine should write some powerful words before akshays name like’ The handsome hunk Superstar Akshay Kumar’ or like’ The hittest & fittest Superstar’ …he deserves these compliments
    BT still its OK …no problem with ‘Superstar Akshay Kumar’

  • @aunty,what?akki’s films were crap until marigold?????whenever you starts your discussion before that you kill the logic,for which reason it seems like a bhojpuri comment though no doubt you’re a bhojpuri.

    OUT KING MADE YRF/DP.your Salim sir made criminal idol ruined many production right started from rajshri to sohail khan productions!!!!!but see still you’re celebrating you bloody shameless!!!!!,ROFL.

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  • Akki has good movies coming up airlift, rustom, baby2, and commercial films like hf3 and his next release sib hope they all do well @ boxoffice…. God bless u akki

  • @hritikian forever ur jadoo boy is nothing without his papa… infact they even fixed award to get him best actor in 2000 for his debut film kaho naa.. pyar hai… he is just a fluke…. even arjun rampal, emraan hashmi, john abraham are better than him…@navin get urself admitted in mental hospital….

  • akki ur a good hardworking actor man but u have to do at least two movies a yr which is normal that way ur movies won’t have to struggle that much…. and guaranteed ur movies will be very successful… plz think abt it just do 2 movies a yr…

  • Akshay fans are lucky that they get to see their star coming every 3-4 month. Lately he is doing good movies. Only concern it need to do good at box office else all are watchable. Liked holiday gabbar baby and brother (though slow still had good emotion).

  • @Naven sister!!! I feel sorry for you,because if I hate som one that much and believe that he is crap and flop. I would never read about him. We can smell difrent things from your comments. Actually you are scared of Akki you feel jealous. And you are aware of akshay’s power and stardom???

  • @Rew 0 !!! As I said 100000 times before that akshay is bigger. Fitter. Better .brave . Powerful. Popular. And most importantly looking like a real gentleman than you your 2ft fake scared khan. ????

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