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Baby Review by GJ007: A predictable story with lots of thrills and solid performances.

To be honest, over expectations killed a lot of joy for me. Baby was getting extra-ordinary reviews from all critics and I went into the theater expecting a mind-blowing film. It’s a really good film, but Neeraj Pandey, who had mastered the art of conning his audience with unexpected twists plays it rather predictably this time.

So what is Baby? Baby is a 5-year trial program where undercover agents are trained to fight terrorism freely with a clause that Indian Government would never claim their identity as an Indian in worst case scenario. We have interesting actors like Danny, Neeraj regular — Anupam Kher, Rana and the terrific Tapsee to support Akshay in their mission.

The first half of the film was a bumpy ride where time was taken to give us all the characters. I got the feeling that Neeraj has lost it completely, but the second half of the film with it’s extremely well edited scenes is so high on thrills, they take your breath away more than twice!

Another impressive thing about Baby is, it more than once turns a cliche on it’s head. So here we don’t have the hero successfully defusing bombs at the last minute nor any overtly sentimental melodrama. What we get is SOLID ENTERTAINMENT!

Akshay plays his part exceptionally well. Easily one of his strongest performance. Danny and Anupam Kher lend good support. Tapsee in a small yet powerful scene leaves a lasting impression. The editing is terrific and the direction is quite good. The screenplay however is strictly above average. A scene where we see no traffic on Marine Drives is absolutely outrageous and annoying.

Neeraj however manages to get the required tension and intensity so well that I’m more than willing to ignore some of it’s flaws. He sets the mood, gives you clap worthy moments, extracts riveting performance from his cast and gives you an entertainer which is incredibly engaging.

Though muddled with logical loopholes, Baby is still a clear winner, thanks to it’s brisk pacing, sharp dialogues and terrific performances. Akshay and Neeraj have done it twice in a row.

Final Words: Go watch it. What are you waiting for?

Rating: ★★★½☆ 7.5 on 10

BABAJI’s BABY Review:: Thoroughly Engaging but won’t blow you off!!

**** This Review contains SPOILERS,move ahead at your own risk****

Finally watched my most anticipated film of the year: BABY directed by Neeraj Pandey.And it was my most awaited film for a reason as the same director had given us two exceptional films in A Wednesday and Special 26.Both these films were engaging,thrilling and had a gripping narrative that will hook you through the entire duration.So does BABY succeeds in doing so? Let’s find out!

BABY starts off with a bang with few brilliantly choreographed action scenes and never loses pace throughout the first half or I should say the entire length.Baddies make a menacing introduction through some brilliant dialogues.Akshay’s scenes with Madhurima are well shot and adequately timed,will not make you impatient for the main story.First half has some kickass dialogues but the story wavers and is’nt clear as to what’s going with the intoduction of so many characters.However there are some scenes that standout such as Akshay interrogating Taufeeq,Maulana’s intro.

Second half begins briskly with Tapsee and Akki in nepal,Tapsee shines in her limted role.Definitely one of the best moments of the film.The pace is never down,the thrills are there in almost every single frame.Anupam Kher enters the film in the second half and provides much needed comic relief.Akshay delivers one of his best performances,right from the first scene his absolutely brilliant but what let me down is the climax,though most critics have liked it.It seem rushed and things went too easily their way.If you have watched Argo,you will be left a tad disappointed with the climax.It is weaker in comparison and has every chances to leave you upset.It will be predictable for you.SPOILER***:I could’nt understand why the Saudi Police officer let them fly off when he was shown inspecting so seriously!

Overall a must watch as these kind of films are not made everyday in bollywood,it will keep you engaged and hooked at the edge of your seat throughout but a better climax would have made it a great film.Sometimes keeping too high expectations results in you leaving a bit disappointed something that happened with indicine at the time of PK.Definitely it is’nt Neeraj’s best work.I will rate it less than A wednesday and Special 26.


Akshay is fantastic throughout.one of his best performances.
Great support cast in Danny,Tapsee,Anupam and Rana.
Villains does geat job.
Action scenes are realistic,one of the best in a bollywood film.
Beautiful locales and great cinematography.


Story is unidirectional and is’nt multilayered.
Climax is a letdown if you have seen Argo.
No major twists,it’s quite predictable.

Rating: ★★★½☆

Baby Review by Nipun

Director Neeraj Pandey’s latest movie Baby is an engaging material, yet it could have been a smarter one!

The first half is decent and certainly lacks an intensity. Movie gets diverted to a few extents with a scene of around 5-6 minutes between Ajay and his wife. I feel they could have shortened that part! Also,the scene of a guy describing how they were taught to use weapons and so on didn’t click. I know the main purpose was to show the Good Muslims! But I think they should have shown it in another way! The second half was consistantly engaging and creates a tense situation whom you can genuinely feel, even though movie was predictable to some extent!

The performances were impressive! Akshay Kumar has delivered a stronge performance here and has been well-supported by Anupam Kher and Rana! Danny, Kay Kay Menon and the pakistani actor have played their parts well. Taapse Pannu impresses in her small part.

The dialogues were well-written. The action was realistic. Cinematography was good. Background score was suitable, but I feel they should have kept it simple in a few parts of “1st half”. The screenplay could have written in smarter manner, although it is still good. There were no unnecessary songs in the movie, which is a good step by the makers!

So over all, Baby is an engaging and brave movie which deserves your time thanks to the wonderful performances, consistantly intense 2nd half, realistic action and suitable BGM! Yet, it could have been a smarter one. The only reason why I still feel special 26 is a better film was the smartness in its screenplay! I am going with a three and one quarter stars for Baby. But as we don’t have such rating, so it is a strict three out of five rating for me! Watch it! Pandey again suceeds in creating genuine tense situations who make the film a good thriller!

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Baby Review by Vignesh

Just came back seeing Baby. One of the most anticipated films of this year.

Akshay and Neeraj come back and in what way! A very good start to this year, indeed.
As reports pouring in, and people reading tones of reviews, I would not emphasize much on the story line and the screenplay.

The film starts on a high note with lots of characters being established initially in the first half. The first half moves briskly and it is just about an hour and you see an ‘Interval’, in the midst!
The second half begins, again ‘brilliantly’ with the team moving to Nepal for an operation. Watch out for Taapsee in this initial segment — Best scene of the film! And then it tells about how this team catches Maulana and the further impact it has is what the second half tells about.
As everybody had been praising about Baby’s climax, TBH , I was a little disappointed by it since it had striking similarities with Argo and ofcourse our very own D-DAY! But, still the movie doesn’t make you lose heart and it still entertains you in whatever way it could. A little more subtlety in the screenplay would have done wonders. Anyhow, Baby is a brilliant attempt in an otherwise whimsical attempts that Bollywood keeps on attempting these days!

Could have been Neeraj Pandey’s best film till date but it somewhere lagged behind Special 26 and A Wednesday in my opinion.

1. Akshay’s riveting performance — Subtle and an absolute gem he was. (I hope, he does more films like these)
2. Brilliant casting with superb performances from everyone.
3. No attention to any love angle or songs.
4. Cinematography — Astounding.
5. Fast paced narrative.

1. Comparing to his earlier films, a little shallow.
2. Climax could have been better with little emphasis on a brisker screenplay.
3. Too much reliance on Akshay (Not bad, but still, I felt Kay Kay Menon had very little to do)

Finally, Baby is a must watch film, since it’s pretty rare that Bollywood makes such kind of Spy/Espionage Thrillers. Akshay in his lifetime act along with a top notch supporting cast is definitely worth giving your time, though with its share of flaws. Such films need to be encouraged!

Rating: ★★★★☆ A great watch, with its flaws!

Baby Poster

Baby Poster

Baby Review by SKY

First of all its first film of Akki which I seen in theatre since TMK.The film story is about a team baby who is on mission to find the terrorist who are responsible and willing to create terror attacks.It has four member Akki,Rana,Anupam & Tapsi and Lead by Danny.The whole screenplay of the movie run around how they able to catch the culprits.

Story don’t have anything new to offer and we have seen quite many films based on terrorism but its depend how you shaped up your writing and narration to keep the interest of audience and make them entertain.Baby had given full justice in that case.Screenplay I would say is very good but not outstanding as in first half and some portion in second half it drags specially climax also dragged a bit.Dialogues ate outstanding.Full marks to the writers for punching dialogues as well sarcastic and humorous in some parts.I loved Akki’s wife dialogue “Bas Marna Mat”.

Performances:-I must admit that I never thought akki is such a fine actor before I watched holiday.And now with Baby he won my heart with his performance.He is the soul of the film and unlike other Neeraj pandey film this time most focus is on Akki and he is fantastic.His dialogues,body language,sincerity and acting is superb.Take a bow akki for this performance but I have to say that I loved his performance in holiday more.

Danny is fantastic, after a long time we have seen this talented actor in important role with great screen presence. As a leader of team baby he is superb.Anupam kher had come in limelight in latter part of second half and his performance is terrific.He delivered great performance and able to leave his impact whenever he is on screen.Rana Dagubbati is good he don’t have much to do even his dialogues are negligible most of time he remain silent.

Tapsi Pannu has a cameo but she is very good in that too,she looks beautiful and done justice to her character.Her fight scenes with Sushant Singh were shoot brilliantly and it got thunderous applause from audience.She will remember for those scenes.
Pakistani Maulana was also good in his role so is shushant rajput. I had only issue with Neeraj pandey that they wasted K K Menon here.He I’d such a fine actor but there is not a much important role of him.

Direction-Neeraj pandey completed his hatrick with fantastic films back to back with a Wednesday,SPL 26,baby. He is a director to watch out in future.He had directed movie very well,able to engage the audience,open the layer one by one, used Acting caliber of all the actors barring kk Manon even supporting cast was superb.Though it is no great like his earlier work but still very good.Thanks for the Baby Sir.

In technical department film is first rate,superb BGM,cinematography,editing all were very good.Saudi locations were eye pleasing.

Scenes which stand out.

1. Akki first encounter with javed to get the truth from him.
2. Whole conversation between Akki with Taufiq.
3. Tapsi encounter with shushant and their fight scenes.
4. Whole the last 35-40 mins everything was good though climax is stretched.
5.Akki conversation with Shushant.
and many more.

I have watched the film on single screens and I had seen that they loving the film,so despite being avg start I think it will sustain well in coming days,may cross 100 cr a success for sure but deserves Hit status and great collection.

Thanks You Neeraj-Akki and whole baby team for wonderful experience.

Religion waale column may him Bold and Capital letters me likhte h “INDIAN”- Team Baby

Rating: ★★★★☆ from my side not a classic but brilliant movie nevertheless.

Baby Review by IamBollywoodFan

My Baby Review. Well, not review but you can call it an analysis. I will dissect the whole movie into it’s different aspects or features. The total scale’s value will be equal to 10. I will also explain them and at the end say whether I recommend it or not. Let’s go….

1) Plot/Story – 2.5/3.0

It has one of the most engaging story I have ever seen! The story stays true to the Genre and was every bit what I expected! The story takes many turns and is twisty so it should be watched very carefully and the dialogues should be understood. Even a 5 minute break between the movie will have you being confused and looking like a monkey! The last 40 minutes were highly publicized but were not as good the 40 minutes after the interval with Tapsee and Akshay.I’m not giving it 3/3 as the plot was a little confusing the first time you watch it and I got a little Anti- Pak and Anti-Muslim vibe though the vibe was very small!

2) Acting / Casting – 0.9/1.0

The whole team had a very limited screen time but gave a blockbuster performance! After the movie ended, I felt like I personally knew some of them and wanted more from the rest! Recsting Akshay was a great thing to do as he was one of the main reasons why I actually watched the film or why I liked it so much! Any other actor no matter how seasoned could not pull off his body language. Tarzan,Technician and Hulk were the nicknames given to Akshay-Anupam-Rana and they are totally fitting for them! I just wished that they would have used these names instead of their real names as they were too common (Ajay, Jay, etc) while the villains had the cool names. The villain(as there are many villains I will not say who is the main villain) was very menacing and has to be used in more Bollywood movies like Nasseruddin Siddiqui who was loved as a villain in Kick that they casted him as a Villain again in Badlapur!

3)Music/Background Score- 0.9/1.0

This is where I thought the film was lacking in. Don’t get me wrong! The background score was awesome and kept me engaged throughout the movie but it needed to have some getting used to. I would have been more engaged if they would have changed the Background Score in the 1st chase scene. There was only 1 bit of the romantic song and it was used to it’s utmost power. While the song Beparwah at the end came at a time when the people were filled with awesomeness and needed to become Beparwah as their country’s people will protect them!

4) Directing/Editing-2/2

It is a Neeraj Pandey film! What more do you want? This is his biggest movie till date and is better than Special 26 in my opinion. Special 26’s climax was really unpredictable but it left me wanting more as so much hype was built around how they will steal after the police has made preparation. The editing was real slick and never once did I feel like yawning!


Everyone was looking their very best and it was shot beautifully over many countries.

6)Dialogues/Dialogue Delivery- 1/1

The dialogues were really awesomely delivered and never felt forced! Well….except that Diwali one….It just doesn’t feel right that at such a crucial stage in their lives someone can make one liner joke….I didn’t get it anyways. The rest was absolutely great!

7) Trailer Expectations- 0/1 ( This the part where I loose my cool)

The trailer gave more screen presence to these characters than the actual movie! I went in there expecting a serious Anupam and he was used to provide Comic relief. Taapsee ha one of the best performances at the 20 minute screen time. I did not know what Baby was, and was expecting it to be revealed near the end of the movie but it is the first thing that is revealed and isn’t even that big of a deal.I was also expecting more of the Item song with Esha as I did not watch it on Youtube and wanted to experience it on the big screen!Kno what I mean guys?

8)Entertainment Value- 1/1

This is whether it was Paisa Vasool or not. Guess what? It was!

Total- 9.3/10 (1st day Baby collection as well :) )

Recommend it? Sure as hell! Watch it twice.

Baby Review by Sambuddha Mukherjee (aka Arjun Kapoor Fan)

Baby is the latest offering from writer director Neeraj Pandey,a man behind 2 higly entertaining realistic thrillers-a Wednesday and Special 26.Thus the expectations were high on the day film was announced that too with a versatile but underachieving superstar akki in lead role.

Baby is basically the name of a secret convert counter intelligennt unit formed by the best officers from our forces whose rask is to secretly counter all the terrorism threat to our country.this group has been assembled by danny denzongpa and has akki,tapsee,rana and few others in their group. while on a mission to counter a terrorism group akki realises that there is a very dreadful attack being planned by a maniacal terrorism mastermind played by maulana. His big idea is to spread fear among the mankind on their very existence and question everyones survival.His network spreads all over the world in places like kathmandu,istanbul,abu dhabi,new delhi and mumbai. After lot of hardwork team baby finally manages to know the big plan which is to do larger scale aerial attack in mumbai/delhi.

So will our unsung protectors-Team Baby manage to save us from this dreadful attack and if our heroes do succeed in their mission will they get their due recognition???

Now in last 2 decades we have seen several anti terrorism film but what sets baby apart from everyone is the handling of the subject by the genius called Neeraj Pandey.Also hats off to him for not including any needless melodrama,romantic track,songs or a jingoistic treatment to the subject of terrorism.

This movie is filled with several power packed scenes but watch out for the scene where Tapsee pannu has well choreographed fight with Sushanth or all the undertone humour in several scenes.

The dialogues r excellent and the locations,production design,cinematography,costume design,make up r all world class

In terms of performances everyone does a solid job especially the Pakistani actor playing the main villain in the film is a treat to watch

But the most satisfying thing for me about this film was to see the highly talented akki give a power packed performance in a solid film.

Having said that one has to criticise the films uneven pace and the overstretched climax.there r several scenes in the 2nd half which could have easily been trimmed but despite all of them being good the film does tire u in certain moments.the final scene also should have been more power packed after the huge build up

But overall baby is a satisfying watch and definitely among the top3 anti terrorism films made in india

Rating: ★★★★☆ 8.5 on 10



  • @challa…. No bro ..d songs from AJ were total craps!!
    Nop! How can u award best masala director in d country with just 2 blockbusters in his career?? U forgot d director of singham chennai xprs Singhm returns golmaal ???
    I think @Ajay rocks was just trying to compare what media;box office experts;marketers;critics etc use to judge star power of an actor. D yardstick normally is opening day opening weekend and 1sometimes 1st week…d rest lies on d content of d movies. Based on that even a neutral or hater of Ajay like u(just don’t know y!!) Will sensibly know that in that aspect esp this decade Ajay is COMFORTABLY ahead of AKSHAY SIR….am sure that’s what he meant when comparing d opening weekends of AJ and BABY AJ was totally REJECTED wit even a big ZERO which never happened wit indicine while BABY was given an EXCELLENT review wit Indicine giving it a 4.5 which was its 1st time! Don’t get him wrong …of course BABY is a far much BETTER movie than AJ ….just a surprise that its collection is still so average cos if I was to rate d BEST SPY TERRORIST MOVIES …defiantly am rating BABY above ETT!!

  • @gj007 …yeah agree wit u wit d problem of BABY! Though despite that it still had to do much better… I think d Hindi audience is kind of unpredictable now

  • I personally have gr8 respect for d 2 Punjabi mundas that have had a very successful filmi careers for about 25 years…AKSHAY and AJAY!!
    kind of tough to really judge them cos both of them r real POWER HOUSE on their own terms… Very similar career… Both black belt holders!! Started career same time! Almost same amount of movies in 25years!! Both punjabis! Both names starting with A…and much more…I think AK is more popular but acting wise I give it to AJ without a doubt!
    ….looking into their careers…. Quick summary…
    1. In 90s …AKKI had to wait from 91-94 after doing 10movies…b4 giving his 1st BIG TIME HIT!!….multi starrer YEH DILLAGI and MOHRA.
    AJAY in that same period 91-94…after 10movies..had 3 SOLO BIG TIME HITS…in short his DEBUT movie vs YASH CHOPRA LAMHE was a SUPER HIT….phool aur kante bagging best debut actor FILMFARE!…d other 2 BIG HITS before AKKI 1ST..were JIGAR and DILWALE!! from 1991-2000…AJAY had 15movies from AVERAGE to SUPER HIT while AKKI had 10….even SUNIL SHETTY had more successful movies than AKKI SIR.
    2. 2000s era….I give it to AKSHAY KUMAR!! he was d only threat to SHAH RUKH KHAN back then. 2007 was an exceptional year for AKKI SIR!! Ajay was having ups and downs while content wise he delivered cool movies it was not received well @box office… Though in between he was once a gained paired wit AKKI in 2movies apart from SUHAAG 1994 where AKKI was d supporting actor…KHAKEE….AMITABH and MASTER CLASS from AJAY as d Villain…AKKI died in d movie not with AJAY BULLET but from AJAY commanding his girlfriend ASHWARYA to down AKKI SIR…hats off SULTAN MIRZA!!…… then INSAAN 2005…can’t remember how many SLAPS AKKI received from AJAY in that movie apart from d BASHING SCENE..which was rare..cos I hadn’t seen any movie where AKKI co Actor beats him helplessly or even SLAPS with several time without AKKI not reacting…never seen?? but that shows even in 2000s AJAY vs AKKI STARRER was never a DULL MOMENT!!…but apart from that AKKI had 2000-2009!!
    3…2010-2015…. In 2009 we all witness ALL D BEST vs BLUE clash!!.. Winner? Then 2010.. GOLMAAL 3 vs ACTION REPLAY…winner??
    AJAY CLASH Vs KING KHAN….shhh!! Mouths closed!! Despite KING KHAN Name Alone with huge star cast branded director….SOS still made a CENTURY CRORES!! None of AKKI movie had a weekend opening close to SON OF SARDAR and GOLMAAL3….Let alone SINGHAM RETURNS..
    HOLIDAY 1st day….15.5…highest!!
    SR……15.5 × 2…+1…..32crores….??
    AKKI SIR…3 100crores….
    AJAY ……5 100crores…?? So u decide…from me CASE CLOSED!!

  • Yeah that’s what u call star power!! 93crores…for a low budget…less promoted…and critically acclaimed movie like TALAASH being mocked @…says a lot about AAMIR KHAN. Apart from low budget..BABY too is quite similar in terms of critically acclaimed and less promoted…hence no reason y BABY cannot reach 100crores..which I still believe it can!! As I earlier stated above I rank it ahead of all d other spy terrorist movies…
    3. ETT
    …….AGENT VINOD and d rest…way way down

  • @Babaji
    I have read that Last 30 minutes of Baby are brilliant ,but you said that climax was a letdown…??

  • @SaniD I would be honest with you and accept that I personally feel Ajay is quite over-hyped as a superstar but certainly not as an actor.I feel it’s wrong to compare him with other superstars like the Khans and Hrithik who have been consistent with their movies unlike Ajay who hasn’t had much success without Rohit(in recent times) and even before that he has never set the box office on fire.
    He is surely an underrated actor but also an overrated superstar.It’s my personal views and I may be wrong

  • @Chala..no probs bro.. Its your opinion only that its gonna b so unfair from 1991-2015 after all what he has done to steal away that tag superstar from a 2 time national award winner and LOTS MORE!!…no 1 compares him wit d KHANS but his acting is almost wit par with d 2 of d Khans though better than one of d khans without doubt. Hritik… Well I wldnt put him in d same league esp cos he too quite had much success wit rskesh roshan…d rest is just cos of his name and others sequences..like bang bang and dhoom…kites guzaarish but but no doubt Hritik success after d khans… Yeah his on top and that’s where Ajay and Akki are too.
    I agree wit u esp wit d poor choices Ajay had done like himmatwaala though AJ was d WORST!! so pissed off!! I don’t want him to do any masala movie for now and I think its a wise decision he made not feature in any movie this year. But believe me his next movie will b pleasing.
    Tanx for your honest view agree wit d “over hyped”…but without any doubts a SUPERSTAR

  • On Wikipedia…1st paragraph….HE IS ONE OF D MOST FINEST ACTOR IN HINDI CINEMA.
    I havnt seen such a long article of a Bollywood actor…beside SRK and Amitabh on Wikipedia too..d article on AJAY his beginning career middle and current is one of d longest of any actor….that again speaks on how we outsiders appreciate Ajay so if he is tagged an actor in India which I doubt well thats their problem …if he wasn’t a superstar…….I wldnt b here too

  • @gj007 no Talaash is not a failure though underperformed as per no expectation, 174cr worldwide figure is not a easy task for a less promoted,serious drama like Talaash that also when it released after two hits jthj and Sos.
    And don’t confused as I am talking about the kind of audience
    jthj and sos belong too.But jthj was a crap from yash ji.That’s a fact.
    Sos was a masala film which never meant to be a good film but it was one time watch not more.

  • @megha

    Flop doesnt mean it’s a bad film. What about Citizen Kane? It was a commercial failure and it is widely regarded as one of the best films ever made.

  • Baby is akshays’s first worst movie of this year i dont konw why critics are appreciating the film despite having nonsense scripting unusual plots ,and disturbing 2:30 hrs start to end chasing scenes which makes us bored in the theater. its better to watch holiday instead of ghatiya baby…

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