Akshay Kumar offers to return half his OUATIMD acting fee

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara hasn’t exactly set the cash registers ringing at the box office, but Akshay Kumar was gracious enough to call his producer Ekta Kapoor and even offered to return half his acting fee to cover up for the losses that the film has incurred.

DNA India quotes an industry insider as saying “Akshay, who is currently shooting in Bangkok (for TIPS film It’s Entertainment), called her two days ago and graciously offered to return half of his remuneration to cover up for the losses she incurred over OUATIMD. Ekta was touched with his offer but declined, saying she didnít want money back but she wanted to do another film with him.”

Akshay agreed to do the film and the two are likely to work together soon.

A local daily had recently reported that Ekta wasn’t too pleased with Akshay’s ‘lack of interest’ in the pre-release campaign. Apparently, the actor didn’t allot as many days for the film’s promotions as Ekta would have liked.

Well, all’s well that ends well. Here’s wishing both Ekta and Akshay better luck with their second film together!

Akshay Kumar - Ekta Kapoor



  • wow…truely a king..who challenges the khans….single handedly.self made superstar…..evry directors wish…no smoking,drinking..no bad habbits…way to go akki…7 films lined up…..in coming months…

  • Though i am a SRKian .. but always like & Respect Akshay Kumar .. Didn’t utter a single word against SRK … Now accepting that OUATIMD is a flop . True Gentleman .
    I hope his next movie with Ekta Kapoor do well at Box Office .
    All The Best Akki

  • Akshay is just doing so many movies at a same time.. He just love money.. In a year he released 4 or 5movies, in which only one movie work and all other were flop or below average.. He must concentrate on good scripts like SRK AK, he has no consistency. Poor akshay!

  • Awww…. Poor Akki. It’s not his fault that the film failed;but the poor script I guess. But Akki’s fault was to accept that kind of a movie. Hope next movie will bring some luck to both Akki & Ekta.

  • Akshay – Only Aamir khan can break his own record.
    Akshay-It will b an honour to work wid Aamir khan.
    Nobody says these kinda words for srk the so calld king.
    Akshay luv u,
    may ur thuppaki be the much needed blockbuster for u.

  • Ekta said he didnt gave enough days to promotion. Thats why akshay offered to return half of his fees. And i will be happy if they make ouatimd sequel but not romanric, but like the first one. I know first part was better. But performance pf akshay in secoind one is just superb.

  • Iam a big fan of srk however akshay’s latest movie was good unlike his previous flops joker or tees maar khan. The only reason for this movie to be flop is the timing..why would they think srk is a small actor?. He should have released with satyagraha to get good profits..anyways I like the movie… one advice to ekta kapoor…why do u make a flop actor like imran khan to act as a villian against akshay who is playing dawood ibrahim role?. This itself turned off many audiences to decide not to watch this movie and ce was too good…

  • Wow!! What a flop OUTIMD has been that Akshay had to resort to the very last option of returning half of his fees!! Ekta & others were banking on his star power to make the film worked but it seems to have flopped badly!!

    Shame on you Akshay for charging high fees when you can’t deliver!! If you were employed in a MNC, you would’ve been fired long back!!

  • Now we can easily says ekta is a true drama queen, atfirst she blame srk for ouatimd and now aki. I think aki should not work with balaji in future, best of luck for boss oct 16, bakri-eid.

  • really. this is golden heart man. loved the gesture. but AKSHAY shouldn’t team up with ekta again. he should have learned by now how ekta has a monopoly over the actor she casts being it make lead or female lead. come on AKSHAY u r so talented enough to do amazing movies.
    all the best

  • SRK is a self made superstar from a poor family background..and made it bid..KING SIZE…but i dont hate akki also….he is also a self made superstar just like SRK

  • Akshay is the Best thing that happened to Bollywood…….I love both AKSHAY and SRK…….They are my favourite……i watched CE twice and OUATIMD twice……..People in the theatre were loving it……It was flop in AKSHAY’S point of View….Buh i think it will still do Above 80 Crs……An Above Average affair………BTW BOSS would be huge for sure…….I believe Akshay,Love Akshay and threre is No denying fact that AS AN AKSHAY KUMAR FAN would keep on loving Him till World’s End……Stay Blessed THE ONLY MEGASTAR OF BOLLYWOOD……And all Akshay Kumar fans make BOSS huge By promoting it……Just like other people Do……..Cheers…!!

  • Agar Actor ho to Amit jee, Amir khan aaur Akshya Kumar Jaisa ho. Unke jaisa acting to Srk to never can do. logo ko offer de de kar film ko hit karate he Srk. i hate Srk.

  • This should be included in AKKIS future movie contracts.And also along with interest.Have a feeling that this clause was there in OUATIMD also. :-D

  • If Akhsay is a well wisher for ekta then he shouldn’t agreed for that role even though ekta wanting him in another movie and you see he will do movie was going to be flop at the time Akhshay is cast as Shoib and second when Ekta try to clash with mighty Titan Shahrukh khan

  • Singh is king..! Heart of golden man. Hard luck this time better luck next time. True gentleman true khiladi…. love uuu.

  • i m not akshay fan but this is something great he did it shows a person who admit his failure and this is the key of your success as admit you mistak and learn from those
    hats off to you Akshay
    only one thing i want to say to you don’t do 4-5 films in a year if 2 hits,2flops is not good thing better to do 2 films a year and make both of them blockbuster.

  • if ajay devgon’s sos would be delayed in same manner of ouatim then ajay have to do the same thing like akshay, but he was intellegent ,inter his movie in 100cr club

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