Akshay Kumar, Nimrat Kaur on Tabloid Magazine Cover

Dressed in their ‘Airlift’ costumes, lead stars Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur are featured on the cover of Gulf magazine ‘Tabloid’.

Calling them the ‘Soldiers of Fortune’, the tabloid! gets an exclusive pass to the sets of ‘Airlift’, the location where the war epic being shot is Ras Al Khaimah.

Akshay’s latest film is getting a lot of media coverage in the UAE, where the actor commands a good following.

‘Airlift’ is one of the most keenly awaited films of 2016.

Nimrat Kaur, Akshay Kumar on Tabloid Magazine Cover

Nimrat Kaur, Akshay Kumar on Tabloid Magazine Cover



  • Thoug m not akshya fan butNo one can deny that akshya is a true legend megastar seriously regardless of not boom in box office I really dont know why all the producer is back to him ..if he goes in choosy or jus play one or 2 movie in a year then m sure it will hard for khans to beat him …but the hilarious part is some stupid so called youngistan called him 70 cr actor and compare him wid siddhart, ranbir, varun …grow up u all morons before u post something abt this megastar think twice ..he is here for 25 years ..n no producer will chase him if he is not worth of it ..!! Khans , akshya, devgan, and roshan only the true superstar ..rest are jus star fo few years ..!! RESPECT ..

  • My Heroooooooo
    ExtraordinAry Superstar !
    best in action
    best in comedy
    best in luks
    best in expressions
    best in performing on stage
    Best In serious Drama
    Etc etc <3

    Akshay Kumar _/\_ Fever

  • Nimrat is a very good choice. More big films should choose actresses that can act rather than those who only look good.

  • even nimrat nd akki are called good looking great couple.lol.
    for me –
    singh is bling.
    this order seems good as per movie content is considered.
    i have lost faith in prabhudeva films now.

  • both looks great together, airlift has an exciting plot and will be a landmark movie in akshy kumar’s carrier.

  • akshay can go from comedy to serious roals very easy… just think any character he does nt dofficult to accept him…he gets into skin of charecter very easily… no need of overacting…

  • Airlift no lift. Lift only KING KHAN. nirmat success only if she work with TRUE CLASS actor. Actor skill judge only by grandmother of all award – filmfare.

    i type hurry english because i busy with kg homework. kg homework finish then watch TRUE CLASS FILMS like Dagdoo Dada ki jay! That’s all I do.

  • airlift is getting what it needs..publicity
    which will help it to open big…
    marketing should be effective….if everything falls in place 200 crs are on the card

  • @sss_unoriginal,now that type of cheap work can be done by only some illiterate salman/amir fan.It well known to everyone how I become a nightmare for all KING KHAN HATERS ,you also couldn’t got spared from that nightmare.learn and maintain discipline in your life.and respect others.

    Now coming to film airlift.this film exactly seems like some mission based film like baby.akki’s film has no variation ,same mission based/crap masala genre films.maximum this film can collect 40-50cr.crapiest movie of century after bhai’s film gabbar is back will be epic disaster of the decade.BTW in the photo akki is not looking good.

  • @Sss I am srk fan but i respect akki so stop spreading negetivity and I am damn sure it will open huge and cross 200 crore mark and also our bhai will remake it in masala style

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