Akshay Kumar launches campaign to end poverty and inequality


Actor Akshay Kumar, who is leading Indian celebrity online support for global Action/2015, says the campaign is all about taking action to end poverty and inequality, and providing equal opportunities for all.

India’s leading global ambassadors comprising A-list actors, actresses, directors, award-winning authors, dignitaries and public figures came together in a show of unity on Jan 15 to show their support via Twitter and Facebook for the launch of the action/2015 campaign.

The campaign, a global outreach initiative to address world-changing issues of climate change, poverty and inequality, saw an outpouring of solidarity from celebrities such as Akshay, who was the first person to tweet his support for the campaign, reaching out to social media users.

“Action/2015 is not about impossible stunts, it’s about taking a plan and turning it into a reality, taking action by ending poverty, inequality and providing equal opportunities for every single person on this planet to secure a better future for all of us today and for our future generation.

“Between the wealth on this planet and all the overpaid millionaires, if enough of us stand together and give what we can, we literally can end the pain and suffering in this world. That’s the kind of statistics I think people need to understand — this isn’t impossible, this is 100 percent doable,” Akshay told IANS.

He is sure the “world can change”.

“Let’s not complain and turn a blind eye anymore. Dig and then dig harder, do it for the hungry, the homeless, the dying, do it for the greater good.

“The power is in our hands and if we all come together this year, we could eradicate extreme poverty within an entire generation. 2015 will be a historic year, or it could be just like the last. Take Action/2015, make this ultimate dream today’s encouraging reality,” he added.

Akshay was joined in backing the campaign by actors Sonam Kapoor, Malaika Arora Khan, Pulkit Samrat, Kiara Advani, Mohit Marwah, Arfi Lamba, Chandan Roy Sanyal and Purab Kohli, author Chetan Bhagat, producers Ashvini Yardi (Grazing Goat Pictures) and Ritesh Sidhwani (Excel Entertainment), TV personalities Gautam Rode and sportstars Yuvraj Singh and Vijendra Singh.

The Action/2015 campaign is a growing movement of more than a thousand organisations in over 120 countries.

The campaign was announced by Pakistan’s education activist Malala Yousufzai when she accepted the Nobel Peace Prize.

Other major names to support the campaign include Queen Rania Al Abdullah, U2 frontman Bono, Hollywood actors Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman, philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates, British-Sudanese entrepreneur Mo Ibrahim and singer Shakira.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar



  • OMG

    I just have to laugh again at the idiotic comment left by kShitij on the Aamir Khan article…

    Why is Akki Sir doing this when he should concentrate on signing more 60cr films for his usual 20cr fee…!

  • Alot of producers have reached poverty levels due to investing money on an Akki film which struggles to break free of the shackles of the 60cr club…!

  • Ending poverty is a great innitiative n Akki Sir leading the campaign should inspire one atleadt one of his fans not to bemoan at the contribution of others like Aamir Khan…

  • well done akki.keep rocking always but I m afraid to say u hv got some pathetic fans like @ajinkya who r creating hatred towards u

  • Show off. Akki should concentrate on making films than doing such activities. He should continue signing 4-5 films/year and try to increase it to 8-10 films/year.

  • Good
    He uses his star power for helping humans and for better future

    not like srk who uses his power to promote his movies!!!

  • weldone akki sir
    just five day remaining for biggest dhamaka of action named Ba By . . .

    C0mE 0n Ba By . . .

  • we love akki
    waiting for baby…
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    of 44 ball what a playerÖ.
    best player in the world 9 fours 16 six
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    abd ur beauty

  • What is this Akki, huh.You should concentrate more on doing 8-10 movies per year instead of 3-4 in a year.This is exactly be a comment from @babaji but what to do one of his idol doing lesser films similar like Aamir khan but he pointing only against Aamir for the same on other hand Akki keep doing 5 films in a year.
    Moral- one of my idol doing no/less movies and other keep signing movies regularly unstoppable.

  • Great work Akshay, welcome for your initiative its always look good when superstars come ahead for a social campaign. Keep it up Akki.

  • @the thullu carrier

    You reap what you sow n you certainly did here after posting that dung on Aamirs open letter article…

    Akki Sir certainly doesnt deserve a treacherous mischief maker like you as his fan you old timer…

  • Awsm Akki
    he Iz Doing grtt
    only bcos of Akki martial arts is Developing in India !!
    I luvv him aLOt
    he Iz True Superstar !!

  • @vikas Singh and others.
    Whom you are blaming too, the guy who has appointed a brand ambassador by UNICEF for clean Indian even before Modi come in national picture.What do you guys knows about Aamir.He was a grand children of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad who was freedom fighter as well as Minister in first ever government cabinet.
    Some people who are questioning for Aamir for being a anti Hindu though he wasnít but as they think.Tell me why Raju Hirani and VVC chosen Aamir for playing pk they can choose any actor for this role as Aamir is not a producer just an actor in this film.What made non Muslim like Raju,vvc,abhijat,anushka,Sanjay duty and other Hindu people to agree for making this film.Aamir didnít forced anybody or its not his idea too.
    Talking About questioning Islam and their issues,We all know what is the curse doing by Muslims in the name of religion and that is terririsom.Now letís see did Aamir came against terririsom or not.
    In a movie in which Aamir was a Acp playing a Hindu Character in conversion with Mukesh Rishi who played a Muslim character so when Mukesh Rishi said that in this country being a poor Muslim is a crime itself showing His frustration to Aamir,Aamir clearly said to him that For the sake of my country I donít need any Salim.Or in final conversation with Nasser Sir he said that you kind of people donít belong to any religion and you guys are insulting Islam.
    Now taking other example Same year a movie released named 1947 earth based on partition in which Aamir portrayed his first grey shade role,he was the muslim who in climax throw a Hindu girl which he loved to Muslim in riots after partition.There he showed again an anti side of Muslims.
    Later in RDB he was playing a panjabi character DJ and Kunaal Kapoor who was Muslim they showed his family who donít liked his friendship with opposite religion people.In Fanna he played a Muslim guy who is a terrorist and that movie showed again a evil side if blind understanding of religion.
    Now than after these kind of films when he taking dig on his religious wrong deed than he can also raise point on another religion too.In the whole movie Aamir used only Bhagwan or god word even when he went to mosque he asked is there any Bhagwan house nearby.Because of they are making a film for people of the nation where 83% people are belong to Hindu religion how can they throw whole movie similar to other religion.He also taken 2-3 example if Muslims as like terrorist attack when Sanjay futt died,he said to Tapaswi aaj kaisi ne apne khuda ki raksha ki Aur mera dost chala gaya or the fatwa kind of example where girls not allowed to go to school.Aur a Muslim man had 3 wives.
    For SMJ be us charging 3cr per episode but he has his production team who Invest their time and money and for this cause he donít charged from public he is taking his fees for the show and time he given to.And who know what Aamir doing of that money in real life.For this show Aamir stopped doing TV commercial at the supreme peak of his career if he start to do any ads than who know he can minted huge money just like srk,salman does with those.But if he stopped other way for earning than he also need funds for his other works specially a show like SMJ.
    Aamur us a Muslim so he canít make a anti Islam film if I agree this point than why not a single Hindu superstar came in light or made a film on them in Bollywood.Why Akki in OMG only pointed out on Hindu while keep mum on other religion.There were hardly any strong lines against those from paresh rawal while he said Shiv Ling a Stone,served wine in name of Gangajal or saying Geeta is just not more than waste for him in pure word is Kachra.
    Think before write and saying guys.Donít pretend to be saint neither you are,Nor me and not any in Bollywood.
    Aamir-Raju hirani donít need advise of you guys that what to make,his to make until they failed and the way pk performed exceptionally well in its run shows that people loved the movie and accepted that.Major

  • @Navin unkill : I am far better than you! Salman should KICK you if he sees ur comments KYON KI you are the most idiotic person he might have see. I think even u know you are a crap person but still try hard to defend urself.

    @triniman:: Akki does 4 films working hard for them not like dancing on streets n wedding.Even in Band baaja barat in one scene the bride wanted srk to dsnce on her wedding..lol

  • @Navin bhai. Lol. but as you said khiladi uncle charges 20 cr fees sounds like a big joke to me. because after getting in to financial crises for each akki film, producers can’t afford to pay such huge amounts to our great 60 cr club king. so they need to pay less to akki uncle, so they can offer some more 60 cr club ventures on lower cost by paying him somewhere around 3 cr or 4 crs. LOL. do you agree with me???? please reply me.

  • @navin uncle: We all were that day decided to reveal our secrets of indicine to each others on twitter.yes,i have used ids to troll people.I have trolled sambudha.Also nipun,n he knows.But i have’nt trolled.Also ur anand babu trolled sambudha by becoming boney kapoor.now whats wrong in using a fake id? U termed anand as chameleon,he did’nt said anything against u! People like gj007,ajay rocks,element..most of them have used fake ids.Gj007 trolled me by babuji.Does’nt mean u will tag them as chameleon.

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