Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan take Rajasthan and MP by storm!

Bollywood superstars Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan have taken Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh by storm as the actors are literally getting mobbed wherever they go!

Akshay is shooting for his upcoming film ‘Airlift’, while Hrithik is filming his much-awaited magnum opus ‘Mohenjo Daro’ .

While media stories mostly revolve around the super-stardom of the Top 3 Khans in the industry, the popularity of stars like Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn, especially with the masses of India, doesn’t quite get the attention that it deserves.

While Hrithik is causing a stampede wherever he goes in Jabalpur, Akshay too has hordes of people waiting to catch a glimpse of him in Rajasthan. Meanwhile, Ajay Devgn, who is set to begin shooting for ‘Shivaay’, is one of the biggest crowd-pullers in Bihar, where even political parties were lining up to get him on their side.

We have a picture of the local media’s coverage of Hrithik, where sources say, it’s getting difficult for Hrithik to travel even late in the night. His car supposedly taken hours to cover a short distance as the police have been unable to control the crowd that is gathering on the streets.

We also have pictures of Akshay mingling with fans in Rajasthan. Check them out!

Hrithik Roshan gets mobbed in Madhya Pradesha

Hrithik Roshan gets mobbed in Madhya Pradesh

Akshay Kumar with fans on the sets of Airlift in Rajasthan

Akshay Kumar with fans on the sets of Airlift in Rajasthan

Akshay Kumar with Hotel Suryagarh Staff in Rajasthan

Akshay Kumar with Hotel Suryagarh Staff in Rajasthan

Akshay Kumar shoots for Airlift at Hotel Suryagarh

Akshay Kumar shoots for Airlift at Hotel Suryagarh



  • When stars come in small cities , they get mobbed whoever it may be.
    Even if Sunil Shetty goes infront of everyone, he will also get mobbed.

    Emraan Hashmi’s Ghanchakkar film train and highway shoot scenes took more than a month to shot as crowd came there in bulk and created huge havoc n disruption.

    It always happens in massy areas……..

  • Very late for this article I know Akki , Ajay , Hrithik big fan following in every corner of India . I have just proud on this three superstar . Very popular this three actor .

  • Akshay Kumar-The king of masses
    Hrithik Roshan- The king of classes
    Love both of them along with my bhai jaan <3

  • The crowd in Hrithik’s pic is humongous. That is some big craze of fans.

    Hrithik hasn’t shot in small towns since very long. Infact most his films being big bugdet are shot outiside India or on expensively created sets. So when these small town people get an opportunity to catch a glimse of their siperstar why wont they create chaos.

    Same for Akshay and Ajay as both have their strongholds among masses.

    Still hype for Mohenjo-daro is getting better and better. Since sultan and Raees clashing it is the frontrunner for 1st 400cr domestic collection.

  • but their films don’t get a unbelievable bussines at the box office .so this is not called the superstardom, (only superstar)

  • @Indicine Please put up the photo of Hrithik’s vanity van where fans are leaving messages for him. That photo was tweeted by AGPPL. BTW this is just a trailer of Hrithik’s popularity among audiences. more to come. Hrithik Mania all over.

  • but their films don’t get a unbelievable bussines at the box office .so this is not called the superstardom, (only superstar like nothing)

  • Akki has huge following all over especially in delhi ncr and punjab his craze is unprecedented but he hardly gets da media coverage like the khans trio bcoz his films underperform somehow..

  • hail indicine! ….3rd para is so true. Except amir other two khans are just craps. they are just managing & earning on box office just bcoz of media hype. For example look at the movies like Ra-one & happy new yaer they are third grade craps but they released thier movies during festive seasons when public ready to spend money & with medias support they are earning & maintaining their stardom. Hrithik & Akshay are much better than these khans in terms of talent & movie quality.

  • @indicine would you ever post anything regarding srk being criticised for his nonsense comments about the issue of “tolerance”? who said what about srk for his disgusting comment. And dont forget to mention the biggest enemy of india from pakistan has asked srk to shift to pakistan from india.

    • @AmRocks, whatever we had to post about SRK’s intolerance statement has already been published in two different articles. It’s on the front page. Do read. No more articles on this, unless SRK replies.

  • Lol..these hrithik ajay are way behind then akshay kumar in terms of popularity in masses or small cities nd villages.
    Akshay is more popular then srk nd Amir in many cities like up/bihar/delhi/haryana/rajasthan/punjab/ etc etc

    Akshay kumar is an addiction …!

  • It just shows how they have impacted their All into us. I still want to Believe Hritik does not have as much fans die hard fans than Ajay and Akshay. You can imagine how much you are loved even big political men are lining up to see someone still on the air! Akshay case is not suprising,he is a charming guy. His movies especially in the 90s are still remembed even today. Hritik is more popular in the metropolitan settlements where his movies works well usually another excellent actor. I laugh when I see people like @Challa or @Sunny Chechi mocking other actors ,saying they are suprised they even have fans it’s very hilarious because when the truth comes out you just remain a very big fool!. All these guys are behind our Khans but they are not that far away from too.

  • @Challa just like Salman and Aamir have far more Fan followers than Shah Rukh. You must be a moron to make that statement. But that’s expected more from Srk fans and we know why.

  • @Challa exactly
    This ajay is way behind.

    I will tell u one funny incident happened in my college class few days ago when one of my female teacher asked every student their favrt actor :
    There was only 1 student who took ajay’s name…but wait this is not the funny thing.
    The funny thing is tht, the whole class started laughing over him because he took name of ajay devgan,even my teacher giggled over it a little ? no offence ajay likers but today’s youth don’t idolise ajay or don’t see him as a bankable star . It’s a FACT .
    He has given big hits just because of good directors …!

  • @Sunil Chechi-
    Are you in kinder garden..
    Ajay is a superstar and more than that he is a fabulous actor. Open your pea size brain and understand that AD has 2 national awards.

  • @sunny chechi. So your college teacher did not teach you the difference between cities and states? That tells a lot the kind of college you attend. Am not suprised at all. At first I was wondering if you meant primary school. Later benefit of doubt I imagined it to be a secondary high school but was not convinced because it’s Only in Tare Zameen paar type of class rooms such questions would be asked. To small kids. Not to grown up adults studying at college or university. That tells a lot about your educational background if even at college your female teacher will be asking that sort of questions that’s why your comments are always so childish. Pity and shame. So what’s the name of that Government college? Am sure not so far from Tihar …..
    @sunny chechi stop belittening yourself. Really Akki has more fans than Srk and Aamir in cities like Up/haryana rajastan etc. States I mean . So what happens to his movies then? Why people hardly watch them ? I expect earth shattering opening days in those states you mentioned.

    @challa you just prove day by day you are such an addict to Ajay. Can’t your hand settle down once you see Ajays name on an article ? Who asked for your suggestions? The same Akshay you are craving for,their fans exptessing and even I now believe them that Akshay has more fans than Srk. Is that cool. See no matter what Ajay Devgn is Ajay Devgn. If you like keep on posting on 1st pages on every article that Ajay fans are these or that,it just lowers your image. Pathetic story you are becoming these days.

  • Indicine one firm request do not publish political issues here
    it is not politics site it is bolly site thanks .

    • @javed, SRK and Anupam are both Bollywood actors. It’s a good break from fan wars and a lot of readers have been posting insightful comments in the other two articles. If you don’t like it, you always have an option of not reading such articles. Thanks.

  • Hi Indicine team, Good day!!!!

    What is your expectation after seeing the leaked pictures of #Mohendaro and its getting bigger day by day. YouTube gonna RIP for few days once the teaser/trailer out. What do you think about this movie?? How much it can earn at boxboffice assuming good reviews??? Can it take 30 crs + plus opening on non holiday which is on 12th Aug???

    Thanks team..

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