Ajay Devgn to begin shooting for ‘Baadshaho’ tomorrow

Ajay Devgn is a busy person these days. Getting into the shoes of a director is a tough job for any actor. But Ajay is taking that difficulty to the next level by producing, directing and acting in the same film called Shivaay.

The director-actor will leave for Bulgaria on the first of February to continue shooting for the film and will return only towards the end of March. But before that, he will also begin shooting for Milan Lutharia’s next film Baadshaho.

Produced by Milan and Bhushan Kumar, the film looks to be an adventure set in the 1970s, though compared to ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai’, it promises to be quiet different.

“OUATIM’ was about smugglers, cabarets, Mumbai and the underworld, ‘Baadshaho’ is set in Rajasthan and is rustic in its texture and music. The clothes, cars, locations, everything will be very different. It’s got the mood of the ’70s and the approach of a Tarantino in its action, humour and one-liners. It’s loosely based on true events which transpired during the Emergency.”

“I’ve been working on ‘Baadshaho’ for the last four-five months with my writer Rajat Arora. It was Rajat who suggested the title, ‘Baadshaho’, which means friends. The multi-starrer is about a group who are friends, and sometimes not friends. It felt right” Milan added.

Looks like the year 2017 will see a few big releases from Ajay, including the mega budget project Sons Of Sardaar, which is scheduled for a Diwali release.



  • @Rew
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  • After Amitab Bachan noone match ajay in intense role.with drishyam ajay return to his comfort zone.all of his upcoming films are intense action drama and potential at least hit or superhit.i still belive khakee is the best action drama film of bollewood with great performance by amitji and ajay .even side actors akshya and tusar also done great job

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