Ajay Devgn to begin shooting for ‘Baadshaho’ tomorrow

Ajay Devgn is a busy person these days. Getting into the shoes of a director is a tough job for any actor. But Ajay is taking that difficulty to the next level by producing, directing and acting in the same film called Shivaay.

The director-actor will leave for Bulgaria on the first of February to continue shooting for the film and will return only towards the end of March. But before that, he will also begin shooting for Milan Lutharia’s next film Baadshaho.

Produced by Milan and Bhushan Kumar, the film looks to be an adventure set in the 1970s, though compared to ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai’, it promises to be quiet different.

“OUATIM’ was about smugglers, cabarets, Mumbai and the underworld, ‘Baadshaho’ is set in Rajasthan and is rustic in its texture and music. The clothes, cars, locations, everything will be very different. It’s got the mood of the ’70s and the approach of a Tarantino in its action, humour and one-liners. It’s loosely based on true events which transpired during the Emergency.”

“I’ve been working on ‘Baadshaho’ for the last four-five months with my writer Rajat Arora. It was Rajat who suggested the title, ‘Baadshaho’, which means friends. The multi-starrer is about a group who are friends, and sometimes not friends. It felt right” Milan added.

Looks like the year 2017 will see a few big releases from Ajay, including the mega budget project Sons Of Sardaar, which is scheduled for a Diwali release.



  • Honestly i was not excited for Baadshaho before because Milan Luthria is coming after 4 years and he made OUATIMD which was a crap but from some time i am excited for Baadshaho but not as much as Shivaay . Shivaay is one of the most anticipated movies of 2016 for me . The release date is pretty good it will release on 26th Jan 2017 so it will have a 4 day weekend . If the content is like OUATIM then it will do huge business at the Box Office . Coincidentally on 15th Jan the shooting of Kachche Dhaage began which was the first movie of Milan Luthria . So let’s hope history repeats itself . Ajay has a solid line up of movies with Shivaay, Baadshaho and Sons Of Sardaar . All The Best Ajay Sir and make Shivaay something Bollywood will be proud of . Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ajay devgn Cannot even ensure 10 crore opening for his movies. Will be beaten badly by ranbir kapoor’s ADHM

  • Today KNPH completes 16 years . @ Indicine Post an article about Hrithik completing 16 years in the industry . Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I read somebody’s comment on indicine tht ajay is also in race of brand ambassador of India 😂😂tht time I laughed out a lot .
    Not saying he is a very small star but he is far away to even get consideration for it

    The only thing he can be ambassador of Iz >Hazmola. That’s it

    Es Se jyda Reach Nhi hai Ajay ki 😷😩

    Not a hatred cmnt but just giving his likers A reality Check .

  • The overseas numbers of Dilwale are giving it a shot to become the second biggest Worldwide grosser of the year. The film is still running and is a little short of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo which is the second highest grosser Worldwide at present. The top Worldwide grossers of 2015 till now are as follows

    1. Bajrangi Bhaijaan – 603.39 crore
    2. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo – 365.45 crore
    3. Dilwale – 355 crore apprx (Still Running)
    4. Bajirao Mastani – 335 crore apprx (Still Running)
    5. Tanu Weds Manu Returns – 243.64 crore

    At one stage it had looked that Bajirao Mastani may catch Dilwale in terms of Worldwide collections but Dilwale has maintained its lead over due to its continued strong run Overseas..

    Lol now i want to see SHITTY lallu fans ugly face…..If dilwale a flop, then lallu fans should accept that PRDP is also mega flop…

  • Shivay
    Sons of Sardar

    Ajay sir has one of the best line up of upcoming movies. All are looking like superhits..

  • So Ajay will only have one realease this year,which is good coz Shivaay is a big budget film and from the movie still this film looks awesome.I just hope Shivaat geys a solo release,ADHMK should be postponed.
    2017 Ajay will have 2 releases Baadshaho and Son Of Saadar 2 o just hope Salman make another comeo coz the first one was awesome seeong them together

  • Shivaay
    Sons Of Sardar
    Singham 3
    Golmaal 4

    Ajay and Akki who can rule the bollywood after khans

  • @kiddo..

    Woow!! Really?

    I laughed when I read and and even had to confirm that Amy saved Akki career of recent??

    I laughed when I saw akki name too for incredible India knowing he only endorses RASNA children drink!!

    Listen you school boy.. Get some facts write before commenting. I always and wil continue to rubbish you need yr local desi flopstar as long as your reasoning is still myopic… Ajay been brand ambassador for Malabar Jewellery (top 5 most valuable jewellery).. Bagpiper whiskey… Sangam Textiles(listed In new York stock Exchange) and Whirlpool (biggest home appliances in d world)…

    Ajay chooses his endorsements not hiking endorsement fees…
    Try and learn more in whatever university college(DONATION IT MUST BE) or polytechnic it helps in making you a better student Ambassador representing your nagar or addah!!

  • @aisha dear youngave a great fitting reply. But however, its my mere suggestion to you that please don’t reply to that chota mota struggling hero’s fan. Bechara waise bhi bahut frustrated hai flopshay ki recent flops Ko dekh kar. 😐😂😞
    Varun aur kangna bhi usse kahin zyada age hai. 😋😒

  • Current brands of ajay ?? Only hazmola😂

    Any big reality show by ajay – None

    Brand ambassador of any big Thing – No

    After srk it’s akshay who is endorsing most brands in actors . See d list of Akshays latest Brands

    Street hair colors
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    Baba elaichi
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    .these r his current brands . He has endorse many other things In past .

    Now see his brand Value
    He is d ambassador of current badminton league
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    Very soon akshay will be brand ambassador of an international Movie company Netflix. Wait 4 official configuration.

    Now come to reality shows

    Khatro k khiladi > Akshay kumar’s show
    Masterchef India >Akshay kumar’s show . Both r now prominent reality shows.

    Ajay can nvr come close 2 akshay.

    He can only come close to akshay in boxoffice with D help oh Rohit shetty. That’s

    Level dekho ajay ka pehle @Aisha
    Akshay is a big brand.

  • @Aisha epic epic epic. That joker fan always starts something he can’t finish. The moron keeps on reading Ajaya news and males sure he comments. If he was not an idol to jokerboy he won’t be even wasting his time on Ajay article. Cheap way to show frustration

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  • @Rew 1
    Whts ur problem man
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  • Every Indian wants akshay kumar to be brand ambassador of India on social networking sites ,seeing many big pages posting about it . 😉
    Amitabh r in the race BTW.

  • Shivaay, Badshaho, sos2, golmaal3 and singham3 oh my God what a huge line up ajay will be in top 3 in next 2 to 3 years mark my words

  • @Sunny Akki . Don’t ridicule yourself by postin fake comments of @Deepak kaur. @indicine pls verify@sunny akkiholic and deepak kaur id and ips please. I shall post a comment of the real Deepak kaur when he openly disgraced @Sunny akkiholic because he was trying to downgrade Ajay. I remember@Deepak told @sunny akkiholic never dare compare Akki with Ajay. The fact he bashed Ajay is because of few Shayne fans that Ajay way ahead of akki. So how can this same @Deepak be even answering @Sunny Akkihilic on questions and answers section?
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  • @Aisha Ajay
    Brand ambassador
    Sangam textile took over from Virat. K recently
    M jewellery
    Saac hiv programme
    Delhi Royals tennis club and co owner too.
    Bloom mobile india fastest growing mobile in india. Am a fan of Saif Ali Khan. I like Ajay he is cool.

  • @Aditi lol ajay k pure carrer ki endorsements h ye 😂😂😂 phir bhi itni km . Ajay hve only 1 or 2 running endorsements now while akshay hve
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    @Emran ?? Not getting wht u r trying to say . Deepak kaur is also fake like u I guess !! Don’t put tht I’d on me .

    Nd one more thing, I bash ajay because I was shocked 2 see Ppl labeling ajay to akshay on indicine site. This is complete disrespect of akshay. Akshay is way bigger superstar. I hve nvr seen media comparing akshay to ajay. I hve only seen media nd journalists asking questions to akshay about khans nd comparing with them.

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