Ajay Devgn vs Karan Johar gets ugly and personal

The industry has seen many box office clashes, but the latest one could quite possibly be the ugliest. Ever since the teaser of ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ was released, things have gone from bad to worse as the trending topics have been ‘Dirty Game by Karan Johar’, ‘Ae HIT Hai Mushkil’ and ‘Flop Teaser ADHM’.

After his ‘relaxed’ tweet, Ajay has released a leaked audio clipping that has Kamaal R Khan in conversation with producer-distributor Kumar Mangat. KRK is heard saying he has received Rs 25 lakhs from Karan to favour him.

While Karan has remained silent throughout, Ajay has also released a statement:

“I have been a part of the Indian film industry for the past 25 years and have been associated with over 100 films. My father was a professional action director and I have an emotional connection with this industry.

It therefore pains me to see that people like Kamaal R Khan are holding the film industry to ransom by spreading negativity about films to extort money from producers.

It is very sad that people from our own industry are supporting such elements and spoiling the ethos of the film industry.

I would strongly demand that this be thoroughly investigated by competent authorities to clarify if Karan Johar was indeed involved in this.”



  • What seemed as a peaceful fight in the beginning; suddenly turned into one of the most ugliest fight ever.
    Karan Johar v/s Ajay Devgan!
    But the interesting fight will be between KRK & AJAY !!
    Even KRK is in his full flow & bashing Shivaay continuously.

    Don’t know who is doing what & how did this fight started !!!
    Very complex & ugly battle!

  • This shows how matured and responsible stars hrithik and akshay were that they remained true frnds till last and happily accepted what audience decided..

  • And Ajay just demands to find out if KJo was really involved in this as KRK claims or not. He is not accusing KJo of involving in this scandal yet.

  • If KJo is clean, he should come out and declare that he hasn’t done any such thing as soon as possible. And it was just a 2Rs act by cheap KRK.

  • Don’t worry Ajay sir ur fans will make Shivaay Blockbuster……
    We Salmanics will help u @any cost…..
    I’m damn sure salmanics in IND will help Shivaay….

  • KJo will be held liable for this cheap tactic if he keeps silent.
    Clear it as soon as possible, Karan Johar, if you havent done this.

  • 1st this johar did self paid Negative trends and now this.. Heard the full convo between kumar mangat and KRK where krk Explicitly said ke ‘Ab wahan se 25 lakh aaye toh unko mana kaise kar sakte haim” .. DISGUSTING TRULY DISGUSTING… Ajay devgn is the same man whi stood against the Monopoly of YRF during SOS vs JTHJ clash and totally Jthj and now he took this Step.. really Admire him..

  • Ajay Devgn is shameless person.he is playing a very dirty game…karan is silent that doesn’t mean ajay can say anything about him…Mr devgn I lost all the respect for you

  • Well, Ajay and Karan, both are known as a gentleman and Karan is the best friend of Karan. Did not expected this ugliness from them. But that will keep both films in news surely.

  • Shame on this loser Ajay devgaan !!!!!
    What about when u took on legendary yash Chopra ???? And now u have started crying about Adhm ….!!!
    Krk is very honest critic. I truly believe that
    But he is trying hard to get sympathy by accusing Karan and Krk …!!!!
    Such a shame this loser is ….

  • Ranbir Kapoor – the flop actor will benefit the most as he has to do nothing to increase buzz!!!!!!

    It is becoming Ajay Vs Kjo than Ajay vs Rk/srk/Aish/ Anushka/Fawad and other flop starcast!!!!!

    If Adhm succeeds ( rare chances coz of boring teaser and songs) , whole credit will go to Kjo!!!!!!

  • And shockingly, some morons are expecting Kajol to take the side of KJo who uses friendship for personal gains abandoning her jeevan Saathi. What are they smoking?
    Ajay has been ganged up and the Bollywood is going dirty

  • Whether or not Salman Khan comes out in support of Shivaay, we most of Salman fans (with our own decisions) will stand with Shivaay and watch it in theatres at least twice.

  • Karan Johar Exposed. Shame
    Knew something was fishy about krk tweets.
    Well Done Ajay Devgan You r d Mam
    Hats Off

  • Shivaay will destroy adhm
    Mark my words….
    Karan ur bad days already started… Due to below average teaser… I will called it worst teaser…

  • I knew Karan will be un fair,when he realised the teaser of ADHM did not have the same reaction as Shivaay trailer,he such an insecured person.

  • The whole industry should be united and make his crappy ambitious film sink without a trace …!!!
    He is crossing the line …
    Go Karan we are all with u and destroy his pathetic, cartoonish flop action Jackson 2 !!

  • Its good if it does happen without Krk. Whats so great in exposing A joker, who is neither a karan johar nor Ajay devgan and who always change his words, Never stand on his own commitments. Exposing A grader comedian is no great stand Ajay sir. Your film will lead if it has DUM. Don’t worry but here Krk got what he wanted, he achieved to be a great bad guy ever in the industry.

  • Wow.. shocked.. really shocked.. hope Krk was just bluffing.. otherwise Kjo is playing quite a dirty game.. and now I realise how graceful hrithik and Akshay were when they clashed at BO

  • Karan Johar plays dirty politics that to with his close friends husband…. There will be destruction of Karan Johar in Diwali by Ajay Devgan

  • KRK is an useless ass.
    I don’t think Karan johar is that stupid to give 25 lakhs to KRK.
    It’s really childish on Ajay’s part to put a recording of youtube in social media, he could have directly approches court. He is just trying to garner cheap publicity.
    I am supporting karan on this.

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