Baar Baar Dekho Marketing Overview

Baar Baar Dekho has been in news ever since the first song ‘Kala Chashma’ was released and became an instant chartbuster. The song was the fastest ever to reach the 5 million mark and has continued to set records all the way through to 65 million. It could well go on to be the fastest Hindi song ever to touch 100 million views on Youtube.

After the song, the theatrical trailer was unveiled, which was followed by the entire music album. Almost all songs in the album were well-appreciated, which increased trade-expectations of the film opening well at the box office on September 9.

During times when producers stick to a tried and test template, the marketing team behind ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ have opted to take a different route. Katrina Kaif made her Facebook debut just for the film.

Katrina and Sidharth have already toured cities like Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Kolkata. They did a crazy flash mob at Jaipur station and a ‘dance in a tram’ in Kolkata.

Baar Baar Dekho releases in theatres on September 9. There are expectations that the film could take a 10 crore opening at the domestic box office. The box office economics and final FBO predictions will be published next week.

BBD Promotion

BBD Promotion

Katrina Kaif, Sidharth Malhotra promote Baar Baar Dekho

Katrina Kaif, Sidharth Malhotra promote Baar Baar Dekho

Kolkata Tram

Kolkata Tram

Sidharth and Katrina Kolkata Tram

Sidharth and Katrina Kolkata Tram



  • Siddarth Malhotra also needs to do massy-comedy movies
    And he does not speak much, he has less fan following in Mass centres
    He needs to do massy movies to beat Varun and Arjun
    He needs a movie like WANTED for once and a SRK-Salman type attitude and a Varun-Ranveer Singh type offscreen persona:Energetic, lively, media friendly
    This will increase his mass appeal
    He has a good following in Multiplex audience
    All the best for BBD

  • Nice way of hiding and deliberately covering Karan Johar Dirty,adhm promotion and marketing game to stain Shivaay and now covering it more or refusing to post anything about those paid kjo groups by posting marketing strategy of BBD to think we should be vary of Kjo?

    Nonsense,Kjo deserves a well publicly made apology for creating those Twitter trends ,I won’t talk anything about BBD because I personally like Kat and Sid along with the songs.

    Did I hear someone say THE VAMP and Shivaay? 59 # days to go Har Har Mahadev

  • Mujhe Aazmaati Hai Teri Kami
    Teri har Kami me hai tu Laazmi
    Zami pe na sahi, to aasma me aa mil
    Tere Bina guzaara Ae Dil Hain Mushkil

    What a lyrics What a song ???


  • Katrina is opting for younger generation star to revive success because her career is over. Next is fawad. no established stars her signing her now. She rejected lot of movies with akki who gave her success in her initial career. For such attitude she will be completely over in next few years.

  • BBD will open well because of smart marketing…Kala chashma,Sau aasman becoming chartbuster…I think it will be a profitable venture for Excel because of unique concept with rom-com…
    But The content will decide the fate of the movie..

  • Great marketing strategy, film will be a sure-shot blockbuster !
    People criticize Dharma films, but great strategy worked big time with K&S, BBD and the same will happen with ADHM.

  • Will watch it because of Kat and Sid and that song. Thanking all Akshay fans too for him Akshay Kumar showing his true colour to Ajay D. #Adhm is the winner# for all those media saying Akki Ajay has buried their past and are close friends now that’s a very big Lie. Ajay tweets Rustam trailer in few minutes trailer was released. Akshay tweets Ajay on shivaay when everyone finished praising it after some weeks but Akshay in less than an hour Tweets kjo adhm calling it a winner. Hypocrite

  • Now katrina is no more so hot
    Turning into an aunty

    After ek baar bhi maat deko she will retire from industry.
    Trailer was good like hollyhood type bt due to mismatch dont think movie will be epic one
    Will watch freaky ali

  • Now katrina is no more so hot
    Turning into aunties age
    After ek baar bhi maat deko she will retire from industry.
    Trailer was good like hollyhood type bt due to mismatch(comedy drama blah blah) dont think movie will be epic one.
    Will watch freaky ali

  • After all this promotion, an opening of 10cr is expected. While Dishoom easily opened over 11cr. Varun has already left Sid far behind.

  • Baar baar dekho will succeed only because of Kala Chashma craze and this is solely due to Katrina..

    Interested in ur economics article only to see how much do u lower its film budget to ensure lower hit cut-off for it as I have heard it will become Hit at 70-75cr !!!!!!!

  • Indicine wats ur take on Ajay Devgn xposing krk and karan johar …dat allegedly krk was paid by kjo 25 lakhs to trash shivaay

  • @indicine: I know u will never write negative about kjo or his movies…atleast clear us whether kjo paid KrK for badmouthing shivaay

  • Indicine wats ur take on Ajay Devgn xposing krk and karan johar …dat allegedly krk was paid by kjo 25 lakhs to trash shivaay… an article….definitely something is going on behind d curtains…..u were quick to point out AD tweet of “relaxed”…… He is pushed into a corner with underhand tactics …not d first tym… he will fight…i m glad he is….SHIVAAY DS DIWALI CM WAT MAY…ENUFF SAID

  • Im still comfused why indicine delited my cmnt on shivay vs adhm artical…
    Im vry old visitor of site…i visit daily if once again tgis happn wthout any reason .
    I will stop visiting. ..thnk you

  • This couple looks great. Hope this movie makes 100 crore and MS Dhoni makes 150+ crore. Good chance for Sushant Singh Rajput to cross 150 which even Akshay Kumar could no do till date.

  • As movies releases in Bahrain one day before India, I saw Baar Baar Dekho today noon time at cinema.. I think it’ll be Katrina’s 3rd latest flop film.. I didn’t enjoy it because the script is NOT convincing, although in the second half only, we’ll get to know the good message in this film, but still.. the film didn’t click with me, it’s nothing better than Fitoor which flopped at the box office.

    It would not do well, am sure.

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