Ajay Devgn to begin ‘Shivaay’ before ‘Baadshaho’

Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgn will start shooting for his ambitious directorial venture ‘Shivaay’ before he begins working on ‘Baadshaho’.

Previously, Ajay had planned to begin shooting for ‘Baadshaho’ in October and release the film in March 2016.

However, since ‘Shivaay’ is dependent on weather conditions in Bulgaria (where Ajay will be shooting in snow), ‘Baadshaho’ will go on floors in February and release in theatres late-2016.

Talking about rumours that ‘Baadshaho’ has been permanently shelved, director Milan Lutharia said “These rumours are ridiculous. The bottomline is that Ajay’s film Shivaay is a weather-controlled project. Ajay called me to say that he has got together the international crew again and requested me if we could start shooting for Baadshaho from February next year.”

“He wants to shoot Shivaay from November 7 till the middle of February next year by which time, 70% of his film will be complete. He needs the snow for Shivaay. As he personally asked me to accommodate my dates because of the weather issue, I immediately agreed. I assured him we would work around it and adjust. In any case Shivaay for me to is like my home production as much as Ajay as he’s like family to me.”



  • @Arjun u r frustrated with me I know .
    U can’t change D reality Nd NVR take Akshay’s name again otherwise Ajay devgan will look like a small actor …! I hve so many points to show d reality of Ajay BT I will not say now , maybe because of you , I will …!

  • @Mahesh why not aggressive confidence. Aakhir joh Banda ki baat aap kuhraha hai,Banda ka naam Ajay Devgn hii toh hai. With good scripts and non too much masala movies he is truly a very talented actor. Yaad hai kya jaya bachanji 1991 ne kaha ta PAK dehkne ki baad? “After a very long time I have seen the angry young amitabh in this boy(a 19 years old tall lanky dark non conventional look Ajay Devgan)He definitely will be a superstar one day. ” Jayaji you were right. Despite his non conventional looks 85% of his 90s movies any song you see a leading actress(karishma manisha ramba sonali juhi ayesha raveena ash kajol madhuri twinkle tabu ash) singing and following a guy to persuade him- you don’t have to look at the face, just from his his trademark walking and curly hair swuaving by the winds you will know who the actor is. He too crossed lots of obstacles to reach his present destination. With a quality CV to his name in bollywood. Expert in comedy action thriller underworld with nice scripts. Humble hardworking reserved religious health conscious and always moving with the current fashion vogue be it his clothes car collections or adaptation to modern day acting (whom the 3 khans are living testimonies in that aspect). The real dark horse. All the best and God bless you sir.

  • Pata nahi koyla apne apko samajh kya raha hain?????his aukat is not even more than flop youngsters and he gone to acquire DEEWALI slot?anyways KJO SIR is coming with Ranbir to thrash this puny retard 2rs star who is still chasing WIFE’S SUCCESS and holds the record of most disaster in Bollywood.and koyla reserved holiday slot means that holiday slot is unreserved.now he will be kicked badly by KJO SIR.and Ranbir is far bigger star than this disaster king koyla ,so this time KJO SIR-Ranbir is reserving DEEWALI.

    and lallutards are still supporting koyla blindly as their back saved by koyla in 2012.koyla ko apni aukat dikhani padwgi.both badshaho or shivay will be big disaster and that’ll be the punishment to koyla for further not to dare even to look towards any holiday slot anymore.

  • Someone reserve a bed for @sss in Mental asylum. He has completely lost his mental stability after SRK being left with no holiday releases (solo) for 2016 & 2017 !!!!!!!!! AJ Devgan will not even hire him as his Dog’s $hit cleaner !!!!!!!!!

    Too much fun !!!!!!!!!!

  • @Armaan tumara problem kya hai? It’s their wish to write what they want to write. Pls read comments before posting. If others do it you don’t have to. If really you are a AJ fan you know already where he stands. Pls respect yrslf. @challa just gave his thoughts. Did he say anything bad? Srk dosent have to prove anything nor do Ajay. Forget National awards. It’s a privilege not a right. I don’t think you are an Ajay fan. @sunny chechi try it ,name them let’s see. Unfortunately no matter what you say it does not change anything. Respect yourself too. I don’t think @armaan is an ajay fan I think he just like causing chaos.

  • @hritik u know what I actually skipped sss comments because I knew it will be same old disaster kajol koyla lallutards save etc etc. And after reading your comments I visited his comments and just read it. Pure frustration. ?? @sss kyon bhei mechanic sahab. Waat nikhala aur abi taak gusa? Are re ‘re re bachu picture abhi bhi bhaaki hai. When other smaller stars like Akshay will book diwali 2018 and 2019!

  • @hrithik,to be honest I bashed always koyla due to his chameleon and foot licking habit ,this is the only reason he seems like so cheap for me.and about Holiday release I don’t at all feel hesitation because KING KHAN is THAT MEGASTAR ,WHO at any time can announce Amy HOLIDAY RELEASE—-be it’s EID,CHRISTMAS or DEEWALI,and whomever star may be HE’LL face HE doesn’t care.don’t know about anyone but you really frustrated after RAEES announced take in sultana daku,so it’s you need asylum,lol.

    so please wait kiddo,how KING KHAN will definitely will announce any holiday more likely to be EID/CHRISTMAS as HIS most of the films likely to be finished at that that period,while KJO SIR will enjoy NEXT DEEWALI for which I’m very happy,ROFL.

  • @TeJ
    Y ur Hindi Iz so weak ?
    R u angrez ??? Or from south Africa ?
    Ur words ?

    ‘tumara’ ‘bhaaki’ ‘nikhaala’

    Well my sixth sense iz saying that u r a fake I’d of @Aisha,means its u @Aisha .
    Gurantted ..
    Support Ajay with ur real name.
    U r real Coward …!
    Shame on U .
    Don’t use fake ids to support Ajay & most importantly don’t use bad or stupid cmnts for Akshay kumar …!

  • @James you hate aamir? I knew it you bloody hypocrite chameleon! After all you were pretending to stop bashing Samir for few days and now you are back in your original aukaat. My most hated heroes after ranveer singh srk>Salman >akshay. My most favorite heroes after Mr. Perfectionist aamir are Hrithik and ajay only.

  • @Sunmy floppy ajay was, is and will always remain much much much much much bigger star than your gatar ka gobar. Gobar Kumar is nothing but tiny actor in front of superstar ajay devgan.

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  • @mechanic:
    Actually you bash Ajay devgan because he is bigger star than your queen. See the fact….
    Ajay’s highest grosser collected 141cr (without Deepika).

    Queen’s highest grosser collected only 115cr (without Deepika).

    And at first let your queen to surpass Ajay devgan then try to compare him with megastar Bhai..

  • @Tiger correction ajay’s solo with rohit shetty collected 140 Cr without deepika and queen’s “multistarrer” with rohit and without deepika will struggle to cross 200 Cr.

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  • @mechanik:
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    Last decade’s lowest grosser YLJK belong to your queen so queen is the disastrous actor of last decade…

    See Ajay’s highest grosser collected 141cr (without Deepika).
    Queen’s highest grosser collected only 115cr (without Deepika).

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  • @tiger-the real takla,you’ll not accept that’s why I have to write briefly


    soon VZ will also be BB according to boi.and also it’ll also change verdict of YLHJK from disaster to flop,so don’t worry.

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    sallu’s highest collection film with out south remake+masala genre+Harshali/kabir bhaijaan—-40cr(flop veer)

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    ONE MAN AY KING KHAN’S ALONE RA ONE>>>>>>sallu+koyla,ha ha ha ha.

    @tiger in last time you posted some salman supported site’s figure,where nishchay’s collection was found 95 lakhs.but in that same site you might forgot to check marigold’s figure was found 1cr and YLHJK’S figure found—-4.5CR(FLOP),ROFL.



    So salman has 2 biggest logtd disaster
    of 90’s—-nishchay

    2000-2009—-marigold(biggest disaster too,ROFL)

    You can check every site nischay’s collection is less than YLHJK in every site that I challenged you,ROFL.but unfortunately after I showed your face in the mirror you ran away from that place too,ROFL.


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