Ajay Devgn to begin ‘Shivaay’ before ‘Baadshaho’

Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgn will start shooting for his ambitious directorial venture ‘Shivaay’ before he begins working on ‘Baadshaho’.

Previously, Ajay had planned to begin shooting for ‘Baadshaho’ in October and release the film in March 2016.

However, since ‘Shivaay’ is dependent on weather conditions in Bulgaria (where Ajay will be shooting in snow), ‘Baadshaho’ will go on floors in February and release in theatres late-2016.

Talking about rumours that ‘Baadshaho’ has been permanently shelved, director Milan Lutharia said “These rumours are ridiculous. The bottomline is that Ajay’s film Shivaay is a weather-controlled project. Ajay called me to say that he has got together the international crew again and requested me if we could start shooting for Baadshaho from February next year.”

“He wants to shoot Shivaay from November 7 till the middle of February next year by which time, 70% of his film will be complete. He needs the snow for Shivaay. As he personally asked me to accommodate my dates because of the weather issue, I immediately agreed. I assured him we would work around it and adjust. In any case Shivaay for me to is like my home production as much as Ajay as he’s like family to me.”



  • ajay devgn has become very aggressive these days (when it comes to release dates of his films), booked Diwali’16 n Diwali’17 well in advance. no more defensive it seems. I like this attitude.

  • According 2 superstardom formula he is far behind khans and Hr. But he is already booked diwali 2016 and 2017. Why?he should get a chance 2 prove himself in 2016. So i have 2 say is if he didnt cross atleast 130cr he should change the release of SOS and let the superstars(khans,hr,akki) 2 release their film on diwali 2017.

  • Very excited for both these films but the problem will be when are they going to accommodate these films? Shivaay is already booked for late 2016 and if badshao also comes around the same time then it won’t be a good sign..I want only shivaay to release in 2016 as not every other film is as huge and as ambitious as this film

  • His true stardom will be tested with his upcoming high budget movies since they would have to collect huge in order to become hits

  • @kalia
    May be you with ajay,not all Salman fans,
    At least I am not.

    I think he is a superstar & it is true.
    Because he has huge huge huge star power & huge fan following that’s why his last film AJ collect huge huge huge 9cr+ on opening day in 3000+ screens.
    This result only for his ultra huge star power.

    But then I think varun,arjun,siddarth,ranveer,ranvir all are
    super seper super star.

  • @dilwale fan
    wat the hell r u toking about?ajay has already given a 140cr grosser with singham returns which us still a dream of ur superstar akki and 5 100cr grosser,another dream if superstar akki

    if despite this achievements u want to test ajays superstardom then u better Go To Hell

  • Badshaho should come on Christmas 2016 before srk books that date ….!!!
    Btw, shivaay looks a must watch movie.
    I hate flop Devgan but I will go for shivaay only becoz it is a promising movie that’s it !

  • 130cr with clash(YDHM) because its Diwali.I didnt even said he is not a superstar.I just said the truth that he is far behind khans nd hr according 2 superstardom.

  • Arjun Youngistan Fan, Dilwale Fan was no talking about your father(Babaji) so don’t be so stupid and offensie. He was talking about Ajay Devgn. And you have no rights to tell someone to go to hell especially to someone who has not said anything bad about you OR related to you. And remember, you are just some bhuddha on 90’s computer interested in today’s flop heroes so don’t cross your limits. Others can be offensive as well so chill and relax

  • Ajay sir made Rohit shetty & Rohit revived queen’s career. Hence, Ajay sir is the godfather of street dancer queen…

  • I am quite excited for Shivaay . I don’t remember the last time i was so excited for Ajay’s movie this much . Shivaay is looking like something different and unique . Baadshaho is also looking entertaining . But i am more excited for Shivaay . The posters of Shivaay were intriguing . Shivaay is releasing on Diwali and will clash with ADHM as of now, it is a expensive movie and it will be directed by AD himself so these are the things that will make it all the more exciting . U, Me Aur Hum was his directorial debut and it was a failure . I hope he has learnt his lesson and this time he will give a solid movie with a energetic performance . I can’t say anything about Baadshaho but Shivaay should definitely release on Diwali 2016 . Milan Luthria a solid human being who is postponing his movie’s shooting because of his friend that’s true friendship . Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am more excited about Baadshahon than Shivaay !!!!!!! If trailer and promos are good will watch Shivaay as well. AJ Devgan is a gem (acting) in Indian Cinema !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @diwale and @iambollywoodfan
    stop ur nonsense. U clearly said in ur first comment that ajay shd let khans hr akki to release films in diwali!!!

    How dare u put akki in a different league to that of ajay

  • @challa Ajay has nothing to prove again k. Why not you prove your superstardom with 1national award first.
    @bollywoodfan/dilwale /safiulu=sunny chechi. When big men are talking no need to put your mouth. Reserve what for akki? Shut up n get lost.
    @arjun youngistan…bro you have changed. I like that. Nice one bro esp to the akki fans using different id again.

  • Huge line ups. Let’s hope the movies are having good wom which is very important. I think so far he has the highest imdb rating of 9.1. If both movies can come close to this then yes expect some very huge numbers. All the best Indian Rambo(I ddnt say it it was the original Rambo himself who gave him that title).
    @challa do you really think he needs to prove his stardom or you mean he needs to translate his stardom into higher box office numbers. That will be better because we all know he is an A list actor and a superstar. Yes he did some craps which I personally critize. Am sure he learnt from that too. I thing we should wish him well esp for shivaay rumours have it it’s going to be India’s most expensive movie ever made. I think it’s Ajay producing it. What I like about Ajay is his timing esp if he wants to make something big. Waiting for snow. Suspense already. Excited.
    Some akshay fans don’t know even presenting Akshay with a rohit or yash or kabir or hirani brand without any clash to be released on holidays will still not guarantee a clear cut 100 crs. The earlier you accept and find solutions to akkis disappointments the better instead of showing your anger on release date of ajay. Agar Srk ya Salman ya Aamir fans hote better they deserve an answer but not akki fans plssss. Finally I don’t think even if SOS came out better IF then it means ajay is a bigger actor than srk. No I think Ajay even knows that. The Khans are in a special league of their own. Ajay and hritik should be the next bigger stars after the khans. A position which akshay misused and was carriedd away biggest of some nonsense comparism by his fans around 2008. For now no way, Hritik and Ajay for me. Akshay is just living on past glories and his huge loyal fanbase. That’s the truth. No where near Ajay and Hritik in acting though.

  • @dilwale really? I expect that comment from khans and Britons not akshay. Brothers with 3weeks no clash holiday release kya hua? Of recent times only tees maar khans failed for a A list actors to make it to 100 crs in lucrative holiday timing. At least Golmmaal 3 Diwali blockbuster. Sr independence like brothers super hit. SOS clash with mighty KHAN hit all d 3 movies 100 crs plus. So what nonsense are you typing. Even srk fans are not complaining beside @challa so why tumare body mein kujli ho raha hai? Ya pk ka? Reduce toxic consumption. Not good for the health especially for the brains as it makes you talk anything 3rd class and below. Respect your fan okay.

  • Wow, I am a long time member of indicine and people still think I’m an alternate account of sunny chechi or whatever. I’m not a chameleon and I have only changed my account name once which became MAN and I have already forgotten the reason.Armaan I did not once mention the name of Akki in my comment on this page yet you still mentioned me in your hate comment for akshay while I said in my comment that ajay devgn is big actor and not small person indirectly. Yet you and arjunkapoor fan still show your mind is set on on thing only, bashing others..

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