Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani Movie Review

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, two of the most good-looking actors in Bollywood come together in Rajkumar Santoshi’s Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. Santoshi in an interview promised a Laurel-Hardy kinda comedy, something that would appeal to the masses and classes, a movie that would be universally accepted, much like his cult classic Andaaz Apna Apna which released over a decade ago. Can Santoshi who has hard-hitting critically acclaimed films to his credit, recreate the AAA magic?

The movie is about Prem (Ranbir Kapoor) and Jennifer (Katrina Kaif). Prem is the president of ‘Happy Club’ which has a few simple rules – be happy, make others happy, unite couples – but its these very rules that test Prem when he eventually falls head over heels in love with Jennifer.

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani Review

Here’s what we liked about Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

  • If there is one reason why Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani is worth a watch, it has to be the brilliance of Ranbir Kappor. Surrounded by mediocrity and unnecessary madness, Ranbir stands tall in yet another fabulous performance. Undoubtedly, the future ‘superstar’ of Bollywood!
  • Some well written scenes (mentioned below) make the movie, a good one time watch.
  • Katrina Kaif adds immense value to the movie, purely by her screen presence and stunning looks. Its hard to take your eyes off her, due to which you manage to sit through those 2 – 3 song and dance numbers in the second half.
  • Supporting characters do well.
  • The chemistry between Katrina and Ranbir was excellent.
  • Tere Hone Laga Hoon was by far the best soundtrack in the movie.

Sequences that deserve a mention

  • When Katrina invites Ranbir to be her dance partner and the sequences that follow with her chosen-by-parents groom are hilarious. Slightly over the top, with Ranbir dancing all the way through with weird expressions, but funny nonetheless.
  • When the jobless Ranbir takes up a job in a sweets shop to impress Katrina.
  • Those broken English dialogue scenes were nice, again credit to Ranbir’s fantastic dialogue delivery.
  • When Ranbir’s mother, in an effort to stop his father from entering the bathroom, flirts with her husband.
  • Govind Namdeo’s introductory scene which includes that funny ringtone of his assistant.
  • Last but not the least, when Salman Khan (as himself) makes a dashing special appearance. The girlfriend – yours or mine talk – is sure to bring the house down.

Why we don’t recommend a trip to theaters.

  • What starts off as a light-hearted romantic movie, turns ugly in the second half with slapstick – Priyadashan style comedy.
  • The romance between Ranbir and Katrina almost works, but the addition of 2 unnecessary characters into Katrina’s life somewhat ruins it.
  • Like most madcap comedies in the recent past, Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani lacks a coherent storyline.
  • Upen Patel is a non-actor, even in those 10 odd minutes of screen time, he irritates.
  • Ideally Ajab Premki should have been a good 30 mins shorter. Blame those songs, all of which are badly placed.

Overall, Ajab Prem KI Ghazab Kahani belongs to Ranbir Kapoor and to a certain extent Katrina Kaif. The first half is good but its those post-interval portions that prove to be a major let down. Wait for the DVD.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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  • i told u before in comedy masala movies music doesnt hv any importance according to our directors so they dont work hard on music they just make 5,6 songs 2,3 item numbers in baar , pup or stage , 1 romantic song , 1 title and 1 last demo song complete masala movie’s masala album tayar. eccept SIK none of any comedy movie had goos music . so dont worry abt that . music is important only in romantic movies . just take example of LD love story without good music to result Flop. how is Kurbaan ‘s music ??? and dont need to talk abt TUM MILE coz it is emraan’s movie and every one knows that emraan’s movies music is always best music of the year . see jannat , gangster , zehar , murder , aksar , awarapan , aashiq banaya aap ne and now tum mile beleave me emraan’s movies music is batter then yash chopra n srk’s movies.

  • Thanks NAVEED for agreeing with me.

    well this is an old story…watching good films die and weak film hit the bulz eye…never mind…just take a look at few of such example…

    SILSILA (Amitabh, Shashi, Rekha, Jiya Bachan)
    Lamhey (Anil Kapoor, Sri Devi)
    Khamoshi – The musical (Salman, Manisha, Nana)
    Andaz Apna Apna (Salman, Amir)

    all these films got floped at the BO. but look at them now…especially SILSILA, LAMHEY and AAA. all three are counted among the all time classics.

    So lets not get bothered with the fact that a fine product such as London Dreams didn’t work wehreas APKGK is setting records… we love quality cinema…we’ve grown as audience and still growing. The ratio of bad films clicking has fallen considerably down as compare to a decade ago and this ratio will improve…

    So no worries…as far as APKGK is concerned…i think Rajkumar Santoshi deserved a hit…his AAA, Lajja and Khakee were three classically narated movies which didn’t do wonders at BO. So i think, for the sake of the survival of a supremely talented director, i think its good that one of his films is doing good. even if the film didn’t possess the required qualities.

    Lets just hope that he doesn’t get carried away and resumes providing us quality cinema, which we have associated with his name in the past :)

  • Kurbaan song is not tht gud…Only Sukra allah n KUrban huwa is nice …..

    For me ,London dream music was nice…because london dream music just grow everytime u listen it…Especially Mann ko ati bhavey is too good.Other Barso yaroo,Jash hai jith ka and Shola shola is very nice song which i really enjoy listen….But I m shock to this movie is not upto the mark in box office but i really like the way salman act……But nevertheless….It happens!!!!!!!!!!Wrong timing of movie released….so!!!!!

  • so finally the verdict is out ..this prem kahani has taken a tumble and has flopped im sure now that one must not go by the reviews by such sites and that includes indicine too. what made them praise this movie i dont know… this is the worst movie of the year unsittable like his saanwariya …those sites like taran adarshs boolywood hungama get money to write rave reviews ..taran rarely writes bad about a movie.. so in future please give the right ratings too.. this movie deserved only 0.25

  • MEgha:Oo u idiot….THis movie collection of 4 day is 30 crs already..and u r saying flop!!!!u have surely lost ur mind hehe…….It will easily emerge as superhit or blockbuster

  • Megha ji- aap kiske fan ho…? har page pe negative hi likhte ho…. “jhoot bole kawwa kaate…” suna hai na aapne…;) he he

  • I think the one who wrote the review on this website was spot on!! Good job!! I am defi gonna look at the reviews here before going for any movie in future…

    This movie completely lacks a good story line. 80% Bakwaas – 20 % funny. The only good thing in the movie is Ranbir – who proves he has excellent acting skills to go with those good enough to drool over looks..

  • megha:
    Let me know abt ur city that where abt do u live i will go to google search and find out good mental hospitals and tel u know coz u realy need mental treatment other wise it will be dangourse for other poeple.
    Sudeep & Amish :
    i dont think so that DDD music is bad it is good not very good like SIK but batter then other formula movies which released in last couple for years . and one think remember on bolywood only two musicians are here who wont let u disapointe
    1 . A R Rehman
    2 . Pritam
    then how can we say that DDD doesnt have good music when musician is Pritam

  • Nauman ji- DDD s a comedy movie but nw bcoz APKGK s released n d same month n it has bcom a blockbuster,.. ppl `ll surely compare DDD with APKGK music…
    promotions of DDD s also not upto d mark….

    problem s Pritam gave music 2 both…;)

  • I was in a search of a site that gives honest review on Bollywood Movies. After watching each movie, I would come visit Indicine what they have got to say. I find Indicine Review is most honest review!
    I trust Indicine Review! It is not reviewed by criteria as follows:
    1. Ohh, it is worth going watching this movie, because Ranbir is in it.
    2. Ohh, it is worth going watching this movie, because Katrina is in it.
    3. Ohh, it is worth going watching this movie, because it’s Rajkumar Santoshi Film.
    I used to be like that. Judging movie by many criteria as above, but avoid judging the movie itself.
    You surely know how to judge by storyline, screenplay, characters themselves, setting, plot, suspense etc etc. Dear friends, it’s time for you to grow up. We keep praising Bollywood by our personal preference, they will eventually stop making good movies. Please people please!

    Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahini (APKGK) was overall OK movie! Movie has amazing start. Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hain type of romantic story mixed with “Pridarshan type of comedy”. Ranbir & Katrina’s “Stuttering” character was somewhat convincing, looked not natural. Love chemistry between Ranbir & Kat was lacking! There were few verbal jokes here & there. Making people laugh with weird facial expression of cute & handsome superstars was unnecessary. Upen Patel is there for ~10 minutes. Salman is there for a ~minute. Movie keeps moving on questions: Is it comedy, is it romantic, is it suspense, this is what?
    If I compare with Love Aaj Kal 9.0, Wake Up Sid 8.5, Wanted 8.5, All The Best 7.5, APKGK 6.0.

    Wake up Sid! scores definitely more than APKGK! Go for that if its still playing in theater around you!

  • People already have Starting Saying bad about DE DANA DAN even before released.
    My Question are:( I m just wanna know …i m not akshay anti….
    1>Where is strong promotion????Where is akshay kumar whose home production n he even not promoting movie when it left 16 days to go?????

    2>Look the way Akshay kumar Promoted Heyy babyy,namaste london,SIngh is king..ANd How a days no promotion for Blue,KI,8 by 10???Where is akshay hidding??????

    3>Priyadarash,Suniel shetty all saying it Comedy rollar coster and Just watch the movie because u will 100% entertained…If so ,CAn it have new type of laugther which audience already seen in Ajab prem ki ghazab kahani,KI,Singh is king,Hera pheri?????

    4>MOvie have 27 character.Have priyadarsan write all their character role well????Is their good chemistry between characters???? 27 character is too many…..Wht if Audience get confused?????let say,may be all character cannot give justice to his/her character but atleast more than 10-15 character have done Good????

    5>Have Paraesh rawal done good role??His last few movie was very bad (Look at Mangaye mugle aajam and other)

    I too feel seeing the promo ,it is nothing wroth watching but Still i will go to watch the movie first day first show…because i cannot miss Akshay kumar movie!!!!!!!!!!I m just waiting to see my answer reply after watching movie

  • you saying that u dont feel like watching de dana dana after watching promos . but so many ppl i knw are waiting for this movie eagerly after watching the promos only . the promos are good but the promotion is not there

  • And more thing
    #From the promo,There is no chemistry between paresh rawal,Akshay n Suniel shetty!!!!!Is there in the movie???

  • PUnter:I am also eager for this movie…..I cannot even wait 16 day more but Promo is not as good as other movie..avg one…..But i m interested in movie beacause of Jonny lever,raj pal yadav,Akshay kumar,katrina,suniel,paresh rawal…….Hope they would dissapoint me

  • sudeep:
    i m not getting ur point that wht do u think abt promotion. every one knows that ddd is releasing on 27 nov every one has listened music and every one knows abt casting directer n producer names. so wht type of promotion do u want ??? promo is good looks like bhaghambhag , pher hera pheri , garam masala and so many other hit comedy movies , music is also good as per standard of comedy movies . wht do u want from akki should he knock on every single door and say them that my movie is going to release on 27 nov and this is its promo’s dvd . ??????
    tell me wht abt kurbaan ‘s promotion i didnt hear abt any thing from any of my friend but so many friends of mine has said to me that they wana watch DDD.

  • Nauman:Look the way Ajab prem ki ghazab kahani was promoted,Kaminey was promoted ,Wanted was promoted ,even Singh is king..Akshay have gone through every Channel and promote SIK…whether it is NDTV,cnn-ibn,Star plus,Zee news,and zoom channels….and he used to be news daily in every channel but DDD is not promoted well,This movie should started promoting now ..Just 16 days to go.. I agree with kurbaan not been promoting movie but still Karan johar,Kareena,Saif is going on different channel and promoting it…>In case of De dana dan…I have not seen any such thing infact not even sites are writing any big news or main news for de dana dan…Only i have seen Sameera Reddy n Neha dupia Interview in Bollywoodhungama.com n One article of Suniel shetty on starboxoffice.com but Y not akshay promoting ..this is his home production though……But Hope Movie will click at boxoffice!!!!!Because it is solo movie released on 27th nov and if movie is good surely,first week can be around 35-45 crs……If not then as usual 25-30crs+6-7 crs(rest of the week)…………..IF this movie is similar to welcome,no entry,hungama,hulchal,Singh is king,Golmaal returns,Ajab prem ki ghazab kahani …it will surely rock n enjoyed by audience even critics critize movie …But If it is same standard on CCTC,KI,Blue then surely it will be bad for Akshay kumar!!!!!!!!!!!!Budget is low(28-30 crs)…..If movie can give first good week then also…it can turn in hit status!!!!but For akshay star power,MOVIE should get around 50 crs!!!!!!!!!!

  • sudeep:
    as u know i m in sydney and i am not watching tv chanells here coz i dont hv dish in my home so i am not sure abt this type of promotion. but basic thing is every single person should know that which movie is coming next week and wht is cast who is director who is producer and wht gender it has. so i think every one knows abt DDD that it is unveiling of 27th nov.
    if u are worry abt akki that why is he not promoting his home production then listen, he is 100 times more worry abt his movies then us and he knows that wht he has to do for movie’s promotion how old are we he has that much experience in this industry. so promotion facter leave on him and wht we can do for promotion of DDD we can inform to our friends and make the plan to go together to cinema and i m doing this last saturday me and my 7 other friends went for ajab ghazab and before me and my 6 other friends went for Blue and same with aa dekhien zara . when i any good movie release and i realy want to hit that movie i take all of my friends to cinema even if some one say that i dont hv enough money that i say to hum that dont worry abt money i ll get ur ticket and when u will hv money u can give me back. yesterday my friend give me money back of Blue and it is almost a month has passed.
    so , we hv to do this , this is our job to make a movie hit.

  • No doubt, ranbir is the next superstar. N katrina is improving a lot in her acting skill. Lets talk bout the film, its really entertaining n fresh. Far better than an akshay kumar film. Indicine u r rite, one kambakht ishq an year is ok. Bt ajab ghazab marks the non loud n ear pleasing comedy. Excellent start. Nice cameo by sallu. Gr8 timing in comedy unlike govinda n akshays films. Wat i didnt lyk bout the movie is Upen patel. He doesnt even knw wat acting means ! He is the one which creates monotony in the second half. Ending was ok . Gud movie . Undoubtedly a hit. N ya songs r excellent sply TU JANE NA. Gud review by indicine. I totaly agree with it. YO INDICINE !

  • i dont find nay good thing about this movie except that the youngsters wanna drool over these unreachable megastars.. no single funny moment in the film songs look like a burden situations stretched far beyond limits ,,unconvincing ,,this movie can only appeal to lower mental classs people..which it has achieved

  • De Dana Dan – They are trying to promote the movie as super comedy with one single sentence “Ghajini Ke Aulad”, saw few people laughing about it, that was it. Rest of the trailer lacks the message they want to send. I dont know about the movie, but De Dana Dan promo sucks. Is promo only about cut/paste few funny scenes from the whole movie these days? Make bad movies, maybe ok, but at least do good at your marketing part. How do you plan to sell your bad or good product? Whatever it is, because I am not buying it. These people have started taking viewers for granted.

  • ranbir has atarted acting very good from wakeup sid and it continues in apkgk.

    the most adorable scene in this movie was the one in which ranbir is in church with his tooti phooti english. man i love that scene very much

  • sudeep:
    now how is promotion of DDD . i cant watch indian chanell so i dont know but i m worry abt that coz so many people said to me that there r not enough promos of the movie on tv chanells . so now only 11 days left so r they doing good promotion or it is still like that???

  • naah, i dont reallly like it
    the storyline was crapp, and umm i juust like the songs and ranbiir
    he acted goood, i expected more from this moviie
    i looved all of ranbirs movies(wake up sid, bachna ae haseeno)
    but this one is the worst…i dont like it! it wasnt that good…dont watch it
    i rate it 1.5 out of 5

  • i’m not a critic and i dont know what is a good movie and whats called a bad movie..frankly i enjoyed apkgk from top to bottom…specially the dance party, the end fighting scene, ranbir working, etc etc…i just couldnt stop laughing…i liked every supporting character’s acting except upen patel…..according to me the only drawback i found was that the movie was really big!!!!one more thing….i loved the gangster…he was so funny and his gangmembers almost getting electrocuted . i’m still laughing…..

  • I loved the movie too much.Specially the songs,oof!they were simply tooooooo good!I really go for those who liked it.And why shoudn’t they?I really didn’t know that Ranbeer acts so well.And, REALLY important,Ranbeer&Katrina’s jodi is just toooooooooooooooooooo amazing!!!!

  • Despite of all the drawbacks(rarely it has any according to me),i’ll rate it 4.1 out of 5.I do not care what “not a good movie”-people think and Katrina looks faaaaar better with Ranbeer than Sallu or Akki i guess.

  • Megha,u should get a noble prize for writting bad comments.I’m sorry to say (not much) that u have made a horrible comment.I don’t know what problem u have with the movie but u shoudn’t have made these types of idiotic comments.

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