Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani Movie Review

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, two of the most good-looking actors in Bollywood come together in Rajkumar Santoshi’s Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. Santoshi in an interview promised a Laurel-Hardy kinda comedy, something that would appeal to the masses and classes, a movie that would be universally accepted, much like his cult classic Andaaz Apna Apna which released over a decade ago. Can Santoshi who has hard-hitting critically acclaimed films to his credit, recreate the AAA magic?

The movie is about Prem (Ranbir Kapoor) and Jennifer (Katrina Kaif). Prem is the president of ‘Happy Club’ which has a few simple rules – be happy, make others happy, unite couples – but its these very rules that test Prem when he eventually falls head over heels in love with Jennifer.

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani Review

Here’s what we liked about Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

  • If there is one reason why Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani is worth a watch, it has to be the brilliance of Ranbir Kappor. Surrounded by mediocrity and unnecessary madness, Ranbir stands tall in yet another fabulous performance. Undoubtedly, the future ‘superstar’ of Bollywood!
  • Some well written scenes (mentioned below) make the movie, a good one time watch.
  • Katrina Kaif adds immense value to the movie, purely by her screen presence and stunning looks. Its hard to take your eyes off her, due to which you manage to sit through those 2 – 3 song and dance numbers in the second half.
  • Supporting characters do well.
  • The chemistry between Katrina and Ranbir was excellent.
  • Tere Hone Laga Hoon was by far the best soundtrack in the movie.

Sequences that deserve a mention

  • When Katrina invites Ranbir to be her dance partner and the sequences that follow with her chosen-by-parents groom are hilarious. Slightly over the top, with Ranbir dancing all the way through with weird expressions, but funny nonetheless.
  • When the jobless Ranbir takes up a job in a sweets shop to impress Katrina.
  • Those broken English dialogue scenes were nice, again credit to Ranbir’s fantastic dialogue delivery.
  • When Ranbir’s mother, in an effort to stop his father from entering the bathroom, flirts with her husband.
  • Govind Namdeo’s introductory scene which includes that funny ringtone of his assistant.
  • Last but not the least, when Salman Khan (as himself) makes a dashing special appearance. The girlfriend – yours or mine talk – is sure to bring the house down.

Why we don’t recommend a trip to theaters.

  • What starts off as a light-hearted romantic movie, turns ugly in the second half with slapstick – Priyadashan style comedy.
  • The romance between Ranbir and Katrina almost works, but the addition of 2 unnecessary characters into Katrina’s life somewhat ruins it.
  • Like most madcap comedies in the recent past, Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani lacks a coherent storyline.
  • Upen Patel is a non-actor, even in those 10 odd minutes of screen time, he irritates.
  • Ideally Ajab Premki should have been a good 30 mins shorter. Blame those songs, all of which are badly placed.

Overall, Ajab Prem KI Ghazab Kahani belongs to Ranbir Kapoor and to a certain extent Katrina Kaif. The first half is good but its those post-interval portions that prove to be a major let down. Wait for the DVD.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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    First i wanna tell, comedy movies shud be a multistarrer or else it slips off.. wen a single hero takes a responsibility of the entire movie it makes it a burden not only for that hero but also to d audience.
    Thats exactly wat happened with this movie.

    Story- hmmm cant really ask for a story from a comedy movie;)
    Briefly ranbir runs happy club with a gang of frnds. motto of d club to make every1 happy.he meets katrina, falls in love with her. but she loves some1 else(upen patel) who s d son of a politician. politician doesnt lik dis relation. ranbir even tho he loves katrina, does everythin possible to bring upen and katrina together.finally kat falls for or rather realizes she s in love with ranbir. (ladhkiyan ajeeb hoti hai yaaar, once they fall for 1 den realize dey love some1 else.. he he;) )

    If u divide d movie (which v always do) into 2 parts

    1st half is gud(not excellent lik most ppl r tellin)
    2nd half s really bad.

    one more thing- most comedy scenes r already watched on tv(trailors)

    Eg- ab us kutte keliye muje kandala aana padega, no complaints no demands, prem shankar sharma president uska baap kya kartha hai, main kaam pe ja raha hun maa, wo pakki non vegetarian, main ise baghake layan hun maa, tum bahut ache ho i lik u.., main body ko garam kar raha tha etc…

    some other scenes which r gud- salmans guest appearence, dance flick wer ranbir makes a bakra of tony, in 2nd half wen ranbirs mom tries romancing her hubb to save ranbir and katrina.

    negative characters- Upen patel s sick, cant act nor laugh properly.
    don who looks pathetic(remember similar don in movie one two three starrin tushar suniel paresh)
    overactin by the politician.

    even katrina in some scenes doesnt emote properly.

    Chemistry- this jodi `ll be bettter for a romantic flick rather than a full on comedy.

    GUD thing bout this movie- Ranbir s gud but not excellent. but carries out his role well.

    may be bcoz ranbir did such kind of movie for d 1st time he was praised. but if he continues he `ll be targeted lik akshay kumar.

    overal its a average movie.


    This movie s gettin mixed response. so d euphoria `ll settle down soon.

    I would prefer Jail over this 1.
    Not worth wastin 200 bucks. wait for the dvd.;)

    Indicine team has given a gud review.:)

  • Guyz Amish is bang on wid hiz review.
    i thought even da stammering by both Kat and RK became annoying after a while. on da whole da film iz not dat good. 1 time watch. no where near AAA, which is an unfair comparison.

    can some1 tell me how much a ticket iz in India plz. over here in England a ticket (student) iz 5 POUNDS 10P.
    am just curious to know.

  • Thanks Naveed for considerin my review to be gud.:) most dont think so…;)

    in India movie tickets – in multiplexes starts at 150rs n goes upto 500rs for gold class.

    weekend shows r expensive.

    if the movie s a hit and s houseful goes upto 1000rs.

    single screeen theaters r cheaper. starts at 60-70rs but once u get used to multiplex it feels dum to watch der…;)

  • Indicine team:
    u said abt akki that he is doing same kind of roles since last some years and he wont be suit for perm’s role which ranbir did .
    i want to tell u about akshay’s last somes movies performances
    so i will start from bottom mean from blue
    Blue : a rich guy who likes advanture i didnt give any single comedy sceen in this movie may be some joks but not a comedy
    KI: a stuntman who lives in Hollywood with stars he performed as his roles . i m agree that role was funny and whole movie excet last 20 min he was funny and loud . but did u see his gat up his look ??? it was 100 % according his role and situations his dialogue delevery was according his role.
    8×10 tasveer:
    Very series role a person who can watch in a photo and he didnt dilever single sceen of jok , comedy , funny , over acting . he was reserve in whole movie
    CC2C : ok i am agree as u said nothing was new in his role but plz dont forget his kung fu training and in 2nd half some fight sceens , none of ur body wood actor from ashok kumar , K L sehgal to ranbir , imran or neil nitin or aditya suman ( i think he is a latest bollywood discovery so far) can do this role and this training and this kung fu sceens.
    Singh is King :
    1st half normal loud comedy but 2nd half very mature person
    another diffrent role some time comedy , some time emotional and some time sactions , but its ok i didnt like him
    very mature person and he didnt comedy in that movie only paresh and nana were comedian and in some sceens anil and akki
    bhulbhulaian :
    tell me honest plz it was same kind of role ???? where he did comedy in the movie may be a few sceens ( and in ghajini aamir also did some funny sceens ). and in the last 20 min just remember his dialogue dilevery and his performance
    heyy babyy:
    ok 1st half comedy n 2nd half totally emotional
    namaste london :
    in start some funny sceens in punjab but when he flow to london were was comedy even rugby match wasnt comedy
    bhabhumbhag, pher hera pheri and garam masala
    it was 100 % funny as routine
    waqt :
    who can u forget 2nd half of waqt it was his best performance on that time
    just ok
    Aitraaz :
    only 1st sceen when he was shaving and drinking tea at same time and he put shaving brush in tea after that in whole movie he was very respencible and did very good job.
    Mujhse shadi karo gi:
    i accept but dont forget he stole the show and he dumped saluu uncle on that movie
    i dont need to say any thing abt it every one knows his performance.
    now tell me where was reseblence in his roles every single movie had single diffrent role just some movies like hera pheri, awara pagal deewana, garam masala , pher hera pheri , deewanay howe pagal , bhagam bhag , heyy baby , KI had same comedy funny roles but eccept that every time hi did diffrent
    now i ill say abt future movies
    action replay :
    total diffrent movie with diffrent kind of role
    housefull , Hera pheri 4 ,
    may be same kind of coz housefull is sajid’s and herapheri 4 is anees’s movies.
    patiala house:
    it is also diffrent father , son’s relations movie
    so plz give me answer of this
    even u didnt give me reply of my 1st question that if u were writer of LD wht climax and wht dialogues would u write ? coz u said dialogues were poor and climax was not up to the standard.

  • review of APKGK:
    i am 100 % agree with sudeep that if this role performed akki every one would say ohhh akshay ko to bas ab aik hi tarha ka kaam aata hai us ki to har film aisi hi hoti hai. but ranbir ke liye sabhi kuch maaf hai .
    in this movie nothing was new eccept funny joks funny sceens and good comedy.golmaal returns, KI , welcome , bhaghumbhag were also had good comedy but why critics didnt like them ??? this movie 100 % have a catigary of these movies . but who cares abt story if u r laughing entire whole movie and u feel very happy and good then who wants story every one wants entartainment and good comedy funny sceens and good music give entertainment not a good story , if u want good story then go to mathur bhandharkar or vishal bharadwaaj not priyadarshan , david dhawan , rohit shetty and rajkumar santoshi,
    1st half full of life and entertainment 2nd half also good but nothing new all old situtations like heroen doesnt know that with whom she loves and she relised in the very last sceen of movie . we hv fresh example of love aaj kal and KI . kidnappers were total wasted they didnt hv space in script but who cares abt script ? but fight with kidnapers were totally same like so many other movies especially andaaz apna apna , katz wants to hit villian but always ranbir gets hurt.
    this movie has only 3 plus points:
    good comedy
    ranbir’s best performance
    katz looks she realy looks like a pari , angle
    negative points:
    story line
    old comedy situations and style
    extra cast ( villains )
    climax which one every one knows abt it.
    rajkumar santoshi is ok , even good , music is also ok
    my rating 3 / 5
    wakeup sid is much batter of this even wakeup sid had good story line and good situational music and konkana’s best ferformance.

  • very well said nauman , even i think that AK is being targeted he has performed various roles but ppl think he does more or less same role but this is not the case . there was a scene in london dreams where salman cracked an under the belt(i dont remember exact dialogue) joke nobody spoke abt it but a single dialogue by AKKi wd have created uproar that he always speak under the belt joke and the same ppl watch hollywood sex comedies and enjoy which they dont find cheap but if indian tries to move forward they say he is cheap and do cheap movies

  • so the verdict is out ..the poor film has bombed badly…universally rejected and santoshi is in a state of shock…that had to happen.. next in line for a miserable time is apne reshamiya ki RADIO… that movie too will be discarded by us and shown the waste paper bin just like this one ..im glad nobody has appreciated this prem kahani without any kahani

  • Hope De dana will works!!!!!Finger cross..but one thing is pretty sure tht review will not be great still i m gonna see tht movie

  • Priyadarsan already said in one interview tht “Movie has used same old formula which he used in his previous movie”So i know critics will not like tht movie but anyhow….i m gonna see it

  • Sudeep- every1 `ll watch DDD. Akki s d King of comedy:)

    ” us buddi ke ghar jaunga, uske paise chenunga, mercedes kharidunga, aur tere mayyat pe aunga dance karne…” he he

  • am not AK biggest fan but he said dat DDD is da best comedy hez done till date. well it cant be any worse dan APKGK.
    ur rite Sudeep critics will slam him, but who carez bout critics. most ov em slam Salman and Akki movies anyway.

  • Naveed- akki tells it for every movie he does..

    CC2C- the best comedy movie,
    Tasveer- best performance
    KI- best movie
    Blue- dangerous movie `ve made till date.

    its just for promotions.;)

  • Akshay Kumar is an established superstar and a few flops and average performers do not make much difference unless they start getting poor starts. As long as his films get the big openings, his superstar status will remain, if his films start having poor first weekends then questions of stardom arise.

  • Yup sudeep i read dat in box office india… that s true… Star status of an actor s judged by the openin he gets. thats wy akki s in top5.:)

  • I am a Akki fan,I first time liked him in Khiladi..It was a nice movie..Then,few more hits like mohra,main khiladi…cm..But I saw his comic timing firsttime in Mr 7 misses khiladi..it was a floop ,but I liked Akki’s comic timing..After that Hera pheri came..it was simply great…after that again I liked him garammasal,bhoolbhulaia,ki,sing is king (first half specially)…in welcome I found Anil & nana’s performance more interestin…anyway in ddd as we still found through tailor,Akki may be gd ascomedy role,but it seems to be repeatative…Priyadarshan admits that as Sudeep told,so I have a doubt..But Akki’s film ll get definately gd opening…

  • kiya kar raha hai tu ??
    khud kushi karne ja raha hoo.
    to kapde kion le ja raha hai , honey moon ke liye ja raha hai kia ??

  • amish:
    wht abt this???
    nitin bankar tere kuttay ka naam hai ???
    aray pagal ho gaya hai kia woh to mera naam hai.

  • Music review of 3 idiots: First thing first,THis is not the album which i was waiting….So pathic songs…I wonder music is first let down of the movie..
    Album start with
    1>Aal Izz Well…it is ok type of song..nothing more than tht ..It will last until movie last 2.5/5
    2>Zoobi Doobi ….it is another ok type song..nothing new!!!!! 2.3/5
    3>Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh
    4>Give Me Som Sunshine..this one is only save this album….it is good to listen but still some words from s.joshi is irritating…..3.5/5
    5> Jaane Nahin Denge…another nice song but not great 3/5
    2 songs are remix …not interest

    Overall,Dissapointing album………2/5!!!! It is better to stay far from 3 IDIOTS album…nothing worth

  • oops..I forget to write
    3>Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh….nice song again but not tht great 3/5

    Overall …. i can give 2.5 /5 after listening this song!!!!!

  • Nauman ji- thats a gud 1…:)

    Sudeep bhai- ya i agree with u.. songs r not even DDD standard.
    i thought DDD lacked gud music but 3 idiots s worse…

    wy dese comedy movies r havin so below average music i cant underst,…
    all d best was bad, den DDD, nw 3 idiots,

  • sudeep:
    hows the music ?? i dont think so it will rocks coz comedy movies never hv good score except some exeptional cases. how did u find DDD’s music ???

  • Nauman:People will find De dana music bad but for me it is not tht bad….It look like bad as compare to Tum mile,Ajab prem ki ghazab kahani,Loveaaj kal but it is decent album…For me de dana dan music review is

    risthe nathee–ALways is fond of fateih ali khan and he donot dissapointed me….4/5(Best of the album)
    Paisa..RDB is also one of my fav so he also didnot disapoint me..4/5(2nd best of album)
    Rest are ok type of song Like they will last until movie last…Especially Naught hotty is one bad song which i have heard this year…… Album is 2.5/5 but for me i will give it 3/5 because of Paisa and Risthe nathee

  • DDD music not so gud…. bamulaiza, rishte nathe, de dana dan, paisa r gud. others not so gud,… paisa s d best among al…;)

  • These year is not too good songs have came out!!!!!really…dissapointing year in term of music n film both….
    This year for me top 3 movie songs are
    1>Loveaaj kal…(it is superb album..i donot like one song sung by sunidhi chawan but except tht every songs are so good tht i m listening this album again n again
    2>Kaminey(I like 3 songs from this movie…dan ta nan,ratke dhai baje,pheri baar mohabatte ki hai..)
    3>Ajab prem ki ghazab kahani n Tum mile(SOme of songs of these movie are too good…especailly Atif aslam Tu jane na…awsome)

  • For Me 3 idiot songs are very bad…really dissapointed because Aamir khan movie songs were nice in past…Ghajni,Rangde basanti,Fanna,tare zameen par!!were very good but If i m to compare 3 idiots songs with tht then it even donot deserve 1/5

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