AIB Knockout Top 10 Jokes: Featuring Arjun Kapoor, Ranveer Singh

All India BakchodKnockout featuringBollywood celebrities like Arjun Kapoor,Ranveer Singh and Karan Johar was the most vulgar, offensive yet insanely entertaining show. It takes a lot of guts to laugh at the most offensive jokes, but the stars on the show did just that.

Performed live at the NSCI (Worli, Mumbai) in front of four thousand people, with Ranveer’s girlfriend Deepika Padukone and Arjun’s girlfriend Sonakshi Sinha in attendance, the panel member went all out to reveal those ‘party jokes’ out in the public.

Check this out:

– Introducing Karan Johar: A pilot, a sailer, an actor, a model, an architect are all men he would happily ****.

– When Ranveer Singh an Arjun Kapoor come on stage, Ranveer smooches (edited out in the video) Karan and then goes on to say “Don’t be shocked, I have been doing more than that to him for 4 years, he still won’t cast me in a ****ing movie”

We have attached all parts of the showbelow, but before you watch it, check out our Top 10 jokes from the show. If you like what you read, go ahead and watch it!

1. I am not saying that Ranveer Singh does shit films, but the last good thing he was in was Deepika Padukone.

2.How does it feel to be the only sad person every time Virat Kohli scores a century Ranveer Singh?

3. Ranveer Singh completed four years in the movie industry.. one year of acting and three years about getting over Anushka Sharma.

4. Rohan Joshi (AIB team) recently moved from Malabar Hills to Santa Cruz, that’s like moving from Ranbir Kapoor to Ranveer Singh.

5. Arjun, you dropped those kilos faster than Deepika dropped her dating standards.

6. Deepika is a state level badminton player and Ranveer is a national level sex offender.

7. We wanted to get Ranbir Kapoor for the show but we could only manage Ranveer, which is also what Deepika did.

8. Ranveer Singh is so horny that if he *****a chick with Ebola she would die of AIDS first.

9. Arjun Kapoor, not a lot of people know this man, but you flunked in 12th standard. That means technically you are not even qualified to be a bus conductor. Which is really sad, because you would have sold way more tickets as a bus conductor.

10. In 2 States, Arjun Kapoor plays aPunjabi guy who falls for a hot South Indian. Basically he played Boney Kapoor!

The most hilarious moment on the show came when Ranveer Singh says he is sad that ‘Kill Dil’ failed at the box office. Arjun then says that he should do a Dharma film. Ranveer gets an idea – he goes and bends down in front of Karan Johar. Karan takes to the mike and says “That’s my position Ranveer”.

Liked the jokes? Watch the full episode of AIB Knockout below!



  • UnFunny, and Extremely cheap…. Shameful

    This is the new definition of ‘Creativity at it’s Best’ for the new Wannabe Intellectuals… last time i even saw these AIB guys using same language for Amitabh Bachchan even calling him budhdha etc.

    and the funnier thing about these Wannabe Cool Intellectual people is that the way they say madarchod,bhenchod it looks so fake like they never actually say that in their life coz even that is downmarket for them…. plus now they think that using such language for such shows makes them, cool, rebel, real (lol the Fakest ppl) …inki maa aur beheno ko audience me bithake choot wale jokes sunao… dekhte hai kitna cool banke haste hai… never really found these AIB guys funny forget about finding them creative…… Deepika outraged over cleavage , Sonakshi outraged over KRK’s tweet talking about body parts of women , both were laughing on AIB jokes… Coool.

    all the the people who were present there, and those who were talking as well as who were laughing on it , blushing and appreciating it should be hang out..

  • shame shame shame on these people send these morons to jail now i am sure deepika,s cleavage stunt was just for publicity.

  • This is not good and not at all funny … Yes I don’t like Ranveer, infact I hate him for his so called “cool” attitude… but he doesn’t deserve this..

  • deepika made hue and cry over toi on cleavage. sonakshi had a problem with krks tweet on her. now both are laughing.double standards both are hypocrites.

  • @indicine post hamari adhuri kahani shoot wrap.Biggest film awaited. Emraan hashmi-mohit suri return.god of hit songs..Mr.X coming on 17th april but HAK will be big……

  • There is nothing to feel offended about.It was a night of entertainment with vulgar and double meaning jokes that too for charity.If people can love Grand Masti then why not Aib’s videos.I personally enjoyed the show.But still Tvf’s videos are somewhat better than them because it’s difficult to create humor with clean jokes which they have done with perfection. Watch the Arnub vs Kejriwal debate it’s too good

  • I started my morning seeing these cheap videos which reveal How big hypocrites these celebs are!!
    Deepika created a mayhem on social media coz of the TOI article but here was laughing on some pervert jokes..
    Same with Sona mam,who lambasted KRK but here was laughing her heart out..Alia is dumbass,everyone knows!

    And I have no words left for Mr/Mrs Karan Johar and two clowns Arjun and Ranveer.And I was deeply heart when they said such offensive things to a veteran like Farida Jalal..


    Really I can’t imagine people falling so low for presenting themselves as “cool” that they forget all moral values..It can’t get cheaper than this.

  • @ARJUN KApoor fan:I request you to completely abandon this Arjun Kapoor as your idol,plz follow and idiolize Ranbir Kapoor..That will be good for your future..You are currently following a 12th class failure,who does’nt knows acting..

    Plz it’s a request! Follow RK,he is respected,knows acting and has some shame left in him.

  • That’s why I have always maintained that Varun dhawan,Sid Malhotra,Ayushman,Sushant and tiger are the best finds..they are much better than these 2 jokers..
    Hrithik has even planned to train his kids with tiger and wants them to follow him.

  • @Chalaa Even TVF Videos have vulgarity in them. There is one episode where a man calls and disturbs his friend and asks him”*ex *ex Kar Liya?” and makes jokes about his sister.
    Anyways, The Comedy Central Roasts are way better in comparison and the next guy to be roasted is Justin Bieber so that can’t be bad as making fun of someone everyone hates can only gain praise

  • I hate to say this as I am someone who has not only become accustomed with english humour n satire but try my level best to be as witty as they are but these guys from AIB have taken satire too far n this type of ‘roasting’ was too disgusting going beyond vulgar…! Ok jokes about their (gunday air) past relationships may have needed their prior approval so fair play to them but atleast make it tasteful so you can LOL without having to take that one second time out to judge if you really should be LOL or bow your head pretending you didnt hear this crap…! The ‘charlie sheen’ roasting at Comedy central of afew yrs ago was just top draw n huge respex to Charlie but here I dont find a single joke/ comment funny or worth repeating…!

    PS Joke 9 was my type of joke so thanks for stealing my thunder you jacka$$$

  • @kshitij yestetyears waterboy now the wrong number giving babuji n sarumans thullu carrier…,,,

    OMG sequel- Navin agrees with Babuji..,,

    Im in shock- gonna read baby nipuns review of baby to bring me back to my senses now….

  • All the world knows that Arjun can’t act….I knew he failed his exams. looolz
    the best jokes are 9 and 10.

  • Where did the women empowerment go when all the anal sex, masturbation, anal f**k and all parineeti sex jokes were going on ? #IStandWithDeepika is pure dramebaazi. And yes the gay inuendos and gay kisses ? Looks like kjo is from porn industry.

  • @Babaji but the purpose of the entire show was to raise funds for charity.Yes it was cheap and vulgar but it wasn’t telecast on Television.It means those who don’t like such kinds of shows could stay away from it.The video has became a sensation on social media and everybody is praising it.
    We all live in a generation where such humor exists in our day-to-day conversations so there is no need to make a fuss out of it.As far as the presence of heroines are concerned obviously they won’t mind such jokes on them since it was a show where their co-stars were present and they would have surely been consulted about the jokes directed on them

  • @Iam I haven’t seen all their videos but the show where the host is a replica of Arnub is amazing.Also the spoof on Rohit,Salman and srk were good

  • @IMAkn first time I agree with you, this is just utter nonsense,we should not appreciate these things at any cost.I had respect for Ranveer Singh when he dared to endorse Condom brand but this is just a shame.Arjun kappor also disappointed me this time.While never had any hope with kjo so nothing surprising.
    @Babaji that’s why I was against deepika that time as they are attention seekers,Sona is very much interested in vulgurity so its gotta happened.

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