Agent Vinod fails at the box-office

Agent Vinod opened to a decent response on it’s opening day, but the verdict was clear as early as Sunday, when the film failed to pick-up after a drop in collections on Saturday.

On the first crucial weekday (Monday), collections were around Rs 3.5 crores, a drop of more than 60% from Friday. Tuesday and Wednesday were worse, as Agent Vinod only managed about Rs 4.5 crores.

Considering the star-cast, hit music and director Sriram Raghavan’s previous work, Agent Vinod was expected to do reasonably well at box-office. Unfortunately, it’s turned out to be one of 2012’s biggest disappointments.

Below is the collection breakdown

  • 3 day Weekend – 27.5 crore
  • Monday – 3.5 crore (approx)
  • Tuesday – 2.5 crore (approx)
  • Wednesday – 2 crore (approx)
  • 6 day Total – 35.5 crore

Overall, Agent Vinod is expected to fall short of the 50 crore mark and remain well below Kahaani, which is the second biggest grosser of the year after Agneepath.



  • Hello everyone,

    This is the best movie of the year!! Plz watch this movie. Otherwise they will be encouraged to make crappy movies like bodyguard. I live in the states and watch Hollywood movies mostly. This movie was better and more enetertaining than all bond movies! Have fun and give this movie a chance.

  • .Dunno why if someone tries something new in this country,everyone tries to pull it down? If bond or jason can kill 20 guys,n come out alive,thats okay,but if AV does the same,that’s not acceptable to them(hypocrisy!)..when will we start appreciating our things??… And its for the 1st time someone has showcased India’s extrnl intelligence agency RAW(many ppl didnt even know what RAW IS..) We always say that they ve got CIA,fbi,kgb, we can proudly say we’ve got.. RAW!
    P.S: Don’t expect anythg romantic,and u’ll enjoy the movie..first half will leave u a bit confused( like..what’s this story?),but wait for d 2nd half..u ll love it!…n don’t go by critics,just watch it.

  • This film was average starting of the film was good but last few hours it was boaring if salman is in the film agent vinod it is all time blockbuster ever

  • Bilawal that is true, but its effective for smellar movies and movies which are generally liked later on DVD/Satellite etc, its too early to say that for Agent Vinod.You saw how EHT and Johnny Gaddar got appreciation after BO run .But Agent Vinod is a big budget movie made with the point of view of turning it into a franchise . thus almost everything depends on BO here

  • Agent Vinod.. Is an awesome movie…
    Good cinematography…
    One of the best or the best action movie ever made in bolly…
    I dont get it..they like robot…and not this…

    This is some country..

  • Who does not like this movie? Ye kaun log hain jo subah subah bina gaand dhoye movie dekne chale jaate hain?

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