Agent Vinod fails at the box-office

Agent Vinod opened to a decent response on it’s opening day, but the verdict was clear as early as Sunday, when the film failed to pick-up after a drop in collections on Saturday.

On the first crucial weekday (Monday), collections were around Rs 3.5 crores, a drop of more than 60% from Friday. Tuesday and Wednesday were worse, as Agent Vinod only managed about Rs 4.5 crores.

Considering the star-cast, hit music and director Sriram Raghavan’s previous work, Agent Vinod was expected to do reasonably well at box-office. Unfortunately, it’s turned out to be one of 2012’s biggest disappointments.

Below is the collection breakdown

  • 3 day Weekend – 27.5 crore
  • Monday – 3.5 crore (approx)
  • Tuesday – 2.5 crore (approx)
  • Wednesday – 2 crore (approx)
  • 6 day Total – 35.5 crore

Overall, Agent Vinod is expected to fall short of the 50 crore mark and remain well below Kahaani, which is the second biggest grosser of the year after Agneepath.



  • I just cannot understand the rationale of the Indian Film goers in condemming this film. I’ve just seen Agent Vinod in New York, I found it entertaining exciting and different. Bond has used the Asian Continent as a backdrop for movies but not as coherent as the wonderful execution of sceneray and cultural mores of Asia, Morocco and Somalia that was done in Agent Vinod. The producers and director just need to cut it down to 2 hours and tighten some scenes to make this a world class spy thriller. Also Kareen was the wrong choice for a spy, the other suppoting cast were OK, Saif Ali Khan was great, he carried the movie. I hope they break even at the box office so they will be encouraged to make a sequel

  • Sad…..but..instead of..pouring money..they should hire good writers..
    Not every movie can pull out..what DON2 did..good script + style..

  • @Indicine-No Sorry to say but The main reason is Saif….he don’t have fan following like 3 khans or Hrithik or Akki or Ajay that’s what caused movie for poor collection.Never forget It was an experimental movie so you can’t take risk if you don’t have much fan following…He should have made a low budget movie like love stories so with good wom it can succeed like luv aj kal etc…..

  • You guys know,this Saifeena couple is so overrated.Thats why their every movie is flop.Tashan,Kurbaan and now Agent Pungi.Know your role Saif.You are not at the level of Salman,Shahrukh and Amir.

  • it is not cause saif i mean if a movie is good you watch it you dont need a khan i mean they are very successfull but i think because their films are very well

  • Agent vinod is good movie, i have watched, ItZ damn Awesome…… don’t think tht, it nt wells @ box office, bt saif did everything, Luv ett 2 much guyz……

  • yar saif main burai karna nahi chahta par ye film achi nahi thi tum abhi srk or sallu ki tarah famous nahi ho so sorry?

  • agent vinod is an awesome movie the person who commented that this movie is bad………..go n learn hw 2 watch a movie…….or 1st know wat is movie……….

  • Sometimes, somthings are happening for good. If saif’s movie turns a hit, i will be a prn star :p

  • Absolutly Bakwaas and ghatiya movie….poor acting skills…..sirf style maarne se film hit nahi hoti …saif ji thodi acting bhi seekh kar ao….. guys its a total waste of yur time and money. rating-1/5

  • Don2 was a flop too. Budget: 150cr
    india: 90cr > > 50cr dstbtn shr
    overseas: 25cr > > 10cr d.s
    -90cr >> flop
    and bodyguard budget: 30cr
    india: 172cr >> 95cr
    overseas: 55cr >> 30cr
    95cr profit > > hit

  • the movie was bound to fail. if ur not salman khan don`t expect ur bad movie to be a bluckbuster. only salman khan can make a hit out of nothing. i hope saif doesn`t do this kind of rubbish movie again. i have a feeling that agneepath will be the best movie of 2012 in terms of content.

  • Son of sardar will be the best film of the year followed by tezz best actor of bollywood only one khan he is ajay dev khan..

  • @ Miss Poonam Pandey

    Don 2 budget was 70 crores and its gross in india was 144 crores and overseas gross was 66 crores hindi only so total 210 crores much bigger than Salman Khans Ready and not far behind bodyguard (60 crore budget) which was hyped to the max and crashed after a 100 crore first week to 140 net and only 230 crore overseas.

    Shahrukh Khan bad movies Ra. One 240 crores and MNIK 200 crores even gross high numbers, shahrukh is consistent wont be long before he destroys 3 idiots record and makes salman his bodyguard.

  • sahi hai, yahan k logo ko love story k siva kuch pasand he ni aata. saif ko sochna chahiye tha, koi bkvaas love story krta vo b isse acha collection kr k deti. so guys enjoy love story!

  • @Dumbara…heyy dude, I know that srk is a grt actor bt sallu is much superior than him.cuz sallu is vry faadu actor, his presenc makes movie damn hit evn though the story is nt so gud…1 day sallu will be like amitabh bacchan….unmatchable….

  • its in the history no bollywood movie which has this anti pakistan idea has ever been able to make its mark in the boxoffice….!!

  • I was really dissapointed while watching Agent Vinod at cinema yesterday! expected to be a much better film! but.. no.. sorry Saif.. yr film wasn’t that good, was boring specially the first half.. I just stayed watching the movie till the end just to see the songs.. Dil Mere Muft and Pungi at the end.. that’s all what was good in this film!

    Kurban which was a flop film was a way better.. about their performance..Saif & Karina did well and as usual, but the performance won’t help the film if the story wasn’t interesting, it wasn’t convincing at all..even the fighting, the incidents, there4 I didn’t like it.

  • I cannot understand the viewing public, this is a great film which I totally enjoyed….sorry so many missed it…..but it is not too late….Forget the critics, treat yourself to a good movie.

  • HAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!! I knew it, it is all because of Saif! He is so fake and he is not sexy! Kareena is now too old and she looked ridiculous in the movie! I hope she will get married soon, as every indian actress she won’t work after her mariage! I’m so happy! Bye Kareena!

  • if salman can make any bad movie work then why were mr and miss khanna, veer, london dreams such turkeys…….
    Even salman needs a mass entertainer with superhit songs…..otherwise his movie will also be flops (50% of his movies already are)

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