ADHM’s second song out tomorrow, check out song stills

The first song of ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ has gained tremendous popularity in the last couple of weeks. Now, Karan Johar will release the second song from the album titled ‘Bulleya’. The song promo will be out tomorrow.

Ranbir Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan are seen romancing in the song stills: Check them out.

ADHM releases in theatres during Diwali this year

Bulleya Song Still - Ranbir Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai

Bulleya Song Still – Ranbir Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai

Bulleya Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Song Still - Ranbir, Aishwarya

Bulleya Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Song Still – Ranbir, Aishwarya

Bulleya Song Still - Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Bulleya Song Still – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil



  • Ranbir kapur Has Beaten Ajay already in 2010 by taking all the limelight from him in Rajneeti, the producers of the film wanted Ranbir-katrina to promote their film, they gave all the songs to Ranbir-katrina And eventually it became a blockbuster too by their good strategy. And Ajay fan/Ajay fans trying to show Ajay as a big star compare 2 Ranbir. LOL

    First tell him to give a 100 cr without rohit shetyy(SOS-88 according to BOI) I know that’s a shame .

    Even ranbir in his bad phase has better collection than ajay’s movies . :-P

  • Another chartbuster ..

    The title song is just fab. I m not much into slow pace music;but I am addicted to it .

    Best romantic songs of this year :-

    Jag ghoomiya
    Tere sang yaara
    Ae dil h mushkil
    Soch na sake .

  • So much good stills.EXPECTING ANOTHER CHARTBUSTER SONGS FROM ADHM.and another declination of Shivaay’s buzz.ADHM already seems THE CLEAR WINNER OF THE CLASH.

    Most of this year’s songs are not good.

    My favourite songs are

    Jabra Fan

    Hua hain aaj pehli baar(Sanam re)/Ae Dil Hain Muskil

    De di De di(airlift)/ tere sang yaara(rustom)

    Shivaay song’s lyrics are very good.but composition is worst though initially by Mohit is good,rest completely ruined by baadshah.

  • @jolly I doubt whether you have seen the movie “Raajneeti” because Ranbir was in the lead role and ajay has more of a side role…Ajay charecter has more impact than Ranbir’s…
    Ajay had even overshadowed Nana patekar in one scene and you are talking about Ranbir.. Ranbir is a very good actor and did a fabulous job but not better than AJs

  • @Jolly alcoholic sunny, I know in your world, maths is only something imaginary but in ours, 60 crores is more than 20 crores

  • Ranbir ek tarfa pyar to Aish
    Anushka ek tarfa pyar to Ranbir
    Fawad ek tarfa pyar to Anushka
    Aish ek tarfa pyar to SRK
    Can’t wait for ADHM

  • ADHM will be right on the top of the list of one of the All time disaster movie ever. sorry but I had a same feeling for Bombay velvet too.

  • My fav songs this year :-
    1. Bol do na zara
    2.Tere sang yaara
    3.Ae dil hai mushkil
    5.Jag ghomeya & itni si baat hai
    My fav. Bollywood Movies this year
    1.Kapoor & Sons
    3.Udta punjab
    P.s. – i haven’t watched airlift and aligarh ,may be they r good movies ,and i’m a HR fan so didn’t included mohenjo daro(coz i can be biased for mohenjo daro)

  • Most dissapointing song this year is rock on 2’s first song .It was an below average song hope rest songs will do magic like rock on

  • @Jolly Gobarholic, how about this? Even bobby deol gpt leading role in ajnabee and gobar was given supporting/villain’s role in the same movie. Isnt it a shame? Bobby deol bdly kicked your gobar and ajnabee is more remembered as bobby deol movie and not gobar movie. Shivaay will easily thrash ae hit hai mushkil. Worry more about jolly llb 2 as it will only settle around 60 cr you small tiny actor fan.

  • Enough yr. . Too much talk about songs ..
    If movie is just about songs bettr watch those 4-5 songs on music channel tht going in theater wasting 300rs.
    frst song was gud bt karan johar promoting it like its best song of decade. Come on man even tere sang yaara of rustam is better than it.

  • This is a fake news that ADHM first song title track is tremendous success. But Fact is that first song is biggest disaster, even no one love this song.

    Only some media and some sites is supporting this film. So they are talking like this.

    On the other hand Shivaay’s song bolo har Har Har is biggest chartbuster song of the year but no one is telling this.
    Har Har Mahadev

  • Hit Like If you Think jitne bhi srkian negative comments kar rahe hai wo Ajay,Shahid,Aur Ranveer ching ke fans hai jo Ranbir se Lifetime jalte hai bcz we srkian support Ranbir always 👍
    All srkians 2nd favourite Actor is RK

  • Honestly don’t know where indicine getting their info from ADHM TITLE track chart buster come on its an average song. There are plenty of songs way better than that!! From the stills looking like a mitwa type of song front kank

  • shivay gang
    akki got best villain award for ajanbee
    that film remembered for akki cool villainious performance …….
    You are a kid bobby become hero and akki become villiain hero …..jai ho hahahaha….
    strong role matters buddy
    bobby role is weak compared to akki……kha kha se aa jate hai ye log
    by the way akki overshadowed ajay whenever he worked with him….
    whether it is suhag ,insan or khakee …he steals the limelight

  • @Indicine, you didn’t do the same thing even for a unique song like BoloHarHarHar. Why for this song? Why so much discrimination?
    Oh This film is from your money production house. Despite your promotions, it is gonna face the same fate of BaarBaarDekho.

  • Karan has gone totally nut after BBD debacle and the scam. Whatever he does is being ridiculed on twitter now. The audiences demand an explanation of the scam from the gossip mongering bItch. Only Shivaay this Diwali.

  • @HS So u agree ranbir was in lead ? That’s it And I am not talking about who acted better . I am talking about stardom & rajneeti success credit. Ajay had more impactfull than ranbir (I haven’t seen it) But audience came to watch rajneeti because it was Promoted As Ranbir-katrina movie, they had chartbuster songs & chemistry..all the credit goes to them and Ajay devgn got overshadowed by ranbir-katrina stardom…!

    Ajay was not even a commercial star before 2010…! Even after becoming commercial star, he hasn’t given opening of 12 plus apart from S2. I know it’s hard to defend An Actor like Ajay for u Ajay fans@HS My Sympathy With you.

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