AbRam is very handsome, healthy and has dimples: SRK

Shahrukh KhanBollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s third child, who was born through surrogacy and prematurely by several months, is now healthy, looks handsome and also has dimples like his famous father.

While there was tremendous media speculation and the birth of the third child turned into a huge media-created controversy, Khan now says that all is well and the family is happy.

“AbRam is very handsome mashallah, healthy now, and spreads a lot of happiness. He has dimples also, so yes, it is nice to have people who have dimples”

When asked why he and Gauri felt the need for a third child after so many years, SRK said “My eldest son is 16, and my daughter is 13. But since the past four to five years, they started moving out more, went to school. Earlier they used to stick to us like monkeys like children are used to doing, and I spent lot of time with them. We are like a nuclear family and we like it like that.

“But in the past few years the environment was such that the children used to be in their rooms with their friends. We didn’t even sometimes realise if they were at home or not. So we started missing the fact that we could spend time with the children. Now my son has gone to London to study and Inshallah, my daughter would also like to go.”

“We are free-thinking parents and let them do what they want. But we started missing the presence of children” Khan said.

Recently, SRK was quoted saying that he sees the next Shah Rukh Khan in AbRam.



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