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I see the next SRK in AbRam: Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh KhanShahrukh Khan, who welcomed his third child AbRam into his family earlier this year, says he sees the next SRK in his youngest son.

When a journalist asked Shahrukh, who according to him has the capability to be the next Shahrukh Khan amongst the younger actors, he said “I see the next SRK in AbRam, but it will take time.”

Khan also said that he will be dedicating the coming year to finding happiness in the smaller things in life.

“Each year, we run after to achieve something big, may it be big films, awards … I know it is all important and its been 22 years and I have decided to focus on small things. In the race of catching big things, we miss small things,” SRK said.

“This year, I want to spend time with my children. I look forward to spending quality time with my children. They are growing older and getting busy in their own lives, so I am trying to get into it. So, I have dedicated this year for small little happiness, ” he added.

For someone who has achieved almost everything that he set out to, SRK said that on a professional front he still has a long way to go.

“On the professional front, I have not achieved everything. There is a long way to go. I try to get better with my each film and I will continue to do that till my last breath.”


  • oh no please spare us , i don’t want my next generation to suffer from the tyranny of another overrated actor pleaseeee spare us !!!

  • Wow! I really don’t hate SRK but his interviews sometimes reflect arrogance.The journalist asked him ” who is the next SRK among the young actors” but, SRK gave the stupid answer ” my youngest son”. Since when did his youngest son become an actor? If you truly analyze his diplomatic answer, it says ” No young actor is as good as him” or can be as popular as him? He could atleast throw in some names like Ranbir or Sushant etc…. but no, he sounds full of himself. No wonder the U.S. Airport officials stopped him for 2 hours ahhh anyways there is only one man who can put SRK on his place and he is Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan.

  • @Ace Khan So you see arrogance where there is none at all???Do you see the episodes of BIG BOSS???Arrogance factory is on show always there.And guess what Rani has to say about Aamir ::: He is the only actor that does not even reach out to his fans to meet them with love out of the actors that she has acted with.

    So which one do you select as arrogance??Diplomatic person??Arrogance factory??Or damn care about fans attitude????

  • AbRam as I heard is so beautiful baby the same way shah was. but i don’t think that he will have his father’s magical eyes or his karizma.

    Shah is so unique No one can be like him even his own sons , but I can’t wait to see AbRam on the screen, I love him as I love his dady.

    And what a smart answer, no one now is the next SRK . he said when they asked him about ranbir that ranbir should be the next ranbir which means every actor must have his unique style,

    and he is 100% right. we don’t need a copy when we have the orginal, but after shah retirment we will long to the one who can give us the same feelings with the new age style, but for now to compare between the copy and the orginal will be unfair thing to the copy. Becuz the copy will stay a copy.

  • i sorta agree….coz both his kids have unfortunately got their mother looks…..

    so the 3rd child has a better chance …he is being honest here in pointing out his kids are not good looking enough …. well done SRK !!

  • Srk is logically right at this point of time bcoz new born babies continuously shakes their body,stretch their hands and legs all the time while Srk does the same in his movies.So Srk predicted after seeing this that Abram will be next

  • @indicine team, why are you not posting my comments ???? when you can post pathetic comments of srk fans then why not mine ????? i am not using any slangs also.

  • AbRam always has the lineage of SRK and he cannot claim to be Self-made…..SRK made it of his own with no filmy backgrpound and from a poor family,….SRK IS THE ULTIMATE SELF-MADE SUPERSTAR…..AbRam surely will get the talent of SRK

  • SRK is the biggest movie star in the world from BOLLYWOOD while AbRam wud be the biggest movie star in the world from HOLLYWOOD

  • Birthday Special : All BLOCKBUSTERS of Mr.Blockbuster SHAH RUKH KHAN :-
    India :-
    1) Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge – ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER
    2) Karan Arjun – BLOCKBUSTER
    3) Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER
    4) Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham – MEGA BLOCKBUSTER
    5) Chak De India – BLOCKBUSTER
    6) Om Shanti Om – MEGA BLOCKBUSTER
    7) Rab Ne Banadi Jodi – BLOCKBUSTER
    Chennai Express – ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER.
    Overseas :-
    1) Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge – ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER
    2) Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER
    3) Dil To Pagal Hai – BLOCKBUSTER
    4) Mohabatien – BLOCKBUSTER
    5) Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham – ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER
    7) Devdas – BLOCKBUSTER
    Main Hoon Na – BLOCKBUSTER
    9) Veer Zaara – ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER
    10) Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna – ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER
    11) Don – BLOCKBUSTER
    12) Om Shanti Om – ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER
    13) Rab Ne Banadi Jodi – BLOCKBUSTER
    14) My Name Is Khan – ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER
    15) Don 2 – BLOCKBUSTER
    16) Jab Tak Hai Jaan – BLOCKBUSTER
    17) Chennai Express – ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER
    King Khan is the only actor who has 25 Blockbusters worldwide (India + Overseas). In India he is only behind Salman Khan who has 9 Blockbusters. But in Overseas he is unmatchable and undisputed King. In 24 blockbusters of Bollywood 17 are SRK starrers.
    Thats why we call him MR. BLOCKBUSTER. Happy Birthday to him once again.

  • @ace khan than what about aamir’s interview with komal nahta.komal asked aamir about srk’s performance in jthj and he replied ‘yes i like everyone’s performance.he didn’t say evev a word abt srk.coz we all know aamir khan is the biggest arrogant in the world.

  • @r20 stop abusing srk,making big poster of akki.these will not help akki to cross 60 cr nxt year.he is now out top 5 superstar(worldwide) star are-

  • Another srk can never be born. Srk is the one nd no one can be compared to srk. Though Abram can be as srk said.

  • @ace KHAN. lol. arrogance is in Ur blood. not SRK. that’s his answer. what’s Ur problem. lol.
    per fake tionist KHAN. the year ll end with a DOOM. when dhoom 3 ll be kicked out of theatres even faster than it arrived.
    and as far as taking place of SRK. as the legendary DILIP SAAB pointed out that no body can take SRK s place in bollywood. guess u got Ur answer.
    @sachin11. u r so correct. atleast SRK does that much. but what does SALMAN do. stand like a statue and ask people to come and put money.
    @r20. over acting??? guess u have been greatly influenced by big boss host that u have taken him so seriously. poor u

  • @ace khan.. I wanna laugh on poor ppl like u…
    Dude.. He gave a diplomatic answer just to stay away from controversies(as u knw wateva he says or do becomes a national agenda) or takin sides..
    If he wud hav said ranbir den wot abt sushant who adores him alot varun n siddharth whom he launched.
    Bollywood is just like dat… But i think aamir khan fans r just like him insecure n hypocrite

  • @Ace Khan rightly said. SRK is the most arrogant person in bollywood. On the top he is an overactor with stupid fans.

  • ” like father like son ”
    you absolutely right sir . but you just take the main of the arrows and wherever it will going it just like what nature wanted sir

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