Abhishek Bachchan talks about his first hit, Dhoom, completing 10 years

Exactly 10 years ago on this day, Abhishek Bachchan delivered the first hit of his career. His first 14 films – Refugee, Dhai Akshar Prem Ke, Tera Jadoo Chal Gaya, Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai, Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya, Shararat, Om Jai Jagadish, Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost, Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon, Kuch Naa Kaho, Zameen, LOC Kargil, Run and Yuva – all sank without a trace at the box office.

While Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon opened well and went on to be a decent grosser, Yuva had won him critical acclaim and also ‘Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor’. But it was Dhoom (2004), his first hit after nearly 5 years in the industry, that proved to be a turning point in his career.  It was after Dhoom that he delivered solid successes like Bunty Aur Babli, Sarkar and Bluffmaster.

With Dhoom turning 10, Abhishek tweeted “10yrs ago my life changed! #10yrsofDhoom thank u all 4 the constant love and support. Uday Chopra, John Abraham, Esha Deol, Sanjay Gadhvi”

Directed by Sanjay Gadhvi and produced by Aditya Chopra under the famed Yash Raj Films banner, “Dhoom” also stars Uday Chopra, John Abraham, Esha Deol and Rimi Sen.

Abhishek plays a no-nonsense police officer, who cracks a case involving a motorbike gang that loots banks. John plays the leader of the gang, and Uday features as Abhishek’s sidekick in the movie.

The sequel to ‘Dhoom’, ‘Dhoom 2: Back in Action’ released in 2006, with Hrithik Roshan playing the antagonist. The third part, which released last year, saw Aamir Khan in the villain’s role.

Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan



  • Without any doubt,DHOOM is the biggest franchise in bollywood today!!
    And u can’t ignore Abhishek and uday’s contribution…

  • Dhoom established the brand..

    Dhoom 2 was the most stylish and had the thrill element…

    Dhoom 3 had the best story(ignoring its source)…

  • Waiting for DHOOM 4…
    My choice is Ranbir Kapoor…

    Salman has already done kick so no need to do dhoom4 now,youngistaan’s captain SIR Ranbir should get a chance…

  • Abhi is the most underrated star of bollywood.his prfmnc in bo hit guru was one of the best ever performance by an indian actor.he was d biggest reason behind bol bachan and dostana success.he has total 12 hits in his carrer and 4 filmfare award-2 best support actor and 2 best comic actor.I agree except bab and guru all his solo or main lead films hv been flops but it still takes a lot to star in 12 hits and make ur presence felt in supporting roles ir 2nd lead roles in front of huge stars like bigb,srk,aamir,ajay.

    One day everyone will realise hw gd abhishek is.abhi,u simply continue u r gd work and one day u will get ur due recognition


  • Abhi destroyed his career himself with bad script i like yuva, dhoom, bunty aur bably, bol bachchan and he was awssome in guru great acting in that movie. he is not so good looking, which could also be the reason of his failure.

  • Aamir Khan took Dhoom series to an entirely new level with Dhoom3 and made it the most loved Indian movie! WOOOW!

  • I really love abhi a lot
    My top 5 abhishek performances

    1 guru
    2 bluffmaster
    3 bunty aur babli
    4 dhoom1
    5 dhoom3

  • in an interview Aamir had admitted that his role in Dhoom 3 is the most difficult one he’s played in his career as he had to learn ballet, aerobatics and the French technique of parkour.

  • I m eagerly waiting for housefull3.abhi is excellent in comic roles and he will share great chemistry with akki and ritesh

  • Action wise:D2>Dhoom>D3


    Acting wise:D2 ,D3> Dhoom

    Thrill element:D2>Dhoom>D3

    Emotional element:D3>Dhoom>D2

  • Aamir Khan not only gave a golden touch to Dhoom series but he also made Dhoom:3 the highest grosser movie of Bollywood!

  • Hrithik is the man who made dhoom all time highest grosser in overseas and India after simple hit Dhoom 1,

    be frankly its john who made Dhoom1 hit by his daring bike sequences, which is hot sensation for young guys that time…

    and then Hrithik Rised the Bar of Dhoom franchise to another huge level, 4 what he also today gaining praises for his charm, looks and complete package,
    only Dhoom actor who win filmfare, played abt 10 diff. Looking character, with diff. Voice, diff. Body language in movie.. John and Hrithik are Main heroes of Dhoom series

  • Can’t believe abhishek got so many chances after giving flops after flops. .had he not been the son of amitabh, he would have been out of the industry long ago. .nyways he is good as an actor.

  • Dhoom is undoubtedly the biggest franchise of bollywood. And I feel it became “biggest” after Dhoom 2 only as before dhoom, KMG was bigger franchise(ofcourse, kmg did better than d1) and dhoom was a brand like race.

  • what foolery we have seen in DHOOM -3 by tingu aamir khan…..2 minute silence for those people who thinks that Dhoom3 become a hit because of aamir khan who could not even cross 90cr with his movie called Talaash

  • Though Dhoom 3 was a film from Dhoom series but Aamir Khan’s presence in it completely made it an Aamir’s movie.

  • Sunidhi has rocked in all the 3 parts with her chartbuster songs like dhoom machale,crazy kiya re and kamli. But now a days,she is sounding a bit weaker. .still i love her. .shalmali kholgade has the sexiest voice right now. Silpa rao’s voice is a combo of sunidhi and shreya.

  • 14 flops that was too much . Dhoom was a brilliant action movie with fabulous performances from John, Abhishek and Uday . I personally feel that Dhoom was better than Dhoom 3 . Dhoom can be considered as a movie of John and Abhishek because both were parallel leads . Sanjay Gadhvi is a brilliant director . He has directed 2 fabulous movies such as Dhoom and Dhoom 2 . I hope Abhishek does good movies in future . He was completely wasted in Dhoom 3 .

  • John made dhoom as successful franchise,
    hrithik made dhoom as a record breaking franchise
    .but Aamir made dhoom as a crap brand, don’t underestimate the power of perfaketionst

  • SRK FANS says D3 is a Atbb coz of yrf n dhoom series.Thn y does yrf most awaited film JTHJ gross 300cr less thn d3?

  • Every dhoom was different from each other but I feel dhoom 1 was the best of dhoom series nor hr nor aamir portrayed the villain like john he had the best dark side n his chemistry with ab was also best aamir’s character was innocent while hr was more stylish n clever type

  • D3 was better than both previous parts…story line acting suspense thrill hollyd tadka here Aamir’ mission is not a theft his mission was revenge he wanted to insolvency of the bank but in previous 2 parts there were no story line no mission only made for theft….thatswhy Aamir’s D3 was ATBB and D,D2 were just a superhit…Aamir’s presence makes the movie gold thats the quality of true megastar

  • Yesterday my 2nd comment had 2 likes n 1 dislike. Today it’s showing 0 like n 1 dislike. Same happened wid my first comment too!

  • abhishek…unfortunately holds the record for most consecutive flops in bollywood..a staggering 11 movie straight flops. in dhoom series, all credit everytime goes to the villains. there also he’s sidelined. what a fate??

  • Dhoom 3 IMDb rating-5.8
    Lower than CE-6.1.
    Don 2-7.1
    Dhoom 2-6.2
    And they say dhoom is the biggest brand.Height of hypocrisy.
    Dhoom 3 is the Crapiest movie I have ever seen in my life..and likes of @legend khan and @thullu praises the movie and on the other hand trolls films like don 2,don and CE.shame on u…
    Hail king Khan.

  • john is best performer of dhoom sereis, hr is best looked and Aamir who made a lluture d3 to an atbb with his acting skills. as an actor Aamir is way ahead than john and hr. but dhoom is just belongs to john i cant imagine such style in any dhoom movie.

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