Aamir’s search for his ‘Dangal’ daughters continues: 20,000 girls auditioned

The search for two girls, who will be playing Aamir Khan’s daughters in his upcoming film ‘Dangal’, continues as there are reports that more than 20,000 girls have been auditioned.

The casting team is working hard and the girls who have been shortlisted, haven’t been approved by Aamir.

“We have been auditioning but have not been able to zero in on the casting yet.” said the film’s spokesperson.


A couple of weeks ago, there were reports that Kamal Haasan’s daughter Akshara Haasan would be playing one daughter, but the rumour is yet to be confirmed or denied by the makers of the film.

However, a source close to the film has confirmed that Aamir is keen on casting girls who are unknown and untrained in acting.

‘Dangal’ goes on floors in September. Aamir has gained more than 20 kilos to play the role of a wrestler.




  • in directly he is getting attentions for DANGAL. cheap publicity. while Pk about to release he made statemnet he will be not signing any movie call DANGAL…MR. Faketionist from where this movie came from Jungle???? so cheap.
    KING khan real hero never lie…he said he is doing 3 movies. FAN, Raees, Rohit next all true.

  • omg……20000 auditioned n none selected
    seriously man aamir is tough guy to impress..thats why his movies stands out.but still its too much of dragging

  • Few weeks back Komal Nahata tweeted “Just heard gist of Dangal script last evening.Super-duper blockbuster on its way. Christmas week of 2016 will see b.o.history being written”

  • Aamir khan is the biggest hypocrit you can see in India…he has double standards…whenever someone asks about any brilliant performance of his contemporaries in a particular film…he comes up with an anwser, that he have not watched the film only!!!!…..he is one of the jealous actor in this country

  • Why do Srk fans always burn with jealousy on others success? Aamir gave highest grossers of all times PK and D3. Ever since these Srk fans are burning in jealousy as their own star cannot give highest grosser or break records like Aamir. What incredible fails these morons are.

  • @fan the 500cr, Fan will not cross even 150 crore, it looks boring. Only 3 people break records-
    Aamir khan, Salman khan and Hrithik roshan
    Srk has no capability to create records.

  • Aamir fans were calling New Heroine of FAN a waste n talentless but their Own GURU TINGU is doing the same.
    Double faced idiots.

  • He shud cast rekha ji n hema ji as his daughters, sign hirani as director and rename d film “DHOOM4”, then d film will have some chances of becoming a HIT, otherwise it will have a fate just like “THE-LAASH”…….

  • @Saransh
    Ghajini- Blockbuster (Highest grosser of all time)
    3 Idiots- Atbb (Highest grosser of all time)
    Dhoom 3- Atbb (Highest grosser of all time)
    PK- Atbb (Highest grosser of all time)
    While our Saruk is till chasing 3 idiots 5 year old record with HNY and is basically zero without Deepika.

  • Aamir+christmas+brand= 285 crore
    Saruk+christmas+brand=102 crore
    Thats why Aamir is Ace of bollywood. People like Saif/Srk should work hard so he can reach at least 5% of Aamir’s success.

  • And they said.amir didn’t do publicity,then what is this?

    @saransh,yeah e actly,only Hemaji and Rekhaji seems to be eligible for the daughter role which could be suited to amir’s father age.young girls hardly need.this kind of hypocrite as her father on screen.

    @vijay p.,oh ho!why’re you always jealous of KING SRK just like amir?if KING KHAN didn’t has record,who made 11 CONSISTENT HITS?WHO has highest HITS? who is the 1st actor to have back to back 200CR 1ST?who 1st broke 3i’s record and started the 400+ WW club?when salman+amir+hrithik will do all these,wake me up kiddo.

    BTW FAN will not earn huge only but also it’ll be another CDI that will be remembered for millennium

  • This is how you build up a movie.

    Learn everyone else. Look at how he keeps on building the interest of the movie. You can hear something or the other every month of two of the movie, and the excitement slowly builds up, and finally before the release of the movie, the excitement reaches its crescendo and people are all geared up to watch his movies.

    I hope he gets someone outside movies to do the roles, it will have lot of freshness to the story.

  • @sss, while aamir is giving ATBB after ATBB and king is giving just hits. Still you are barking like hits are bigger success than ATBB….lol.

  • He doesn’t give PR bytes to media like this star has been signed up, that star has signed up, or he is planning a tour blah blah…but he does it in a very subtle way where the content of the movie is highlighted. It is all about the movie that he talks. I would say he has the most brilliant strategy of any star in the country.

  • @sss another jealous SRK fan. If Srk founded 400 crore then Aamir founded 200 crore, 300 crore, 500 crore and 600 crore. If SRK gave 200 crore back to back (other stars have dont that feat) then Aamir gave two back to back ATBBs, two back to back 250 crore, an unbeaten record. Aamir’s list of records is too huge for Srk to match. So again as usual Srk fans burn with jealousy.

  • im big big salman fan…but we cannot compare any 1 with aamir…no salman no srk…aamir is aamir… @ FAN 500 CR … ur coment shows ur reaching new lows of sense n negativity …

  • m not d Aamir fan….
    I must say u r d master mind salute to u man….
    u r d best actor….


  • Aamir ki destruction is getting near hurrah …!!!!” Lolsssss! !!!”””
    After failure of dangal, people will not call him the ace of bollywood but the real ass of bollywood …. !!!! After giving attbs if u give a flop, then u have to die of shame !!!!
    I hope any clash should happen with dangal i want to see how content- driven will work if clash takes place for certain.
    I am not jealous of aamir’s success!
    Dangal will surely prove the king of perfections. Perfection ki dokaan! Lols. !!!

  • The 20000 figure is exaggerated, but one thing is sure that Dangal will be huge, if this film has anything commercial than just wait for the euphoria like Ghajini, Aamir wrestler look will create huge pre release buzz.Expecting a class performance and a brilliant film from Aamir.
    Best of luck Dangal team.
    @sss complan boy just chill.

  • Amir fan good joke…keep searching daughter,mother, Mr. Retaketionist SRK is honoured by Asia award our Amir Honoured most retake award in whole universe. good going.HAHAHa
    SRK contributions to Indian cinema is unmatched ,untouched,doing 3 movies in row need stardom…not like Amir he wake up in year to choose one script, interfering in producer director work. Someone should tell him he is in entertainment industry entertain people otherwise leave it.

  • Queens fans are complaining about the first article about Aamir in weeks but never complain about the dozen irrelevant articles about their queen making a nuisance of himself at some mickey mouse award show or smoking at a cricket match or doing a lungi strip dance at some poor newly wed couples wedding function….!

    Biggest hypocrites are queens fans who quietly watch Aamirs movies but avoid Queens movies in their billions…

  • Our queen never auditioned any newbie actor to play the role of Billu in his upcoming Content rich Billu Fan but instead thought he try something he hasnt tried before this millennium n that is give his dumb fans a duplicate dose of himself as both Billu Fan and Overacting Global Queen in the movie. Cant wait for Duplicate Billu Fan 2….!

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