Aamir Khan visits Rajkumar Hirani in hospital

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan, who worked under Rajkumar Hirani’s direction in films like ‘3 Idiots’ and ‘PK’, visited the injured filmmaker at the Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai on Tuesday.

“For all those concerned about Raju Hirani, I have just met him in hospital. He is doing fine and will be discharged this evening,” Aamir tweeted.

The award winning filmmaker is said to have met with a bike accident on Tuesday morning and was admitted to the Lilavati Hospital here.

Hirani will be discharged from the hospital on Wednesday.




  • I can understand reporting Hirani falling off the bike and admitting to hospital. its a news!

    Why is Aamir Khan or some other visiting Hirani in the hospital a news worthy item?

  • aamir plzz learn acting from shahid kapoor in haider……………..#HAIDER #STORM…………..#2014

  • Ofcourse
    He iz the godfather of ½ CC Amir
    He should play the role of night watch man for hirani till he gets perfectly fine ..!
    He made a small actors movie highest grosser ßy his direction ..! Dum h ßoSs .
    Imagine if hirani direct a big popular superstar in future , wht will ß the collection .

  • Best Actor: Aamir Khan
    Best Director: Rajkumar Hirani
    Best Hindi Movie of the 21st Century: 3 Idiots

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  • Contradiction: Aamir says Hirani will be discharged on Tuesday evening
    Indicine says Hirani will be discharged on Wednesday.

  • Get well soon Mr Hirani. Love your movies. Munna bhai MBBS!….alway in ma mind??
    Nice gesture from our megastar?

  • Aamir is best. no one can beat aamir in popularity, talent, acting, stardom, etc.
    the real global star of bollywood.

  • Raju Hirani is the God father of amir specially in oversease due to hirani factor amir film cross $10mm




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