Aamir and Hrithik refused ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’

In the last 5 years, Salman Khan has taken super-stardom to a different level altogether, what with almost all his films taking a record-breaking opening at the box office. Yet, it’s ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ that will be remembered as Salman’s best and most successful film in recent times.

The script of the film was written by S.S. Rajamouli’s father K.V. Vijayendra Prasad. Surprisingly, the script was first offered to Aamir Khan, who had certain issues it and asked for a few modifications to be made.

When Aamir decided that he didn’t want to do the film, he suggested Salman’s name.

Salman had confirmed the same at a press conference to celebrate the success of ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’.

“Yes, Aamir told me that (Vijendra) Prasad had come to him and he sent him to me. So this is just Aamir sahab’s generosity,” Salman said.

“The father of ‘Baahubali’ director (S.S) Rajamouli wrote the subject of ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. So the first question we asked him was why didn’t you ask your son to direct the film and why not there (Telugu film industry)? He said that was because there was a difference in language. He said if this film has to be made, it has to be made very authentically.” Salman said.


After Aamir, Prasad approached Hrithik Roshan, but he felt that the quoted price for the script (Rs 2 crore) was too high and hence decided not to go ahead with the project.

It was Salman who eventually heard the script and immediately paid him the signing amount of Rs 50 lakhs. The rest, as they say, is history. ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ is one of the biggest hits of Salman’s career along with his 1994 blockbuster ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’.

Rajamouli’s father K.V. Vijayendra Prasad, who wrote the script of both ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ and ‘Baahubali’ is in tremendous demand. According to a report, he seeks his inspiration from two of Bollywood’s most successful writers, Salim-Javed. And Salim Khan also happens to be Salman Khan’s father!



  • Aamir may have suited the role but Hrithik… no. Hrithik cannot bring the effortless humor that Salman brought to the role. Hrithik is not suited in comedy roles.

  • This news is true . But what i have heard is Prasad approached Rakesh Roshan to produce Bajrangi Bhaijaan but Rakesh Sir and Hrithik thought 2 CR is too much for this script and hence they refused to be part of the movie . I don’t think Aamir and Hrithik have done a mistake by not doing BB . Because honestly nobody could have played the character of Pavan better than Salman Khan . Also different actors have different mindsets and maybe Salman loved the script immediately and hence he agreed to do this movie . In fact i am happy that Salman did this movie because after a long time i saw a good movie starring Salman .

  • Amir refused the script mainly because bb seems more like a realistic story.then amir thought oh Teri yaar problem ho jayegi,acting karna padega,aaila,ROFL.

    then as usual when sallu saw that south director is coming to his door,then suddenly showed his bhojpuri aukat and signed the film,ROFL.

    No doubt this is the same Salim Khan who wrote the script of Legendary SHOLAY.and it’s not an astonishing fact that his non actor boy only made mahacraps in bollywood while once in a lifetime got a film like bb,ROFL.

  • Why so much emphasis is being laid on Salman when the real star of the film was Harshaali. Without Harshaali the film would not have been so successful.
    It doesn’t matter if it Starred Aamir, Salman or Hrithik.

  • He went to hrithik with a price of 2cr but eeventually gave nod to salman for just 0.5cr!!! Why???

    • 50 lakhs was the signing amount. Clearly mentioned in the article too. It’s the same when actors are signed too. They are not paid their entire fee in one shot. Signing amount, which could be 5 – 25% of the actual fee, is paid first.

  • Aamir sahaab’s generosity…great words from the great superman salman
    waiting for Prem ratan

  • Attention…Attention..?
    At the end of 4th week BB will croos yhe footfaals of PK and will become most watched movie of decade and 2nd most watched movie of century. At the end of 3rd week its footfalls were near 3.4 cr while Pk footfalls r near 3.5 cr so going by average of past and cuurent pace it might have croosed Pk or will cross it tommarrow. So interms of adjusted nett inflation BB is ahead of Pk. The reason behind less bussiness was also Ticket price.

  • Salman is the best for pavan kumar followd by aamir and ranbir

    salman rejectd CDI,baazigar and ghajini

    best actor of bollywood bhaijaan was the first choice for a performance orientd film like Chak de still goofs call him non-actor

  • bajrangi bhaijaan done by most suitable person for this role one and only Salman. noone can justify that role like Salman.

  • For Aamir.. BB after PK would not have been good choice…
    two back to back films on religion would have slotted him as an anti-hindu forever…

    Hritik is not convincing in any role other than the urban posh guy role…

    Nobody could have done this better than Salman.

  • I think Hrithik story is slightly incorrect.
    I think 2Cr was not demanded by the writer. He wanted to Co-produce the film but FilmKraft (production house of Rakesh Roshan) didn’t agree on this as Rakesh Roshan does not co-produce his films with anyone.

    Whatever the case may be, Roshan’s without a doubt made the biggest blunder of their life. Whatever the reason is. Whether it is 2Cr or Co-production. They should have agreed.
    I would to remind that during Krazzy 4 Ram Sampath claimed the music tune of its title song and in 2008 at that time they had to pay him 2Cr and now in 2015 they feel 2Cr.

    Also reported was Bahubali was also offered to Hrithik. If these 2 stories are true Hrithik does not have a single sense of Script now. He does poor films like Bang bang but says No to Bahubali and Bajrangi. Had he done them he would surely gained his lost ground in the industry and would surely challenged the Khans at the top. But now he is gone missing for 2 years and will return only next year in Mohenjo-Daro. If he has redeem all this loss he needs to make sure Mohenjo-Daro turn out to be his biggest hit and can challenge the highest grossing films of Khans.

  • When you have luck with you then u will definitely win!
    SRK rejected 3IDIOTS; LAAGAN; MUNNABHAI MBBS, SLOMEDOG MILLIONAIRE, ROBOT..and did for the likes of RA.ONE, DON REMAKE and HNY..that’s what makes the difference, today whenever a filmaker has a good story he goes to Aamir and Salman whereas they offer half baked scripts to SRK, so SRK has to make a revolution to sustain coz nothing is going in his favor lately!!

  • Sss is your brains in your derriere. You write such nonsense it makes me wonder if you ever went to school. How can ugly fugly srk be suited for such a role. No one bar no one could have carried it off the way Salman did not in a million years. So before you write such tripe put your brains in gear. It’s better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  • Salman has conformed about Aamir being approached for BB. But nobody has confirmed about Hrithik being offered. So Hrithik being offered for this role is still a rumour. And people shouldnt believe in rumours.

  • BTW, as I havent watched BB yet, I don’t know if Salman’s performance is good or not. But many reviews say Harshali and Nawaz’s actings are better.

  • @Nipun Kumar… are you really that obsessed with reviews? Every comment is about reviews and critics..

    Go and watch the movie and judge for yourself.. dont let other opinions influence yours.

    Majeev Rasand and Anipuma are the worst critics in the industry.

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