Aamir, SRK, Salman, Ajay, Akshay – In November and December!

Bollywood fans all over the world are in for a treat this year end, as all the veteran superstars Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar have one release each! What’s more , all their films arrive in a span of two months – November and December. Only Hrithik Roshan is missing out on the party!

It all starts with a bang in time for Diwali with three films – SRK’s London Ishq (title unconfirmed), Ajay Devgan’s Son of Sardar and Akshay Kumar’s Khiladi 786, all set to clash in the same week. While it’s not a great idea to compete with SRK films (he has probably never come second), Ajay and Akshay have decided to take up the challenge. The result will obvious, all three films will get affected. The shows at multiplexes will be divided and hence, the collections will be lower for every film. Unless, all three of them are extremely confident of their films, the clash should be averted.

Next up, Aamir Khan after 3 long years with Talaash. It’s undecided when the film will eventually release – it’ll be either November 30th or December 6th. Irrespective of when it arrives, an Aamir Khan film is an event. If we had a chance to watch just one film in these two months, we’d pick Talaash without giving it a second thought!

And finally Salman Khan the numero uno superstar in India, who has been on an absolute dream run for the last couple of years, arrives with Dabangg 2 for Christmas. This film is likely to plunder all previous Indian box-office records. All eyes on 3 Idiots’ 202 crore, a record that many films have tried but none have come close. Will Dabangg 2 be the film?

Are you excited? Which films are your picks? Share you thoughts in the comments section below



  • not to forget Saif Ali Khan Race 2 is also scheduled for Nov. 30 release, meaning all of the actors that have been in the industry for around 20 years will have a release at the end of this year:)

  • ”London Ishq” has no chance…Talaash trailer do not created a lot of buzz and all eyes on Dabangg-2 as people already wanted to see Chulbul Pandey back again.

  • SRk’s Diwali release will be the winer. Talaash, if the content is good can go a long way. Dabaang will also earn good. But Akshay and Ajay with their mentaly weeked,unmature dicision will sure to ruin.
    If Race 2 releases with Talaash, both of the film will be affected.

    So my choices are-
    *SRK’s untitled
    *Talaash/Race 2
    *Dabaang 2

  • Talash does not look a commercial one so it will just be a hit,srk’s film with yash chopra will be a great one,and dabangg2 will be an average film because it is not a remake….forget about son of 786.


  • ok.. here you go..

    Kahaani was praised by all critics as Best Thriller Movie ever made in Bollywood. and that comes the main reason for Aamir Khan to shift his movie to November, so that instead of pitted against Kahaani’s reviews, and instead of letting people comparing his movie with Vidya Balan, they want to confuse the poor indian media by releasing in november. and as we know these media already started comparing a Gonna-Be-Flop-Thriller movie of aamir with srk and salman’s movies.. Bollywood media is the most immature media in the world… it’s just like hindi Ghajini was very bad with Aamir’s performance, and Telugu/Tamil ghajini with Surya was awesome. but as usual bollywood media like aamir’s ghajini :P

    and as per the records creating.. only films which were copied from south india’s Blockbusters were able to create BLOCKBUSTERS in case of Aamir and Salman… and 3idiots was from a BEST SELLING NOVEL… and if people leave 3idiots,ghajini.. aamir is ZERO, a big ZERO for BOXOFFICE.. why dont these media talk about Dhobi Ghat? :P

    and well SRK doesn’t need to copy from south india’s blockbusters, or copy from any NOVEL’s to create hit movies.. his movies are blockbusters.. he is the only actor whose last 3 films has earned 200+ collections.. :)

    and Salman Khan himself agreed that he makes movies only for BOXOFFICE.. and most of his movies makes no-sense.. and Aamir makes movies once in 2 or 3 years, that too chooses script by reading word by word.. and delivers hit, but even then he gives flops like Dhobi Ghat..

    and SRK is the only one who doesnt work just for BoxOffice & doesnt need to copy from Blockbusters movies or to copy from NOVELs.. Ra.One got National Award.. DON2 was most talked-about movie and top movie in Berlin Film Festival.. and MNIK was praised by OSCAR winning producer.. :) that says about SRK.

    in all these means SRK is sureshot winner.. ;)

    and SRK proves this every year, that he dont need to copy someone to create Blockbuster every year.

  • Its risky to release so many films..as middle class audience will be divided..as they cant watch all films..
    So ..I guess their choice would be
    1st YRF – SRK…coz its Romantic..Family type of film
    2nd Dabangg
    3rd Talaash
    4th SOS
    5th Khilardi 786

    the result will tell who has more box office power…
    though there is no doubt..that Worldwide..collections should fall under SRK’s feet

  • well and forgot to add, postponing of Talaash has 1 more reason.. as Aamir promotes his movies by taking SRK’s name.. so asusual if he releases on november, he can take SRK’s name every second to create publicity.. just like he got publicity when his movie’s theatrical trailer was announced to come along with DON2.. and then his movie created news only when his movie was announced to come in november the month of SRK’s next upcoming movie.. :) Aamir is zero without publicity. he is insecure that’s the reason he destroyed his brother’s filmy career, and his Father called Aamir khan as Nalayak Beta (worst disgusting Son). he is insecure and characterless, and has no manners that he had sexual relationship with JOURNALISTS, just to get publicity. and married 2 girls.. and calling someone as his DOG is the worst thing a person can do… if an actor or politician says in public that u r his dog, u will feel good? or u take it as Humor? :) no way!! .. and he called himself as Number 1.. but now he calls Salman as number 1? :P very insecure, and jealous of SRK’s stardom..

    and well, Salman calling SRK’s cycling with his Daughter as publicity stunt? :P dude i guess, Salman’s parents has not taught to salman that billions of people cycles on road.. that’s not publicity.. but well, as usual, as i said Salman khan and his movies are No-Sense..
    and well for this SRK is always in India’s TOP or Top 3 (least) MOST ADORABLE, INDIA’s ICON, ROLE MODEL.. that says how dignified & respectable SRK is.
    he is True King Of Bollywood.

  • I think,,srk will win the race,,nd dabangg2 will be pitted,,coz script will surely bad,,bt fact is that it will take a bumper opening,,,ekk the tiger’s buzz is down,,may will pick up,,
    1( nd the hooting in b-town tht aamir is ‘hawwa’,,ghanta kuchh ni h aamir,,he is an insecure person,,choose scripts after sucking the words..y he shifted the movie,,coz tallash hv not so much buzz even the thretical was poor,,bore trailer kind that,,yes kahaani will be best thriller,,records will be broken by,,DHOOM3 nd surely KRRISH3 WILL BE THE WINNER OF ALL TIMES,,

  • Aamir khan has created problem for almost all the releases in November and December.Talaash will surely release on 6th December because Race 2 is there on Nov 30.But all advantage goes to Dabanng 2 because there is no major release atleast for 2 to 3 weeks after Christmas.

  • lolz indicine u also know that if the dabangg 2 is worst film in this year….i am sure it will b a blockbuster

  • I can’t understand how people can forget the romantic performance of SRK in DDLG,KKHH.K3G,Devdas, Veer-zara and so on. SRK IS BRON TO PLAY ROMANTIC ROLES. And how people dare to ignore the LEGENDARY Yash chopra who has been delivering blockbasters for last 4 decades?
    How people dare to ignore A.R. Rahmans music?

    Yash ji, SRK, Rahman saheb are pride for India. Their performence in their own sectors brightens the face of India.

    And those are saying bad words to srk, don’t love their country.
    SRK is working hard to turn the bollywood to hollywood. He uses modern technology. Today people are not praising movies like Ra.one, but the future genaration will be grateful to srk.

    I have no questions, as i know SRk-yash ji’s untitled will be the clear winer.

  • Salman is ruling the boxoffice for 2010-11. But SRK has been ruling both indian and world wide box office for the past two decades. Now decide who is the biggest?

    Hahahah. Ajay!! His movies were always avarage and below avarage in the past. Singham was blockbaster, but it doesn’t mean that his coming movies will do good. How dare he is to compete with srk?

  • nicepk4u- what you have told about amir khan is absolutely correct. aamir is nothing without marketing, promotion and publicity. media ko istemal karke film hit karna uska kaam hai. film release hone se do saal pehele hi sahab marketing suru kar dete hain. you could judge that, that’s why i thank you.

  • I like all the movies of srk,salman and aamir. But do not like the bad competition among them and their fans using bad words against them.

    Salman-SRK-Aamir were good friends in past. Their following fans should convince them to settle the matter among them instead of influencing them to carry on Quarrel. Quarrel is bad and it may harm all of them.

  • Only akshay kumar’s movies will rock, because akshay is a natural born actor in bollywood, not fake like some other, they act fake, they look fake

  • Aamir khan depends on marketing. Sallu khan depends on remaking, and SRK depends on performing. This is the difference of the 3.

  • well said @nicekp4u , your comment is making sense.

    Today i was watching GHAJINI in ZEE AFLAM , it was first time that i watch GHAJINI , the story of the movie is good but aamir khans perfomance in the film is the worst perfomance that i see since salman’s YUVVRAJ,

  • london ishq has many reasons will make the winner one in these clashes :

    1) the king of bollywood is playing the lead role of the movie , and this time he will play what he does best , romantic role.

    2) this film has the best and most success full director/producer in bollywood , YASHJI.

    3) a.r rahman will direct the music of the movie.

    4) GULZAAR saab will pen the lyrics.

    6) the young talented acterrs ANUSHKA will play important role in the movie.

    7) the queen of beautifull KATRINA will play the lead opposite SRK .

    NOTE: this film will become another memmorable romantic movie from SRK like DDLJ , DDH , KKHH , DEVDAS , PARDES……….the list is end less.

    We all hoping to see great perfomance from SRK , great direction from YASHJI and graet music from A R RAHMAN , but the weak point of the movie is KATRINA!!!!!!!! I didn’t like all her perfomance even one!!!

    GOOD LUCK GUYZ…………………!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well the clash will be interesting to see and hard to predict at the moment. Aamir is going to appear after a long time. It would not be right to judge him in comparison with 3 Idiots as that movie after the first week was carried by an amazing plot. Aamir has carried very few movies just because of himself. I would give Ghajini as an example with its ridiculous plot. But he has a reputation of choosing nice scripts so people will be expecting something nice in Talash.
    Salman carries movies because of his fans and strangely any of his nicely written movies haven’t really done well. Maybe the public just wants Salman in silly movies like Ready.
    SRK clearly has some international star power that will carry the movie well into 3rd week despite the plot. To top it up its a Yash Chopra movie so its going to create waves.
    As for Akshay and Ajay, the two have had a poor run in recent times apart from one offs by Ajay like Singham and Ouati Mumbai. A diwali clash of the three actors may not go down well for Ajay Devgn as SoS is supposed to be a romantic movie and he wants to head to head with the King of Romance. Khiladi might surprisingly do well if the promos are good as most people remember Akshay as the Khiladi of 90s. Although Wikipedia has the release date of SoS on 30th Nov although Ajay wants to bring it to Diwali.
    Race 2 with Talaash is going to be interesting. I dont think Agent Vinod may play a role in that but we never know.

    SRK Aamir controversy will be expected in Nov. they both use their spats as publicity stunts for the media to lap up. So you will see SRK haters going to see London Ishq or whatever it will be named to criticize it and compare it to Talaash and SRK fans will do the same for Dabaang 2 and Talaash. Although SRK has the international audience in the bag

  • Looks like London ishq is gonna go Dil Se way. I remember when Dil se released it was the first time AR Rehman and Gulzar weres coming together with Lata singing first time for AR Rehman, Mani Ratnam was considered top film director. Film had Chaiya Chaiya, Sat rangi re, Giya jale and Manisha was also on top at that time and off course SRk but what happened to the Movie???? a big time flop.

  • On the other hand..Yash Raj has made SRK what ever he is today and might get lucky again for SRK. Take Yash Raj Movies out of SRk carrer and tell me what does he have??????????..now remove SRK from Yash Raj films and Yash Raj would still be No1 production house today.

  • @London Ishq, you may forget K3G, Devdas, Chak de India. They are not directed by yash ji. But they were ATBB. SRK is inborn romantic talent. His films will do good. Forget Dil se.

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