Aamir refused to play villain in ‘Detective Byomkesh Bakshi’ says Dibakar

Director Dibakar Banerjee has said that his first-choice to play the role of a villain in his upcoming film ‘Detective Byomkesh Bakshy’, was none other than Aamir Khan.

After the script was narrated to him, Aamir refused the film saying ‘may be not this one’.

“I was trying to make this film about two years ago and at that time I was looking for a villain who can give competition to Byomkesh and can also attract the audience.. So, we went to Aamir and gave the narration to him but he passed the film and said ‘may be not this one’. Later on I came to know that he is doing ‘Dhoom 3’ in a villainous role” Banerjee told reporters at an event to launch the second trailer of the film yesterday.

“I think if YRF gained something (with Dhoom 3), then it lost something as well (Aamir refusing Detective Byomkesh Bakshi)” he added.

Interestingly, the villain in the film has been kept under wraps.



  • this has to b the most shocking revealation of this yr.
    anyways if aamir had done the film then more credit would hv gone to aamir instead of sushanth for the success of the film

    so it’s a blessing in disguise for my sushanth

    #Can’t Wait For Byomkesh

  • Megastar Aamir knows well what to do and not
    sushant playing title role and aamir playing a villain is not at all comfortable

  • I have read this article a few days back . Dibakar Banerjee is a brilliant director . I think the person who is the villain of DBB is playing the character of German Dictator Adolf Hitler . I wish Aamir would have done DBB and avoided Dhoom 3 . Dibakar would have given Aamir a meatier role . But i think it is sometimes destiny . I think YRF and Dibakar are doing a great job in the same manner Vishesh Films did not revealed the Villain of Murder 2 and that was a masterstroke . 3 weeks are left for DBB and the entire focus is on Sushant which is great and it might work well for the movie and may turn out to be successful .

  • Credit Chor never gonna play something where the credit will not be given to him..
    Aamir khan sucks
    SSR rocks ♥♥

  • Gud time to reveal the truth abot amirz refusal its a nice way of promotion
    i like tiz character byomkesh

  • Don’t know why but i m not looking forward to it … Promo is not appealing …… It will flop at bo..

  • “I chose Dhoom 3 over Byomkesh Bakshi but still I proudly and shamelessly say that for me box office numbers do not matter only quality does.”

    – Aamir Khan

  • Aamir WAS afraid of playing villain in DARR (in 1993)
    Aamir IS afraid of playing villain in DETECTIVE BYOMKESH BAKSHI (in 2015)
    and you call him perfectionist ???

  • Aamir is bigger (a star) to play second lead to a smaller star and in a smaller film like DBB! Even Arshad Warsi said that Aamir is bigger to play Circuit in Munnabhail 3 and SRK refused to play Vivek’s role is Krrish3 and Madhavan’s role in Rang De Basanti and John’s role in Baabul etc!

  • @the phenom wahat the hell is wrong with you.if actor refuses a film doesn’t mean that he is leading a imperfect career.you know where he is perfect?he knows his do and dont’s plays character to his limits neatly.not like lalu khan.

  • Recently, it was reported that Salman Khan will start shooting for YRF’s ‘Sultan’ after wrapping up ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. But, now it is said that the actor has not yet agreed to do the film.

    A close friend of Salman said, “Salman is not sure if he wants to do ‘Sultan’. It’s the role of a 40-year old boxer. It’d require a huge amount of preparation. Salman would have to change his entire physique and body language. It’d entail many months of a strict exercise regime and a new diet control, so that he can acquire a boxer’s body. With his heavy commitments, plus his pending court cases, Salman is not sure he can give Sultan the time attention and single-minded focus it requires.”

    So now it is 100% confirm that RAEES will be EID-2016 Bonanza

  • @Hammad : Your king afraid to release a movie on non holiday. Its been 8 years since he had a non holiday release. Check history, you will know who has highest number of releases on festival. btw was it your king who acted in TZP, Dhobi Ghat n Talaash ??? Let srk do a movie like Talaash or Dhobi Ghat then you talk about Aamir !!!!!!

  • @Indicine : Was it necessary to post this article ? Top actors including Hrithik n Ranbir get hundreds of scripts or offers on daily basis are they accepting all ?? Theres nothing new it.

  • @ king akbar

    In the start of SRK’s career when he was not established, he got movies rejected by other stars like Baazigar, Darr, DDLJ. And then he got Swades and Chak De. Not more than these 5.

    But do you even know when he established himself, how many movies he rejected ?
    Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Lagaan, Munna Bhai MBBS, Rang De Basanti, Jodha Akbar, 3 Idiots, Robot, Ek Tha Tiger, Talaash. You shoud be glad that he rejected Ek Tha Tiger otherwise your Bhai would have remained a 150 crore star till the release of Kick even behind Ranbir Kapoor. I am glad too that he rejected Talaash.

  • @nipun,no everybody knows amir is a multiactor based film star and 90% of his successful movies having multiactor,that’s why he approached the role,lol.

  • @hammad
    Kaho na pyaar was never offer to srk because hrithik told his to nt cast this time srk nd took another hero.
    Jodha akbar nd roobt was never offer to srk.
    Nd ek tha tiger was offered to hrithik frist nt srk.
    Ya muna bhai, talaash, 3 idiot were offered to srk.
    Don’t know about lagaan but it is good that he was nt there in that film.

  • @hrithik ,, really
    fyi MNIK collection was-201 crore while jai ho 183
    don 2-204, Ra-one-224, jthj 221

    ooops these are worldwide figures ,World wide collection does not matter to you, right? i know your bhai is not much familiar with worldwide figure ?
    None of the SRK movies after 2010 failed to touch 200 crore worldwide while your bhai’s ready -184 and flop ho-183.

    Finally your bhai crossed the overseas collection of Kabi alvida na kehna with his remake kick. You must be proud of that.
    First let your Desi star to cross half of the overseas collection of MNIK, then talk…
    baath kartha hey…

  • @sheheer : Whats the point of more ww or overseas collections which cannot change the verdict of a movie in actor’s filmography ?? Swades was SuperHit in overseas but still listed as Flop or Average in Srk filmography. KANK Blockbuster in overseas still listed as Hit in Srk films !!!!!!! Keep your ww n overseas figures with Mere Hits verdicts !!!!!! BB / ATBB tere srk ki bas ki nahi hai !!!!!!

  • Look at the chameleons hiding behind troll IDs having a pop at Aamir coz he has only done around 50 films instead of 500 movies that have been offered to him…. Our kings fans in their billions are themselves very picky about which one of kings crapfests to watch in theatres (even after 20 yrs just about 20 million fans saw DDLJ in theatres which isnt even 1% of Kings global orc army of 3.7 billion) and they want to criticise Aamir for being selective about what movies to do or not… First go n watch kings DDLJ so that he can get close to HAHKs 21yr old record before slagging of others… Hypocrites of the worst kind

  • @CCB SSS Khan aka DCB


    Multistar cast actor is none other than your king- think about it- crappy new year did worst business than crappy express- why…??? Well seeing that you asked nicely let me tell you why- crappy express had a bigger stellar starcast- the 1234 flying cars flying all over the place enticed the car enthusiasts hence it earned more dollar…. Simple n with shettys next ‘2468 Flying Cars Invasion’ I expect it to do more business than kings last crapfest…

  • @Saheer,desi fan’s knowledge only limited to that much extent only?leave that totally gone case mental retard.he forgot who is giving blockbuster in last decade while floppy bhai struggled give flops as gave so many disasters and got 1-2 BBS by chance with multiactors.wit out multiactors movie he has still 5 highest n grossers that equal with KING KHAN.but he is right OUR KING KHAN is not at all capable of giving that 3 golden epic disasters,lol.BTW PAHELI,ASOKA,SWADES,CDI,DD are the films that is so much higher critically acclaimed than craps like talash,dhobi ghat that their chotu will not dare to even think to act in those movies,lol.while their fans tried to take credit of darshil safari starrer tzp,what can they else could as this is the only perfect classic that our perfaketionist related with,who is habituated of mixing masala to class scripts only for collection.poor actor’s piir fans.

    @navin MAD(MAXIMUM ATBB OF DISLIKES),don’t try to put so much pressure upon your mind at this age as hardly someone is reading your crap humour jokes.so uncle,take rest and think about your family.

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